Kenya deals with more backlash from her estranged boyfriend, while Phaedra opens a pop-up shop for charity.
RHOA Season 9, Ep 10 "Uncharitable Behavior" AIR DATE: Jan 15 CR: Bravo
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With Peter’s new Bar One lounge opening without a hitch — minus the emotional rollercoaster that was Kenya and Matt’s relationship showing up — the ladies have all returned to Atlanta to keep on keeping on. When she’s not working or “avoiding” dating apps, Phaedra loves to give back to people in need, which is why her son Aiden is helping make tie-dye shirts to raise money for the victims of the Flint water crisis. On top of the cool rags, Aiden has also prepared several batches of his chocolate-chip cookies to sell, taking on the business mind of his own mama. So far so good on the drama front, but thankfully, we can leave our daily dose of tea to a blast from the past.

When in need of a true gab session, call on none other than Marlo, the larger-than-life interior decorator and frequent visitor to the real housewives of the ATL. Her famous fallout with Nene is just beginning to scratch the surface, as her new target for ridicule is Kenya and her wily ways. Meeting up with Shereé to look at wall coverings, Marlo shares her disgust of Kenya with Shereé, who also (of course) agrees Kenya needs to be taken down a peg or two (or five). Apparently, Marlo is donezo with Miss Moore: Kenya reached out to get her advice on planning a birthday party, and after Marlo shared some baller ideas, she failed to receive an invitation from Kenya. Shady business in the lady business, as they say.

Kenya probably feels her ears burning with her name being dragged through the mud, but she’s got bigger fishes to fry. Upon returning from her trip to Peter’s lounge opening, she finds her home once again been vandalized. Of course, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out Matt was behind the whole fiasco, breaking her garage windows, car windows, smashing a glass door, and even spray-painting the security cameras for good measure. Kandi still believes he has no ill will toward her and has only performed these violent and stalker-ish acts to get a rise out of her. If that sounds delusional and crazy, it’s because it is, and even Kandi tries to explain this to a tearful Kenya. On top of it, Kandi even offers to let Kenya stay at her house for some safety, but Kenya believes she can figure it out without having to leave her home.

She takes her fears to Phaedra, who quickly understands the struggle Kenya is going through with an abusive man. While Phaedra has never accused Apollo of physically harming her, she’s made it clear he tended towards angry outbursts when getting his point across. Phaedra doesn’t discuss that time in her life much, but she decides to share her experiences with Kenya to let her know it can get better — and if someone has anger issues or possibly even mental illness, then sending them to jail wouldn’t be the best course of action. In this sense, Kenya’s reason for leaving the police out of it does make sense, as she can see Matt has more issues than just a bad temper. Granted, there should be a greater focus on taking precautions so she’s not left vulnerable to possible attacks.

In the middle of her own home crisis, Cynthia was all about the lake house until the overall price rose to an outlandish number. The problem is she already sold her old house, has only half the place packed, and has to vacate as soon as possible. The lake house isn’t out of the question, but a third estimate has to be made before she can get the full lease signed. Thankfully, Kenya invites Cynthia to stay with her — before deciding she’d rather stay at Kandi’s in case Matt comes back. So, Kenya heads over to Kandi’s to move in for a while, which Kandi seems okay with but also a little confused about. Kenya invites Cynthia over, too, dropping the bomb that she’ll be staying at Kandi’s. Leave it to Kenya to make some crazy decisions about who can stay where in the ATL.

NEXT: Phaedra’s charity event isn’t all smooth-sailing

In other news, Phaedra has more to give back, but this is for the kids. Going back to her Aiden cookies, Phaedra has enlisted help from the ladies — and their businesses — to make some extra funds for the Flint victims. She opens a pop-up shop featuring different products for sale, with 50 percent of the proceeds going to Flint. The other ladies are down but slightly confused about the number since Phaedra had originally said “a small percentage.” Thankfully, Porsha points out if the money is going to the kids, it shouldn’t matter if the ladies themselves don’t get to keep all their money.

With the funds debacle behind them, the day of the pop-up shop goes smoothly — at least at the beginning. Each of the ladies has a booth, with Kenya taking a big chunk of the space to hang a giant picture of herself for donors to see. It wouldn’t be a true event without some shade thrown in, though, and Marlo entering the room has every bit of drama ready to be checked off the list. Avoiding Kenya’s booth altogether, Marlo heads straight to Shereé, making it clear she’s above talking to anyone who is a fake friend. This doesn’t sit well with Kenya, so she brings even more attention to herself by heading over to Marlo, asking if she saw the huge picture she posted on the wall and indicating she has some words for her.

We all know Kenya loves to come in hot during an argument, but this is a new level even for her. “I just want to take a moment to apologize for not having the time to invite you to my housewarming party,” says Kenya, but Marlo isn’t letting her off that easily. “Not just that, but it was also your birthday party,” adds Marlo. Of course, Kenya doesn’t explain her real reasoning for not inviting Marlo (duh, Nene) and the conversation doesn’t really result in anything positive.

All in all, the group makes a little more than $7,000 for charity, with Kandi kindly giving Phaedra extra to help reach the $10,000 goal she originally had. For some reason, the editors reveal Shereé brought in a little more $500, while Cynthia brought in $1,000. Not exactly a shady move on their part, but there’s a little something there that leaves the taste of tea in the mouth.

As for the typical drama-fueled romps this season, this episode was a bit tamer, like a rain cloud that just hasn’t unleashed its storm quite yet. A full-on hurricane will come next week when Porsha makes it clear just how much she doesn’t agree with Kandi’s treatment of Phaedra.