Siggy calls for a group reconciliation while Melissa, Jacqueline, and Teresa go for the jugular
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Welcome to the final episode of this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, where the taste for fighting over petty disagreements is infused into the tap water. Last week, Jacqueline and Teresa didn’t hold back over their negative feelings toward one another on the Vermont trip, but Teresa dropped an even bigger bomb when she accused Jacqueline of being the main force behind her prison sentence. Becoming its own meta commentary, part two of the reunion special picks up right where we left off, but with a special look at the ladies’ reactions to the news in their dressing rooms. Get ready for more fighting, the occasional compliment, and lots of Andy looking to the camera for help. Here were the best moments from the final reunion episode:

  • We get a behind-the-scenes look at the dressing rooms, and it seems each housewife is given a small bouquet of flowers and a brown paper bag.
  • Melissa steps in to defend Teresa, explaining she didn’t mean Jacqueline was specifically the one to call the government about her tax fraud. Jacqueline just talked to a lot of people about Teresa’s problems and that’s how she was arrested.
  • Chris Laurita joins the ladies to defend his wife, and before he can even get a word out, Teresa counteracts her own defense by once again insisting Jacqueline “called the government on her.”
  • What’s the phone number for “the government”?
  • The calm, cool, and collected Chris explains in detail how he knows Teresa and Joe were committing fraud, while everyone else uncomfortably shifts in their seats.
  • Melissa trumps everything by simply calling Jacqueline “crazy eyes” — which is supposed to shut her down, but instead she just giggles. This is fun!
  • In a surprise twist, Joe Gorga steps up to the truth plate and reveals he still loves his friends and that his true problems have always come down to his family.
  • For some reason, Teresa keeps trying to call Jacqueline a stripper. All that really does is make us all want to see a demonstration.
  • We spend a good three minutes on footage of Teresa making air quotes. This is apparently cute and funny.
  • Jacqueline calls Teresa’s mispronunciation (“Ramadandan”) endearing.
  • Teresa shares she received massages from the other woman in prison, but clarifies it “didn’t get me off.”
  • Andy asks the question to end all questions (according to him): How does Teresa feel about possibly getting deported? Her answer: “I don’t want to give life to it.”
  • Teresa reveals she’s disowned Kathy, Rosie, and her aunt because they didn’t try to tell everyone she was innocent.
  • In the midst of trying to get everyone on the same page, Jacqueline screams about Melissa’s supposed four (!) nose jobs and everyone just starts throwing incoherent insults.
  • “She’s probably the clowns that are probably coming around our house.” —Teresa says about Jacqueline’s face
  • Wow, we’re still fighting?
  • Siggy still hopes Teresa and Jacqueline can find new common ground in a friendship. In turn, Andy plays a clips reel of the two friends’ best moments.
  • Everyone’s crying but me… Well, maybe I’m crying a little.
  • Taking advantage of the emotional battlefield, Siggy asks they all have a group hug, which is almost destroyed when Jacqueline and Teresa start to mince words again.
  • They all do share a hug, with Andy jumping in and looking at the camera in confusion.

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