Erika Girardi and PK fight, and Kim Richards gives Lisa Rinna back her teddy bear.

By Caitlin Brody
April 18, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT
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Welp, tonight’s reunion officially put last week’s to shame. PK got a much-deserved cursing, Rinna indulged in her version of the Chris Pine slow tear, and stuffed animals were thrown (well, kinda). Let’s get to the best moments from the night!


• After talking for a full 45-minutes about #pantygate last week, Erika snaps at Andy’s prodding and tells him not to bring it up again. Damn, woman! Ripping on your bossman on television? That takes balls.

• Kyle does a whole lot of finger-wagging and talk-to-the-hand-ing at LVP, who starts to speak when Andy asks Kyle a question. LVP and Kyle… still thick as thieves? Me thinks not.

• Erika reveals that Tom never know about #pantygate in real time — she didn’t tell him about it until RHOBH aired. Do you think that means she didn’t tell him about her Hong Kong breakdown until it was on TV, either? Considering how much #pantygate affected Erika throughout the season and really took a toll, I’m wondering what else she keeps from Mr. Girardi. It makes me question some things…

• Grotesque PK — who owns up to watching all of the RHOBH episodes this season… I can’t even imagine how high he gets from seeing himself onscreen — says that he doesn’t owe Tom Girardi an apology for #pantygate. Oh, and the one life lesson he’s learned from all of his Housewives viewing is that you can say whatever you want, no matter how horrible, as long as you apologize for it afterwards. That’s not how that works, booboo. In fact, Erika tells him to “get the f— out of here,” and it’s all any of us have wanted to hear (and see).

• Rinna, with a complete grasp of the English language, calls PK a “no remember-er.”

• Erika says that she and Dorit really need to start their relationship over from scratch, cementing Dorit’s return next season. Dun dun dun.

• Being the bigger person that she always is, Erika even compliments Dorit on her past swimwear line and tells her she’s talented and should keep at it. (See that, Dorit? Yet another compliment from Erika.)

• Kim makes a couch-stop and confesses that she and Donald Trump once went out on a date. She pleads the fifth as to whether or not she slept with him. There’s so much I want to say here, but I’ll hold back.

• Eden drops by, too, and after a painfully long montage of her painfully long hugs, she explains the reasoning behind those too-tight grasps: A long hug breaks down the energy that blocks us and brings us closer together. That still doesn’t mean I want a three-minute-long hug!

• And then we get to the climax of the episode, which makes the whole 45-minute Reunion Part 2 worth our time. After Kim confesses that she thinks Rinna has a huge heart, she decides to stomp all over it: Kim gives Rinna the stuffed animal bunny she had gifted Kim as a present for her grandson. Kim wants the bunny back, but only when Rinna is in a better place and the bunny has good energy. The room is dead silent. Well, except for the crinkling of the plastic wrap currently suffocating the hot potato–bunny. Rinna gives an award-worthy performance involving a quiet, Celine Dion–level dramatic tear, says she doesn’t need to explain herself — she doesn’t owe anyone a single word! — and walks off-stage. Eileen, because she’s Eileen, follows Rinna to reassure her that she has a good heart. “I have a beautiful life and a beautiful family,” says Rinna, who does her best to shake off Kim’s devastating gesture. Kyle, unsure what to do with the EXTREME awkwardness, does what anybody else would do and chews on her fingers. Next week is gonna be good!

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