Lisa Rinna's loose lips get her into trouble with Kyle
Credit: Bravo

The downside to being two-faced on a reality TV show is that the programmers have the receipts to prove your doublespeak when the occasion calls for it. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna’s about to learn a good, hard lesson about what it means to stick your foot in your mouth and then pretend you don’t taste the toenail polish.

Because even as annoying, overbearing, and out of turn as Eden has been about whole, “Is Kyle Richards an enabler to Kim?” conversation(s), she hasn’t drawn those suspicions out of thin air; Lisa Rinna told her, point blank, that she believes Kim’s in trouble under Kyle’s watch, which is definitely what prompted Eden to feel like she had to act by going directly to the source of that supposed negligence. Now, whether she took it too far or not is a different subject altogether, but for now, Kyle needs to know that her new frenemy Eden isn’t just a nosy know-it-all here.

The next day

After the Great Gatsby party, Eden is basically persona non grata where the Richards sisters were concerned — which is understandable, considering her terrible timing in approaching these women about her personal connection to their struggle during what was supposed to be a lavishly fun (albeit triggeringly boozy) affair. Even when she turned to Lisa Vanderpump to find a friend, she got the brush-off treatment because, let’s face it, LVP’s loyalties lie with Kyle, now and probably forever.

But once the dust and glitter have settled, Eden decides to consult the crown-wearer one more time with a little bit more context to explain her interference run at the party. She tells her all about how Lisa Rinna pulled her aside after game night and expressed her thoughts on the Kim-Kyle conundrum. Knowing her own sisterly background, LVP’s starting to understand a bit more why Eden would feel compelled to bring it up to Kyle. Her form might have been poor, but the intentions were pretty pure here.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna’s all too happy to pretend like she has no idea what Eden does or does not know about the Richards sisters’ history here. As far as she’s concerned, dropping a few bucks at Kyle’s boutique makes them besties anew, and she has no idea why Eden would have such concerns about her family right now. Well, that’s rich.

NEXT: Kyle finds out about Lisa’s little chat with Eden…

New York state of mind

Lisa Rinna is planning to meet the girls on their group retreat to Mexico for Mauricio’s new agency office opening in Punta Mita, but first, she’s got some family business to attend to. Her daughter Delilah is walking in Tommy Hilfiger’s show at New York Fashion Week — and it’s an auspicious catwalk debut to be in Gigi’s show, even if Rinna and Gigi’s mom Yolanda Hadid have had some bristly moments in the past.

While in town, she does lunch with Camille Grammer, whose 14-year-old daughter Mason is also modeling for a show and who wants to talk about her readiness to approach a co-parenting connection with her ex. However, Camille’s pretty overshadowed by Lisa’s verbal frustration at having to spend so much time with the other Housewives. No lie, she calls it “part of [her] journey.” (That’s even more cliched than Eileen’s super awkward therapy session, no?)

What she doesn’t know is that during all of this, she’s quickly becoming the baddie du jour because down in Mexico, LVP’s spreading the word that Rinna was the one to peg Kim as “near death” due to insobriety. And here she thought it would be tough just to hang out with the girls under the best of circumstances. Ruh roh…

Margaritas and burritos

The Mexican fiesta starts out on a festive note with jet ski rides (giving Erika Girardi yet another opportunity to tout her own Southern superhero schtick by declaring her need for speed with the phrase, “Bitch, open it up, let’s go”) and Mauricio’s fresh-catch tuna dinner. But the light mood quickly darkens with drama once they bring up the subject of Lisa Rinna’s possible involvement in Eden’s blabbing.

Lisa Vanderpump has amply seized on the opportunity to divulge what she knows in a one-on-one with Kyle — man, her segue skills are top drawer with that “Garden of Eden” reference during their stroll through the property — and now Kyle has some thinking to do about how it’s going to go down once Rinna arrives.

“Lisa Rinna needs to sew her f—ing lips shut,” Kyle insists.

“You’d need a lot of thread,” LVP gamely retorts.

Unlike Rinna, Kyle doesn’t like to pretend things are on the level just for the sake of saving face — and now she’s especially irked about how jolly Lisa was at her shop the day after the party — but on the other hand, she wants to continue having a good time at this swanky oceanfront property her husband has secured for them.

Given how heated exchanges between Lisa and her sister have gotten in the past, it’s not hard for Kyle to believe that the conversation between Lisa Rinna and Eden about Kim’s sobriety really did happen, so it’s really just a matter of whether to bring it up or not. Dorit is also fully on board with the supposition that Rinna started it, but Erika’s not so sure. She encourages Kyle to keep things copacetic and give her the benefit of the doubt, but the next day, when Rinna arrives with a big smile and jubilance to spare, Kyle greets her with a snide “sorry for not greeting you better but we’re really having a perfect moment here” look-away routine. This… is gonna get oogly.

And we know that it’s going to become a nasty spit session between the ladies from the glimpse we’re offered of what’s to come: Kyle’s going to ditch playing Mrs. Nice Guy and confront Lisa Rinna (again) point blank about breaking her promise to keep Kim’s name out of her mouth. Brace for impact, everybody.