January 29, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Let’s address the elephant in the room — yes, glamping is still happening, and yes, Porsha is going. Despite the slings and arrows thrown at dinner last week, apparently everyone is still on board to glamp. Porsha puts up a front that she won’t bother to come, but that gets nixed pretty quickly. Now, before the ladies can hop on that trip, there are some loose ends to tie up in Atlanta. Let’s start with the king and queen of drama: Matt and Kenya.

Cynthia, being the good, caring friend she is, promises Kenya she’ll have her own sit-down chat with Matt to go over his violent behavior. Meeting at the park where Matt can get all sweaty playing basketball, the two get right into it. Cynthia asks for specific reasons why Matt tends to lose his cool with Kenya. Of course, Cynthia doesn’t condone his violent outbursts — in fact, she condemns him for them — but she does understand that a person with anger issues could be triggered around Kenya, as she tends to push every person’s buttons repeatedly. Cynthia’s hope here is to gather the info, report back to Kenya, and see if the couple can find enough common ground to salvage their relationship.

Apart from that rocky love fest, Kandi throws an engagement party for Shamea, who is getting married soon. Now, we’ve all heard the tea on Shamea, mostly from Phaedra, who touts Shamea as a man-eater who dips into the lady pond every once in a while. I’m sure Phaedra is cackling knowing Kandi threw the party, as it will be more ammunition to “prove” her rumor about Kandi and Shamea hooking up. Regardless, Kandi’s white party for her girl goes off pretty well, even though Cynthia, Shereé, and Marlo show up in some very off white numbers. The missing piece to the puzzle for Shamea is her best friend Porsha, who decides not to come since her previous fight with Kandi didn’t end so well.

Feeling the tension over Porsha’s absence, Shereé decides to tell Shamea about Phaedra’s accusations. Shamea just scoffs at the rumor that she sleeps with every man in town, but she does add her own spin, suggesting that she was hit on by Apollo many times, which is probably why Phaedra has so much contempt for her. Oh, and she says Phaedra used to give bl– jobs to men around town to get what she wanted. No biggie. As for Shamea, hearing all of this back and forth about Phaedra makes her realize she may not be as tight with Porsha as she used to be. Not only did Porsha miss her party, but Porsha’s new bestie Phaedra is talking nothing but trash about Shamea around town. It seems Porsha’s loyalty isn’t where she thought it was.

This actually gets addressed the next day when Porsha stops by Shamea’s house. Shamea welcomes her with open arms, but she seems hesitant to completely accept Porsha’s excuse about why she didn’t want to come to the engagement party. Shamea makes a great point that if the tables were reversed and Phaedra were throwing a party for Porsha, Shamea would show up despite her beef with Phaedra to support her friend. “You made this all about you,” says Shamea to a dumbfounded Porsha. Shamea seems like the forgiving type and even says the two can squash it, but she does warn Porsha to be careful and not completely trust Phaedra’s new adoration.

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NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, Kenya, and Claudia keep the ATL just peachy.
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