Jacqueline cuts all ties with Teresa and Melissa, and Chris reveals he's going to be a grandpa
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With the group completely shattered after the intensity of the Vermont trip, this week brings us back to New Jersey for some R&R. Well, that is until dueling fashion shows split the group even more and Jacqueline swears off ever reconnecting with Teresa and Melissa. I’m getting ahead of myself though, so let’s jump in to go over every little detail.

Jacqueline is retaliating against Siggy and Dolores for not leaving Vermont when she did by ghosting them on text. This sends Siggy into a tailspin, questioning Jacqueline’s decision to scream in Teresa and Melissa’s face during the infamous dinner last week. Dolores is obviously concerned for Siggy’s well-being, but she’s been through this rodeo before: the infamous Teresa/Jacqueline deck fight of 2011. As both women believed they were completely justified in their feelings at that time, Dolores believes that they will never fully recover. The only way to really squash any residual anger that Dolores, Siggy, and Jacqueline might have is to meet up to discuss all the drama.

But before we get into the Vermont retrospective, let’s talk Melissa. She had to put her major fight with Jacqueline on the backburner when she got home from the trip because of the impending Envy Boutique fashion show. Her business partner, the jet-setting Jackie, drops the knowledge that online sales are down and they need to take a new direction. For some reason Melissa believes that taking more selfies will turn her entire business around, and sadly no one tries to dissuade her from that idea. Before she goes back to whatever tanning bed she lives in, Jackie also shares that she will be in the Bahamas during the big fashion show. It’s nice to see how dedicated she is to her job… of moonlighting as a Pink impersonator.


Meanwhile, we get a closer look into Joe Gorga’s feelings on Teresa’s husband. Brother Joe stops by the Giudice house to check on his sister, with sandwich in hand, naturally. He mentions that he has some built up resentment against Joe for how he got everyone involved in his scheme. Teresa responds by expressing her own frustrations and admitting that she should have not so easily trusted the paperwork thrown her way. It seems overall her biggest fear is who will take out the garbage while Joe is in prison, which Joe Gorga takes as a call to action for him to stop by to do the work.

NEXT: The Posche fashion show isn’t what it used to be…

Now back to Vermont (kind of): Siggy and Melissa have a get-together to go over all that went down there. Melissa calls Siggy out for being “stressed” during the trip (which sounds like a dig but has no weight since the actual trip was an actual disaster). Siggy attempts to express her sadness over the situation, but Melissa cuts her off, saying “we all got thrown under the bus so you don’t get a free pass.” It’s not entirely clear what that means, but Melissa seems convinced that it makes sense. Siggy then tells her she will not be attending her fashion show because it will hurt Jacqueline’s feelings. Melissa says if Siggy really cared about keeping the peace, then she wouldn’t back out of the show and she would still attend Jacqueline’s party later that week; Melissa sees Siggy as “weak,” but she also accepts that Siggy has more of a tie to Jacqueline — in the end, she’ll always pick her.

But that doesn’t stop Melissa from trying to explain her side: And she brings it all the way back to #StripperGate. Jacqueline did call to tell Melissa that “something was going down at the Posche Fashion Show,” but there was no mention of an attack on Melissa. Despite the argument the two have, Siggy does reveal that she understands Melissa’s side now and will try to make an effort overall.

Before the Envy fashion show can flip Jersey on its head, the annual Posche show is taking over the town. Everyone who’s anyone shows up, except most of the town. In what seems to be the back portion of a restaurant, Kim D. has pulled a few picnic tables together for a spot for her esteemed guests to sit and eat. Kim D. pushes for the deets on what happened in Vermont. Before anyone can really share, the Posche owner throws major shade at Joe and Teresa, basically insinuating that Teresa should divorce Joe over his “cheating.” Alrighty then!

Later, Melissa, Teresa, Siggy, and Dolores sit down for an actual meal, minus the “fashion” show. After Teresa orders 12 appetizers (you think I’m joking, but I’m not), Siggy attempts to pull Jacqueline into the conversation, but Teresa and Melissa quickly shoot her down. Teresa goes as far to say that she blames Jacqueline for Kim D. even existing in New Jersey, which basically says that Teresa still doesn’t understand where babies come from despite having many of her own.

To top all the parties off, Chris throws a launch party for his popcorn business, which actually brings more of a crowd than the Posche fashion show. It seems the Jersey community is more interested in movie theater snacks than fashion, and I honestly understand it. Rosie, Kathy, Siggy, and Dolores cheer in support for the Laurita family. Chris gives a speech about starting his business, and before he leaves the stage, he reveals Ashlee and Pete are having a baby! Jacqueline is going to be a glamma (glamorous grandma, obviously).

This seemed like the best way to end the episode, but instead, we’re treated to Teresa and Dolores heading to a church late at night in black fur coats. No one else is around for some reason, leaving the two friends to discuss their past relationships and pain. Despite all the legal trouble that Joe has put Teresa through, she says that there’s no way she’ll leave Joe, well, unless cheating is involved. Perhaps this is the tease to a future reveal of what Kim D. was trying to say about Joe and his supposed love for all women. Next week is going to pack a punch though, with Joe finally heading off to prison.

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