Ramona reveals evidence against Tom as Luann repeatedly says "delusional"

By Evan Slead
September 08, 2016 at 02:04 AM EDT

The Real Housewives of New York City

S8 E22
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As with any good reunion special, the drama was too much for just one episode. Welcome to Part Two (of three!) of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion, which picks up right where the yelling ended last week. Bethenny and Luann are still at odds over Tom, Lu’s soon-to-be husband and forever thorn in her side. Jules does get to come out of the shadows and share her story, even if it’s just for the sake of giving the others something to scream about. Ramona teased evidence against Tom last week, and it seems tonight was the portion of the reunion where it felt right for her to share. Here are all of the best moments of the episode:

  • Bethenny reveals Ramona was a real caregiver during her health scare, and so does Dorinda, and so does Jules, and so does Ramona.
  • The subject of Bethenny’s previous marriage immediately sends her into a spiral of tears, but she reveals she would marry again if given the chance. So things are looking up?
  • Oh wait, she’s crying again. Bethenny holds back her tears when visiting her old apartment with ex-husband Jason. An awkward phone video was shown of Bethenny wandering around the apartment, opening cabinets and weeping.
  • We still haven’t met Bethenny’s man, but we do know he thinks Bethenny yelling at Luann is funny. He’s not alone.
  • The ongoing tension between Jules and Bethenny is brought into light. To kick things off, Jules reminds the ladies she is Asian and Jewish, in case her intro tagline didn’t make that clear enough.
  • Andy brings up allegations that Jules apparently used violence against Michael after learning of his infidelity. She denies it, but Sonja gives a nod as if to say, “I could see it.”
  • Bethenny tries to throw in her two cents about an alleged prenup signed by Jules before she joined the show, prompting the entire left couch to start screaming incoherently.
  • The eating-disorder argument reaches a head. Jules reveals that her pained face while eating pizza at the infamous “silverware-stuffed calzone” dinner was because her cootchie was hurting, not because she was afraid of Italian food.
  • The term “mean girl” used all season long is brought up by Andy, causing Carole to straighten up in her seat and declare, “Oh, I love this term.” It seems Jules thought the Bethenny-and-Carole pairing was out to get her all season.
  • Dorinda “Meddler” is back in action as various clips are shown of her stirring the pot. For some reason, Andy asks Bethenny what the Meddler’s worst moment was, and she explains it was Dorinda pushing Jules to believe Carole and Bethenny were out to get her.

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  • Dorinda giggles at first, but quickly spews out several examples of when the mean-girl comments went too far. “She needs a tuna roll;” “She treats him like an ATM machine;” and “She uses bribery to raise her children” were just a few of the anecdotes Bethenny apparently said.
  • Dorinda then shifts her anger toward Carole, who said the Berkshire house is haunted because of Dorinda’s late husband’s possessions still present in the home. Carole apologizes and explains it was a joke, but Dorinda just wants the hurt feelings. “Can you just let me have it?”
  • High-school drama rears its ugly head when it’s revealed the other ladies feel left out because Carole and Bethenny are far too close. The topic is switched to Dorinda as a supposed peacemaker, but then Sonja jumps in to say she, too, feels left out around Carole and Bethenny.
  • We get treated to previous footage of Luann running around town declaring Tom’s love for her, but this time, the ladies’ commentary reveals just how little they think of the engagement. Sonja remarks that she was sleeping with Tom, but Luann shuts her down as “delusional.”
  • Andy asks why Tom would say he only went out with Ramona once, when it was more like four or five times. Ramona, Bethenny, Carole, and Sonja all jump in to agree, but Luann seems bored and unaware of why this matters. Andy clarifies, finally becoming a new cast member on the show.
  • Underneath Ramona’s yelling, Jules was actually funny. “I’m single now. Maybe I’ll get to date Tom.”
  • Ramona whips out her iPhone to share a photo of when Tom carved “R.S + T.D.” in a heart on Ramona’s hand. It’s unclear if this was done on the playground or at an adult dinner.
  • Sonja also jumps in to talk about her many intimate moments with Tom, which Luann keeps calling delusional and inaccurate. Andy attempts to point out that maybe Luann should listen to her friend of eight years instead of a man who’s already cheated on her, but she brushes it off.
  • Luann says she was “sad” for Sonja thinking Tom was a real relationship, which Sonja oddly considers an apology. This is also sad.
  • The conversation again reverts to Luann’s knowledge on Tom’s past relationships with Ramona and Sonja. She continually denies knowing anything, but Ramona whips out more evidence of a Radar Online article with the headline “Ramona Singer dates business mogul Tom.”
  • Sonja leaves everyone on a cliff-hanger when she reveals Tom threatened her off camera, saying they only hooked up once. Luann doesn’t believe this, but everyone else narrows their eyes in judgement (and presumed agreement).

There’s just one more reunion hour coming next week. Then the debates on who will and won’t be returning for next season can begin!

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