The three-part reunion kicks off without much drama

By Caitlin Brody
April 11, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

S7 E19
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Just like this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reunion feels strrrrrrrrretchedthin. Now, I of course will be hanging on to every thread of Dorit’s mangy metallic-fringe dress for dear life until this three-part reunion is over, but considering the lack of drama in tonight’s ep, I’m kinda thinking Andy should’ve kept it to a solid one-parter. That would never happen, but a girl can dream! By the looks of the next two episodes, we’ll be getting some juicy visits from Kim (not sure that she was a part of this season enough to warrant a spot on the couch, tbh) and Eden, who, if she didn’t already figure it out, now officially knows her place as a non-core member. Let’s talk highlights:

• First of all, where are we? It looks like Bravo decided to stage the reunion in the waiting room of a spa.

• I know we’ve discussed this, but I’m still confused by Dorit’s hair. When she was getting ready for the reunion, she had bangs, leading me to believe she finally committed to the look (you know, with her actual hair), but they mysteriously vanished during the actual reunion. Did she put on fake bangs only to take them off? It’s a RHOBH mystery, and somebody should crack the case.

• Eileen’s neckline confuses me, and the more I look at it, the dizzier I get.

• In an homage to #pantygate (which, obviously, we’ll get to later), Rinna goes panty-less and says that if she flashes us, we should just enjoy it. No one will enjoy that. Just… no one.

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• Dorit claims that when she told Erika she received a compliment from her for the first time ever, it was just a joke, of course! Likely story.

• We learned a lot more about Erika’s son! It turns out, he actually lives with her but chooses not to be on the show to protect his privacy. He also pretends not to watch it but knows everything that happens anyway.

• The best part of the reunions is when we get some unaired tidbits. Here’s one: Erika treated Eileen to a head-to-toe makeover chez Girardi glam squad — the ultimate gift — after the Hong Kong blowout because she felt so awful.

• BTW, Erika always flies the squad business class. Dorit flies hers via coach. Do with that what you will.

• After admitting to thoroughly enjoying Rinna being in the hot seat, LVP and Rinna get emotional while talking about a tragedy that brought them closer together. The pilot who flew them to buy a pony last season and his wife died tragically in a helicopter crash. As much as those two hate each other, they have that shared connection.

• A video of Dorit is dug up from the crypts of 2013, and she — gasp! — does not have an accent. Not even in the slightest. It’s a gold mine of a video, but Andy doesn’t push for an explanation.

• PK shows up — before Eden… yikes — and is a sweaty mess, as usual. We learn that he got rich through real estate and hedge funds, not by working with Boy George… which comes as the surprise to no one.

• Oh, and the biggest revelation of all: Erika doesn’t own a Birkin bag

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