Melissa's fashion show puts her on the map; Siggy's finale lunch nearly brings the ladies to blows
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What a season! It had its highs and mostly lows, but the finale has finally arrived. Teresa and Melissa are better than ever, Siggy and Dolores have truly made a positive name for themselves as new members of the franchise, and Jacqueline isn’t really friends with anyone anymore. With a huge battle promised between the entire gang to end the season, sadly it’s more of a flash in the pan that continues the theme of this season being mediocre. First, let’s get into the fashion show.

In a twist to end all twists, Dolores and Jacqueline aren’t on speaking terms. Apparently, Jacqueline feels that Dolores was trying to set her up to look bad for not attending the ladies night at the gym. Dolores tells Siggy that this whole accusation was as far from the truth as it could possibly be, and thankfully Siggy agrees. Thankfully, neither of them will have to see Jacqueline, as she’s still at home sick.

The breaking news of Melissa’s Envy fashion show is that it won’t be taking place in the back of an Olive Garden like Posche’s earlier this season. In fact, Melissa and Joe have a close sentimental tie to the location of the show — it’s where they were married. The big day is finally here though, and Melissa seems to have it all under control. What could go wrong? Well, throw in some Housewives and it’s bound to liven things up. Teresa arrives, sans Joe of course, and manages to wait a whole five minutes before telling Melissa that she’s sad to be there without her husband. As difficult as the situation is for the Giudice clan, this day is about Melissa and should stay that way.

Kathy, Richie, and Dolores all arrive around the same time, and with the drama already brewing between Dolores and Jacqueline, Dolores pulls Kathy aside to give her the real story. She explains she merely wanted Jacqueline to know she cared by asking again if her friend was feeling up to coming to the gym night, which apparently sent Jacqueline into a fit of rage. Kathy tries to remain neutral, telling Dolores to reach out to Jacqueline to smooth things over. Dolores easily declines the offer, and like clockwork, Teresa runs over hearing the pair mention Jacqueline’s name negatively. Before she can even hear what the real conversation is about, Teresa jumps in to say that she doesn’t want to talk about her problems with Jacqueline, despite running over to do just that. Dolores walks away annoyed since Teresa bulldozed over her time with Kathy, and of course, once Teresa is alone with Kathy, she decides to walk away to prove she’s still mad at her cousin.

Gloriously, the fashion show finally begins! Melissa deserves an award with how successful she is with her fashion show. Melissa steps out onto the runway to share her excitement, and it’s truly a sweet moment. She also shares with the crowd that the anniversary of her father’s death was 20 years ago the night before the fashion show. She takes that moment to thank her father for always looking over her and giving her the strength to make her dreams come true. With a successful show under her belt, Melissa is congratulated by everyone, including Siggy, who drops the proposal on her to have a sit-down lunch with all of the ladies. Yes, this even includes Jacqueline. Melissa and the rest of the gang reluctantly agree, but they are all afraid that World War 6 will go down.

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Despite her fresh fight with Jacqueline, Dolores is making amends with as many people in her life as possible. First on her list is her ex-husband, who hasn’t always has the highest hope in her. Now that she’s financially stable, running a gym and getting through a home renovation, Dolores makes it clear to her ex that she doesn’t need him to worry about her anymore. Thankfully, he believes that she truly is a new woman and can completely take care of herself, but clarifies that he would always be there for her regardless of where their relationship lies.

As far as the other relationships this season, Siggy’s epic lunch brings everyone together for one final brawl. Originally set at Siggy’s house, the venue changed to New Jersey favorite spot, Rails. Siggy isn’t taking any chances this time around, to the point that she hires her own security team to keep any of the ladies from attacking someone. It’s a surprise that Jacqueline even agreed to show up since she’s only on speaking terms with Siggy, but she enters with her head held high. Jacqueline explains that she came to show her support for Siggy being in the middle, and even admits that she was wrong to say hurtful things to Melissa and Teresa in Vermont. Meanwhile, Melissa and Teresa make it clear on their way to the lunch that they couldn’t care less if they had a positive relationship with Jacqueline ever again. While waiting for everyone to arrive, Jacqueline and Siggy formulate a game plan to get a conversation in that will actually do some good with Teresa.


In the end, Melissa, Teresa, Siggy, and Dolores hang out at Rails trying not to talk badly about Jacqueline, which only last for a few minutes. There we have it! Unfortunately, even the promised epic battle was nothing… epic, and it seems that the relationships are forever shattered between the ladies. However, this isn’t completely the end, as the reunion episodes will bring all of the ladies back together for a few final fights. This is where Jacqueline will hopefully find some new connections with her old friends, but with the trailer teasing nothing but screaming, it seems Jacqueline may be cut out of the show completely.

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