Sherée and Kenya brawl while Porsha tries to turn over a new leaf

By Evan Slead
November 14, 2016 at 01:19 AM EST

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Acting as the glorious gift that truly keeps on giving, The Real Housewives of Atlanta keeps its new season rolling right out of the gate with more from Moore Manor. With Porsha’s surprise arrival to the party, Kenya quickly steps in to “politely” kick her butt out the door. This is the moment for the new and improved Porsha to show off what she’s learned in anger management, and thankfully, she graciously accepts the request to get the hell out by simply walking away with Phaedra by her side.

Realizing the party had reached the peak of excitement, Sherée decides to jet out, too, and she follows Phaedra and Porsha down the unpaved driveway. Little did they know, but Kenya’s controversial flame Matt is seen heading up to the house, ready to take his place back in Kenya’s life. Upon first seeing him, Kenya turns her face to stone, and she searches the room for support from her friends. Before she can get a chance to escape, Matt saunters over, kisses her on the cheek, and asks for a one-on-one sidebar. Kenya reluctantly agrees to the talk, while everyone else decides it’s time to head out, in case the party gets too crazy for their tastes.

The details as to why Kenya is so distant from Matt are still hazy, with the only concrete reason being he accused her of cheating on him at one point. Matt does apologize for his actions, but Kenya isn’t too quick to forgive, at least, not completely. She shares that he was her confidant, and now that he’s broken that, she needs time to trust him again. “I didn’t realize I would lose my queen,” croons Matt. This somehow works for Kenya as an apology, but while the rest of us have goosebumps and stomachaches over it, the party comes to a close.

As with any good party, the breakdown discussion the day after is usually the best part, and that’s just what happens during Kandi’s business meeting. The gang discusses the different baby products they can sell to Ace’s thousands of Instagram followers, and before real numbers can be broken down, Mama Joyce — the lady who can’t be and should not be tamed — comes strolling in for some afternoon T-E-A. When Joyce hears Phaedra and Porsha were basically removed from the party, she takes it upon herself to slyly warn the group meeting of Phaedra’s shady past. “She should be sharing that cell with Apollo,” says Joyce, referencing Phaedra’s illustrious and infamous hubby in prison. The group is living for this joke; to the point that Joyce feels so empowered she gets up and does a little jig. Go ahead, Mama Joyce!

Meanwhile, two lunches are taking place to even further breakdown what happened with miss Moore’s manners at the manor. Surprisingly, one of these is Phaedra with Kenya, while Porsha and Sherée get down to business somewhere else. Phaedra decides despite their trouble in the past, Kenya could be a new friend in time, so this lunch would be a nice stepping stone after getting the horse drawn carriage invite to the housewarming party. Flipping over to the other gossip session, Porsha tries to defend her past anger outbursts with the re-explanation that she’s going to therapy to quell her inner “Hulk”; as Phaedra affectionately calls her. Sherée backs her up, and we get a flashback to one of the best original housewives quotes of all time: “Who gonna check me, boo?”

Back at Phaedra and Kenya’s lunch, Kenya isn’t buying Porsha’s newly found peacemaker role. Phaedra steps in for her friend though, inviting Kenya to a reconnection party so all of the ladies can truly find healing where they need it. Kenya reluctantly agrees, but stresses she won’t show up until she gets a real and formal request from Porsha herself.

NEXT: Cynthia and Peter finally meet to finalize their divorce

Speaking of invitations, Todd and Kandi decide it’s time to give Joyce and Kandi’s two aunts, a.k.a. the Old Lady Gang, a tour of their new restaurant. Of course, they’re both terrified since the OLG means business, and with their recipes and name on the line, they won’t be giving Todd or Kandi a break if it goes bust. The place itself still has a long way to go, but Todd takes it upon himself to sell how big the kitchen is going to be, the amazing live jazz area and all the dough they’re going to make. Thankfully, everyone starts to seem on board, and even excited — except Aunt Bertha. Acting as if her face would crack if she upturned her scowl, Bertha shows no sign of support or hope that their restaurant venture will be worth it. Todd and Kandi still end the meeting with hopeful feelings, but they have a good amount of obstacles to hurdle before Bertha will be showing those pearly whites.

The meetings don’t stop, but not all of them are about upcoming positive ventures. Cynthia and Peter finally decide to have a sit-down talk about their pending divorce, but Peter is still completely reluctant to the whole idea. As difficult as it all is, both parties put their best foot forward, and Cynthia decides that a future friendship is what’s most important. Peter reveals he had to visit the hospital recently because he was possibly having a heart attack, but it all turned out to be stress related. This moment woke him up about the situation, and seeing Cynthia again in person, he agrees to move forward with the divorce so they both can be happy in time.

With that problem solving done, it’s time for the ladies to take on a new puzzle, and Porsha’s “Escape the Room” event puts them up to the task. Everyone is ready for a good time of sleuthing, but for some reason Kenya keeps referring to this event as a way for Porsha to show that she’s “cured of anger.” The group splits into teams of two, with each tasked to unlock the keypad on their room. Sherée, Kandi, and Phaedra hole up in the zombie room while Cynthia, Porsha, and Kenya take on the Sherlock room. Seemingly unaware of how human emotion works, by the end of the event, Kenya says she doesn’t trust that Porsha is “cured,” even though Porsha never painted herself that way, nor has anyone in existence. Neither group actually escapes within the time allotted, but like Porsha says, “No one got hurt, so it was a success!” Of course, Porsha underestimated Kenya, who pulls Sherée aside to blast her over some Moore Manor comments.

What began as a peaceful bonding event ends with an all-out verbal brawl as Kenya takes on Sherée’s negative comments toward her “finished” house. Sherée keeps reminding Kenya they could’ve worked together on both of their houses instead of throwing shade, but since that ship sailed eons ago, Sherée has free reign to share her opinion on Moore Manor versus Chateau Sherée. First on her list of recommendations is for Kenya to add trim and molding to her home, and this sends Kenya into a tizzy, as she repeats over and over “I don’t need trim in my house.” Calling Sherée a “ho” over it, this sends Sherée into “who gonna check me” territory, dazzling those nails in Kenya’s face to incite more anger. Kenya thinks this behavior is reminiscent of her boyfriend Matt’s forceful anger.

This all ends without any real punches or slaps thrown, but Kenya decides to twirl out of the room, just to show off how mature and comedic she is at the end of the day. It’s intriguing to see just how quickly these events can escalate, and the idea that Sherée will most likely have her own housewarming party down the road means this house fighting is far from over. The relationships in the group are beginning to show their fractures, and next week we’re delving deeper into Kenya’s estranged relationship with Matt.

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