The Berkshires battle continues, and Luann wears an insane jumpsuit

By Tim Stack
June 09, 2016 at 03:56 AM EDT

The Real Housewives of New York City

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I’m still giddy from the complete high of last week’s episode. Without a doubt, one of the greatest hours in Housewives history. And full of both quotable lines (“I made it nice!”) and weird details (the spelling of “Bethany” in Luann’s phone). So it’s probably a little bit of a come down that this episode isn’t as dramatic. But it still had plenty of entertainment…and the Countess in a red lace jumpsuit. Try and top that, Game of Thrones!

So we are back in the evil Berkshires. Bethenny is still yelling at Luann, although this time she’s wearing an adult onesie. That’s two onesies in tonight’s episode, which must make this eligible for some sort of dumb Guinness Book of World Records award. It’s a little bit of a rehash of last week’s slut-a-palooza but slightly more calm. Naturally, while Bethenny is yelling at Luann, she’s also making herself a Skinnygirl beverage. That lady can certainly multitask.

While the ladies are going at it in the kitchen, Dorinda starts rifling through her game collection and lands on Twister. That seems like a dangerous game given the amount of wine imbibed and the ages of some of these women, but she and Jules still give it a whirl.

While this is all happening, we cut back to Sonja in the city. She seems a little stir crazy so she invites over her stylist to help craft a care package for her daughter at school. But let’s just say Sonja’s abode isn’t exactly filled to the brim with essentials. She has a half-eaten bag of popcorn and some figs. But she does manage to find some energy bars, make up remover wipes, and a power cord. It’s like her townhouse is a really janky dollar store. Oh, and then there’s some weird moment where she finds a cord attachment and debates with her stylist (and interns) whether it’s some sort of butt plug. Try and top that, Game of Thrones!

Back in Crazytown, Luann starts speaking in the third person. “Does Luann like to flirt? Yes.” Hoooo boy. But she has at least stopped changing tops. She’s decided to stick with the blouse from her collection. So while she’s modeling her fashion line, Bethenny is mixing up a drink from her liquor company. Finally, they sort of have a truce and sit down for some kosher lasagna, which Jules is suuuuper psyched about. Then, there’s this truly surreal moment where a strange woman wanders into the house dressed like Santa and delivers all the women personalized wine glasses. It’s truly bizarre…but turns out to be Dorinda’s sister. Despite the Santa visit, Dorinda does not mince words when it comes to her feelings about the night: “I want to light my house on fire right now. Burn it down.”

NEXT: “The party sucks.”

The next morning, Carole and Bethenny wake up in bed together and immediately regret ripping into Luann. They decide to just hightail it outta there and get back to the city. They try to make a quick exit but Bethenny is dressed like Indiana Jones and gets caught by Luann. So she and Carole head back to the city, and the other ladies hang out and eat bacon.

So the other big event of the episode is Ramona’s holiday party at some sort of barn-themed space. I’m not really sure what the dress code is but, based on the outfits, “ludicrous” is the theme. Luann arrives dressed in the aforementioned red lace onesie, which Ramona is on the fence about. “I’m not sure,” she responds when asked if she likes it. Happy holidays! Bethenny and Carole arrive together and B is in a sort of Rhythm Nation style ensemble. Luann tries for the 100th time to apologize to Carole and Carole sort of accepts it. But Luann still cannot understand that being at a restaurant when Bethenny ordered a Skinnygirl margarita does not make her partially responsible for the company.

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So then Sonja shows up with her “trainer” Toni. Bethenny basically flees the scene and literally goes to Vermont. Luann and Ramona get upset with Sonja because they thought it was agreed that Sonja would talk to Bethenny and tell her she’s dropping the whole Tipsy Girl thing. Well, Sonja does not enjoy that and starts getting very heated and rips on Ramona’s fiesta: ““The party sucks.” She then leaves with “trainer” Toni. It’s safe to assume she was not headed home to make care packages for Luann and Ramona.

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