Sonja attempts to walk off the show and Luann defends Tom's cheating

By Evan Slead
Updated September 15, 2016 at 02:18 AM EDT
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The final rehash of The Real Housewives of New York City‘s latest season brings a great deal of new drama to the table. It wouldn’t be a reunion without revisiting the most iconic moments of season 8, and Bravo saved the best for last: Bethenny and Luann go head-to-head over the Tom cheating scandal. The ladies’ twisted relationships are put to the test, but thankfully, it gives us Bravo-holics the best platform to pick a side and begin taking notes. Here are the best moments from the final reunion episode…

  • Following a montage of drunk Sonja, the “TipsyGirl” creator reveals she doesn’t drink alcohol anymore, but she will take a sip of a red wine if she’s out and about. The partying days are behind her — but we’ll always have the video reminders.
  • Bethenny addresses and apologizes for her attack against Sonja after learning of the “TipsyGirl” name. Dorinda jumps in to make sure Bethenny understands just how heinous the yelling and accusations were toward Sonja. And new drama alert! Sonja reveals Ramona knew about TipsyGirl long before she let on…and was even going to be a partner in the business. “I was until I heard the name,” Ramona says in defense, on which Bethenny calls her out. “That’s when? Okay.”
  • With that drama out of the way, Dorinda brings up the Berkshires night Sonja was not invited to, sending Sonja into a sea of tears and tantrums. “You don’t care about my feelings!” yells Sonja. Bethenny tries to talk her down from the ledge by calling her “psychotic” and “sweetie pie.” Sonja pulls a reunion classic by getting up to walk out, but Andy’s equally amused and disappointed face shows he knows she’s coming back.
  • Andy asks Bethenny why she called Dorinda a village idiot, and she explains it was because she thinks Dorinda fakes ignorance far too often. “Opinions are like a—holes, we all have them,” Bethenny says. “Well that’s an a—hole opinion,” quips Dorinda in a lovely comeback.
  • Then we’re onto the mother of all topics: Tom cheating on Luann. An entire recap of how the event went down plays while Bethenny is seen in the background looking like she could vomit. Andy asks Bethenny how she got her information in the first place, and she explains a friend “from the same circle” — a.k.a the Upper East Side — sent her the pictures of Tom kissing the random woman.
  • Luann denies ever having an open marriage with her ex-husband, but the editors quickly throw up a clip of Luann actually saying, “We had an open marriage.” Touché.
  • Everyone jumps on Bethenny, pushing her to agree she should’ve sent the information about Tom to Dorinda instead. This prompts Bethenny to get up and leave, but like Sonja, the walkout is quickly squashed. Instead, she sits back down and explains her thought process behind telling Luann. She was trying to figure out the best course of action, but Dorinda and Luann stare at her with disdain.​ Luann still doesn’t understand why Bethenny had so much information about Tom cheating, but Bethenny continually insists she didn’t do anything wrong. Luann plainly says, “You should’ve told me as soon as you knew.”
  • We then (finally) hear what Tom did that night, according to Luann. He was drunk, went to a bar, and ran into an old girlfriend who was “ready and willing” to kiss him. But Luann doesn’t blame the woman and sees Tom as someone who “made a mistake.”
  • Then the alleged phone call between Dorinda and Tom is brought up, which Dorinda says she’s panicked about reliving. He asked Dorinda to defend him, and as she’s explaining this, Luann tries to even refute that call.
  • “What would you do if he did this again? What if he did it a month ago?” asks Ramona. Only Andy seems to realize Ramona says this as an accusation and he asks if she meant it that way.
  • Ramona coyly says, “No.” She bats her eyes, but it seems like this was a battle she didn’t want to fight…
  • Finally, Luann explains why she loves Tom: “We love the same sports; he’s a male version of me.” Ramona asks if Tom has deeper qualities, but Luann, offended, doesn’t answer.
  • In the classic final-moments ritual, each of the ladies says something they regret from the season. Ramona wishes she hadn’t been hurtful to Dorinda regarding John.
  • In the shock of all shocks, Luann says she wishes she didn’t have a fight with Tom, completely avoiding the fact he kissed someone else.
  • In the end, they all wish each other “happiness,” like the Charlie Brown special they think it is.

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