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With a tumultuous season behind them, the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s season 7 have come together to look over the fights, laughs, and overall drama they’ve endured over the last few months. With the help of host Andy Cohen, the gang attempts to find reconciliation for old friendships turned sour, but it all ends up in flames within the first few minutes. Jacqueline and Teresa’s longtime friendship has suffered too many bullet holes to be fully functional, and the first installment of this two-part reunion special reveals the deeply hurt feelings both friends have for one another.

  • Andy starts off strong by reminding everyone Teresa was in prison before the season started.
  • Before the introductions can even end, Jacqueline and Teresa start slinging insults back and forth.
  • Dolores still thinks she couldn’t end up with her ex-husband again, but Melissa wants it to happen more than anything.
  • Dolores is close with Caroline Manzo, apparently, but doesn’t talk to Dina Manzo anymore. Teresa manages to pop in and say she talks to Dina every day, even sharing a wonderful photo of the pair.
  • Andy pushes to know the sexuality of Dolores’ hunky son, Frankie. Siggy pipes in, agreeing with how handsome Frankie is and how not handsome her own son Joshua is, comparatively.
  • “Jacqueline is a heart of gold, her delivery is horrible, her intentions are good,” said Siggy of the ongoing feud between Jacqueline and Teresa.
  • Teresa’s new Lexus is brought into question, but Teresa sees nothing wrong with flaunting money after owing a great deal to the government.
  • Andy, of course, points out how insane that is, but she brushes it off, claiming she would never drive a Ford.
  • The ghost from New Jersey’s past, Danielle Staub, wrote in to ask Teresa when she’d apologize for making her look bad in front of her daughters on TV. Once again, Teresa brushes this off and doesn’t see the connection, while Andy stares at her in disbelief.
  • We got to see Jacqueline’s adorable son, Nicholas, say, “I love donuts!” again, so that made the whole episode worth it.
  • In the middle of Jacqueline talking about her grandson being born, Teresa and Melissa decide to have a side conversation about Ashlee tweeting about them. Of course, the entire conversation gets derailed so Teresa and Melissa can ask for apologies.
  • Teresa gets up to twirl and Andy has a terrifying flashback to when Teresa shoved him down back in season 2’s reunion episode. He clarifies in this moment, “Don’t push Daddy.”
  • Joe Gorga joins the ladies, and Andy immediately shares how he rewound his recording several times to see Joe’s man junk.
  • “Melania is me, I am Melania,” states Siggy, and we all agree.
  • Breaking news: Melissa stole a $32.99 T-shirt from a department store in 1997.
  • Hold the phone, Joe apparently lost his virginity at the age of 9… Teresa even walked in on this happening!
  • The whole sprinkle-cookies fight gets brought up again but remains unresolved. Why is this still a thing? Really? Cookies?
  • Andy points his finger at his head as if to mimic hurting himself…and we all are in the same boat.
  • Out of the blue, Teresa decides to blame Jacqueline for all of her prison trouble. “You set me up,” said Teresa. “Either it was you, or you and Caroline.”
  • Supposedly, Jacqueline and Caroline were calling the government every day to get Teresa in trouble. So yeah, Teresa did nothing wrong in her eyes. Okay?

Bravo certainly knows how to leave the audience hanging right after a bombshell accusation. Teresa’s accusation doesn’t hold any evidentiary weight, but it seems to have certain couch members doubting just how innocent Jacqueline was in the whole federal-prison deal. In next week’s “Reunion Part II,” Chris Laurita joins the ladies to defend his wife from Teresa’s continuous accusations, and he won’t be backing down. Of course, neither will Teresa…so we’re all in for more fireworks when we return.

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