Rosie and Kathy try to reconcile with Teresa, but a comment from Richie threatens it all

By Evan Slead
September 19, 2016 at 01:40 PM EDT

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After last week’s snooze-fest, thankfully, I’m excited to say “Cut the Cancer Out” offered actual excitement tonight. We last saw the New Jersey ladies at the Crashing of Teresa’s Book Signing, an event that we must talk about all episode….

On the verge of tears, Siggy requests that the group move on from talking about Josh’s new drivers license. (Something tells me that they weren’t dying to talk about it in the first place.) Jacqueline obliges and quickly jumps into the news that Rosie and Kathy attended Teresa’s book signing, which prompts Siggy to throw her support behind the cousins. “Rosie, you are so f—ing special,” says Siggy, adding that her “relationship expert” status will help bring Rosie and Kathy back together with Teresa.

Also taking Siggy’s advice is Melissa, who wants to rekindle her relationship with Joe. Her plan is to take Joe to get Botox and make it a date night. During the romantic doctor’s visit, Joe repeatedly calls the doctor a “little b–ch” throughout the procedure… hopefully he knows him. While various needles pierce Joe’s face and he attempts to look comfortable, Melissa touches on the Crashing of Teresa’s Book Signing. Melissa wants a stronger bond between all of them. Joe surprisingly does not support his wife or cousins, and instead takes Teresa’s side on the issue. The issue causing the rift is still foggy, but the editors make sure to include footage from previous reunions where Teresa and Kathy engaged in screaming matches.

Speaking of engagements… In a surprise twist, even for the viewers, Peter takes Ashlee to look for apartments in Hoboken, but he has a quick stop to make first. As the young couple walks down the pier, Peter quickly drops to one knee and asks Ashlee to be his wife. She, of course, says yes, and realizes that the apartment hunting was just a ruse to get her to one of their favorite seaside spots. Peter shares that Jacqueline was involved in the process of picking the ring, which Ashlee doesn’t seem surprised by; she just gives kudos to her mom for not spilling the secret. The newly engaged couple heads back to the Laurita house to share the good news, which sends Jacqueline into a spiral of happy tears. Before anyone can share the news with family and friends though, Ashlee and Peter have to post the moment on Instagram because this is the modern world and sister needs to get some likes.

News of the engagement spreads around New Jersey, thanks to Facebook and Jacqueline’s texting skills. Teresa and Melissa discuss the good news for about a minute while on a morning walk, but then the topic moves to Joe Giudice and his upcoming trip to prison. Seems like a fitting topic change, right? Teresa reveals that women are truly stronger than men and takes the opportunity to endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Melissa takes this moment to reveal to us that due to the hard upbringing that Teresa and Joe Gorga went through, it makes sense to her that Teresa is staying strong despite having her husband heading to jail in just a few weeks.

The difficult part for Melissa in this whole scenario seems to be how she can try to navigate being close to each of her family members. Her plan, along with the help of Siggy, is to have a little trip to Vermont where Teresa can relax and decompress from the stress. Teresa reluctantly agrees to the idea, but Melissa believes that this will bring a whole new level of closeness between them. Still on Teresa’s mind though is what to do with the lunch offer from Kathy and Rosie. Jacqueline and Siggy sit down with Teresa to attempt to talk her into attending the lunch, but Teresa shuts it down as quickly as she possibly can. “I don’t get involved in your family drama,” she says. Even though this seems like a moment where a fight is going to break out between the friends, opening old wounds for Teresa and Jacqueline, the conversation surprisingly steers into a positive direction, with Teresa agreeing to “think about” going to lunch for reconciliation.

NEXT: Richie makes a comment that could end any reconciliation

This reconciliation seems to be the talk of the town because Melissa, Joe, Siggy, and Jacqueline head to Kathy’s house that night to go over the entire situation, yet again. Kathy seems extremely confused as to why Teresa still holds a grudge because she remembers apologizing to Teresa for calling her mom “crazy” during a reunion. Melissa decides to jump in and say that they shouldn’t be talking about Teresa anymore, which prompts a majority of the room to remind her how ridiculous that is. Kathy says that for years Melissa and Joe would vent to them about how frustrating Teresa can be, but now that the cousins are in the tough spot, suddenly Melissa wants to shut down any negative talk. Good call out, Kathy!

Jacqueline even jumps in to defend Kathy, but Melissa quickly shuts that down, and that’s when the entire flow of the party comes to a screeching halt. Richie, in all his odd wisdom, decides to say that the reason Teresa is really mad at them is because he actually loves his wife, while Joe Giudice doesn’t really love Teresa. Jealousy is the root of all evil according to the Wakiles. This sends Joe Gorga into a spiral of rage, and Melissa calls Richie a “dick.” “Your tone doesn’t have bones, but it can break bones,” adds Joe to explain why Richie’s comments could ruin this situation. Rosie jumps in to remind everyone that Richie’s brazen talking isn’t the real reason for the problem, and thankfully, the room begins to calm down. Glasses clink and more wine is poured. Jersey will be Jersey.

Revealing his soft heart, Joe Gorga decides to meet up with Teresa to at least attempt to get her to talk with Kathy and Rosie. This nice gesture begins positively, but after Teresa shows a hint of resistance, Joe shares the mean comment that Richie made the night before about her marriage. Of course, this is like throwing poison into a glass of Fabellini for Teresa, who does not react well to the news. Joe manages to steer the conversation back to the proposed lunch, and Teresa does reluctantly agree but adds that her brother has to come as support.

Finally, the infamous lunch is upon us. Kathy and Rosie arrive first, so that they can get in the right frame of mind. Teresa and Joe walk into the lunch, and tempers only take about a minute to flare up. Teresa jumps in immediately about the Richie comment, which forces Kathy to get defensive. This is off to a great start! Apparently since her cousins didn’t reach out to her enough while she was in prison, this makes Teresa see them as social climbers who only come around when she’s in the public eye. Teresa just repeats that she doesn’t see the need to be close with them, calling them “cancer” and basically writing them off as passive aggressively as she can. Rosie holds back her anger and asks her to remember that they’re family. The party of four settles down and agrees to table the conversation for now and just focus on the fact that they love one another.

Nothing is completely resolved, but Kathy says the door is open for new healing. Hugs and smiles are shared among the family, but when Teresa and Joe get outside, Teresa bursts into tears. It would be enlightening to see how much more Kathy and Rosie will be featured on this season, but for now it seems like the drama will be heading back to the core group of housewives: Next week Jacqueline and Melissa start World War III…

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