Teresa begins her new journey with Joe away while Dolores celebrates her renovations
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Joe is officially now serving his prison sentence, and after last week’s emotional goodbye to the father of four, this week is all about picking up the pieces and moving forward. As expected, this isn’t an easy task for Teresa and her daughters, but thankfully she has the support of her brother’s family.

Melissa, Joe, and their kids head over to Teresa’s house with Chinese food in hand, and plenty of it, according to Melissa’s remarks that it “serves 15 people.” The Giudice clan seems to be as good as they possibly can be, but Milania in particular isn’t handling the change well.

Apparently every Sunday she would ride ATVs with her dad across their expansive lot, but with dad behind bars, only Teresa is available to take the joyrides. In the middle of eating, Milania runs out of the house and hops onto Joe’s quad to tear up the dirt surrounding the house. “What is she doing on the big one?” yells Gia, which apparently stems from the fact that Milania has her own pink quad more suitable to her size.

Joe Gorga offers to go out and check on his niece, but before he can get a word in to Milania, she speeds by with young Audriana clutching her for dear life. Joe finally gets her to slow down and decides this is the best time to express his love and support to both of his nieces by vowing that if they ever want to speed around the lot on a quad, he’ll be there to help them.

Speaking of support, Dolores is living her life sans spousal support and decides to have a party to celebrate. Well, the shindig isn’t to point out her marriage that ended long ago, but rather to break in her newly renovated kitchen and the success of her gym. Her ex-husband shared with their son Frankie that he never thought Dolores would pull off so much work on her own. So jokes on you, mister!

Siggy meets up with Dolores to go over the last minute details before the kitchen-warming party later that week. Even Siggy sees a strong change in her friend, noting the new internal confidence that is exuding from Dolores. Both ladies just hope that when the actual party happens, their friends can finally put the past behind them and support one another like they should.

Jacqueline is obviously the one mostly on the outs, as Dolores and Siggy are the only friends still talking to her. With Teresa and Melissa on a united front against Jacqueline, it leaves Siggy and Dolores to act as the mediators between both parties. Before heading over to the party in question, Jacqueline shares her fears with Chris, adding that she probably won’t do much speaking to Teresa or Melissa if she can help it.

As the guests start arriving at Dolores’ house, we get a glimpse into her extended family, including her 102-year old grandmother who’s as smart as a whip. Siggy asks for her secret to a long, healthy life, but she declines to answer “because then it won’t be a secret anymore!” Dolores and Siggy ask grandma how many wars she’s lived through; they mention there could be another tonight with the housewives. Before the powers in question can get to the party, Siggy decides to break the ice by announcing to the room that she breast-fed her son, who is now a teenager. Fighting would be less awkward.

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Luckily for Jacqueline, Teresa calls Melissa to say that she won’t be going to the party anymore. In the end, Melissa ends up being the odd woman out, as Kathy, Rosie and even Kim D. are in attendance to make her feel even more left out. Joe Gorga attempts to make some connections with everyone he feels he’s on the outs with, especially Chris and Jacqueline. Jacqueline gives Joe the cold shoulder, which could easily be chalked up to her annoyance with Melissa, but she also has an intense cold that took her voice away.

Chris, on the other hand, has a man-to-man sit-down talk with Joe about what happened between their wives in Vermont. The conversation begins nicely enough, with Chris explaining his frustration with the entire situation, but Joe says he feels Jacqueline took the entire fight up a notch by hurling nose job insults at Melissa. Chris doesn’t see this as a problem and the two begin to get heated over it all. However, Chris decides to take a higher road to keep things cool, and thankfully, Joe agrees.

Despite the initial fears that the party would be a disaster, it ends up being pretty pleasant, with everyone giving a toast to Dolores and her new kitchen.

Trying to support her own special lady, Siggy plans a full day to spend with her mom. A few weeks back her mom mentioned she felt like Siggy and her sister never spent time with her, which brought Siggy to tears as she was making the same complaint about her own children. The mother-daughter duo decide to get haircuts and have a nice lunch out before the ladies night at Dolores’ gym. While eating, Siggy’s mom shares that she loves the chance to spend time with her daughter but wishes it was more often. Again, this breaks Siggy’s heart, and she vows to make it more of a priority.

This day gets cut short pretty quickly though — Siggy needs to support Dolores at the gym. Everyone in town shows up, even troublemaker Robyn, whom Dolores welcomes but keeps a distance from; she doesn’t want to get too close to her on Jacqueline’s behalf. For some reason, Teresa is asked to host a yoga class for the ladies, which goes over well, minus all of the random men staring at them all during the session. Can someone please get curtains for that glass room, or at least a hose?


With an episode full of events, it looks like next week will begin right away with the Envy fashion show. The Posche fashion show used to be the epicenter for drama, but after this year offering up nothing but bores, it seems the torch has been passed to Melissa’s event. Jacqueline just may show up to get the last word.

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