Yolanda finally confront Lisa Rinna, and it is ... not as dramatic as you might have hoped for

By Tim Stack
February 17, 2016 at 01:55 AM EST
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Well this may be the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but we’re still in San Diego at the start of this week. After Erika Jayne’s gay fandango at Pervert night, the gals wake up and head over to Kathryn’s beautiful San Diego home. It’s very nice — almost as cute as Kathryn’s hot husband. They’re real proud of their stove that has rock that came from Jerusalem. I guess that’s what people talk about when they live in mansions on acres of land in San Diego. One aspect of the house that ALL the ladies seem to love is Kathryn’s infrared sauna. I’m not really sure how this differs from a regular sauna except for the fact that it sounds semi-scary. Also, I’d like to know if you could develop pictures in there while your sweating? Lastly, it appeared like the sauna was like in her foyer, which seems like it would lead to quite a few awkward moments.

So the gals sit down for lunch out by the pool and Eileen, the lady who loves an awkward meal convo (see: her abuse chat in the Hamptons), immediately brings up the unanswered question of who told Yolanda that Kyle and Lisa V. were talking about her kids. Erika finally owns up to being the guilty party, but she reveals it so nonchalantly, it’s like she just admitted she was left-handed. Somehow this leads into the ladies talking about Rinna, her weight, and speculation that she has an eating disorder. The culprit for that rumor? Kim Richards. So that of course sends Kyle into a spiral that forces her to leave the table and just sit in the living room for a bit while the ladies rehash the past. I mean are we still talking about Kim Richards and the incident in Amsterdam? This season needs some fresh drama.

We do hear Kathryn reveal something quite personal: Her father killed himself when she was just 12 years old. It’s actually quite poignant and moving. Staying on brand, the ladies all tell her how pretty she looks when she cries. #90210

Erika decides to have Lisa and Ken over for drinks and then dinner at a restaurant. Weirdly most of the drinks portion is shot from behind some flower arrangements, so for most of the discussion it looks like they’re in a botanical garden. Ken, honestly looks like he’s hunting or something and hiding in bushes. Then, the couple’s head to a restaurant, and it’s interesting to see Erika not dominate as she often does on stage. Tom actually shushes her a couple of times and then there’s some strange “flirting” with Lisa V. It all ends with him comparing her to an alligator, which she takes as a compliment… but I’m not sure she should.

Kyle meets Adrienne for lunch, which seems like it could be fun but Adrienne does not show off her black belt or perform any sort of magic trick. Soooo I didn’t really care.

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After Kyle threw a kind of a wimpy BBQ, Erika decides to go all out and basically plan a party that’s Fire Island meets the Santa Monica Pier. She invites all the ladies and her growing roster of gay gentlemen helpers. As she puts it, “It takes a gay village to look this good!” I love her so. Part of her gay village actually includes some dancers from Katy Perry’s tour. FINALLY one of these Housewives has hot gay friends. Hallelujah.

Eileen shows up in a weird half dress that Erika helped her pick out. It is not awesome. It looks like she got in a fight with Zorro and dodged his sword a few times, but the dress suffered. Yolanda seems zen and calm rolling into the house, but actually she’s pissed in her pastels. Her nurse, Daisy, googled “Munchausen” and explained to Yolanda what it meant. Well Yolanda Hadid Foster is not about to be told she’s making up this Lyme disease business. She basically unleashes on Lisa Rinna at a picnic table while all the girls watch. Erika jumps in as well, but I’d say the power of her argument is somewhat diminished because she’s wearing a muumuu. The women basically all tell Yolanda that they care for her and they’re not trying to make it seem like they suspect she’s faking it. Finally, she and Rinna hug it out, but you can tell this battle ain’t over. Oh, and we find out at some point Yolanda had a wart. I didn’t really follow where that came into play. Maybe next time…

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