Tempers flare when Kathy and Rosie crash Teresa's book signing

By Evan Slead
September 12, 2016 at 04:28 AM EDT
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With the book launch party behind them all, it’s back to the daily grind for the ladies of New Jersey. Let’s call it out: This week is rough everyone.

To kick things off, Siggy tries to explain to her daughter why her grandpa’s escape from the Nazis was a big deal. Why this needs to be explained to a grown teenager, no one knows. While Siggy gives details on history, her son Joshua bursts into the family home, yelling about his day. Joshua took on his driving test, and while he tried to pretend like he didn’t pass, Siggy could see right past his smirking face to figure out that he did get his license. With the congratulations in order, Joshua demands a car. Siggy is taken aback, unsure how to tell her son that he needs to figure this part out on his own.

Meanwhile, Dolores deals with her own son troubles. Frankie has had his license for some time now, but he never seems to be home. Dolores is forced to do heavy lifting, spend weekends by herself, and mourn the loss of her dog alone because of her children’s absence. When Frankie does finally show up at home, the two have a heart-to-heart about what it feels like for Dolores to be in the house without them. They reach a compromise that Frankie will call Dolores every day after school to at least tell her where he’s going for the day and when he’ll be home.

Teresa seems to be dealing with a similar problem with Joe, who is continually out at all hours drinking and having fun. For a man heading into jail, it’s pretty clear to see that he wants to get in every last minute of joy that he can, but Teresa wants him to be dedicated to his family. Teresa confronts Joe about this, and when the family lawyer shows up in the middle of the conversation, he joins in, too. Teresa and the lawyer both know that Joe needs to learn to pick the right friends, especially in jail, so that he doesn’t end up going down the wrong path.

Joe Gorga has the opposite problem in his household. Melissa is now an independent businesswoman with her Envy boutique, but Joe doesn’t like how often she’s gone. When Melissa shows up at home after her long day, Joe pulls her aside before she can even say hi to their kids. The tension is real!

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Thankfully, tension isn’t the defining word for Teresa and Jacqueline’s friendship anymore! Jacqueline has Teresa and her daughters over for a play date with young Nicolas. Teresa shares that little Milania helps a friend at school who can’t walk, and that a budding support bond between Milania and Nicolas could be starting. Jacqueline starts crying as she thinks of the possible trials ahead for her son, but she thanks Teresa for always being supportive and loving toward her son. The two hug it out with Teresa even picking her friend up (to show just how strong she got behind bars?).

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The bond between Teresa and her cousins, however, isn’t what it used to be. Dolores heads over to the Wakile’s house to catch up with Kathy and Rosie. When Dolores asks why Kathy didn’t go to Teresa’s book launch, it’s revealed that neither Kathy nor Rosie were invited. On top of it all, Kathy’s daughter has been suffering from a brain tumor and feels that if her extended family could just let bygones by bygones then she could get through her trails.

As Kathy holds back her tears, Teresa takes Joe to yoga class to get some internal peace. The husband and wife whisper sweet nothings to one another, while two random women scatter rose petals around them. This only lasts for a few seconds until Joe brings up that their daughters knew that Teresa was in prison for a crime. Apparently, Teresa had tried to tell her daughters that she was originally away to write a book. Due to the Internet (and Teresa being on a TV show), the young Giudices were able to figure out the truth.

With relationships being a running theme this episode, we’re treated to the first glimpse of Siggy’s ex-husband Mark. Joshua is celebrating his birthday, so his dad and mom decide to come together for a fancy dinner. Mark tells Siggy that Joshua has expressed his frustration over his lack of privacy in the family home. Siggy constantly barges into his room… to grab his butt, according to Joshua. Although he’s mostly (hopefully!) joking, Joshua definitely wants to make sure his mom knows he just wants her to leave him alone so he can get “turnt” with his friends. Luckily for Joshua, he’ll have plenty of time to get out alone because his parents bought him a car.

On a more glamorous note, Teresa is finally having her book signing! We’re treated to shots of fans meeting Teresa as she takes photos and gets her picture taken. She reveals that her biggest fear while in jail was that she wouldn’t have the same adoration from fans anymore. Teresa can breathe a sigh of relief though because the line is out the door, and even her friends and family arrive to show support.

However, not every moment can be sunny for the author. Kathy and Rosie decide to pop in to make sure that Teresa has to stick around to talk. Everyone waits with bated breath as the cousins walk over to Teresa’s table with books in hand. In a shocking twist, Teresa is all smiles and even gives a hug to each cousin, but there’s a definite wall between them all. Kathy asks if Teresa ever got her texts, which sends Teresa into a spiral of awkward fidgets and fits. Rosie offers a nice lunch to get reconciliation, but Teresa throws in that she can’t spend needless time with people who don’t support her. The cousins push her to say yes, and Teresa gives a vague confirmation. That should be a fun lunch!

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