Hope says goodbye to her mother as a new prophecy threatens New Orleans
God's Gonna Trouble the Water
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When the Saints Go Marching In

The Original family knows how to handle heartbreak, and unfortunately for them, they also know there’s rarely any time to actually grieve. That was the case with Hayley’s goodbye. Just as everyone was trying everything they could to take the time to say farewell, they were hit with a new prophecy. You know how bad things keep happening whenever any two Mikaelsons are in the same room, like that time it started raining blood? Well, that was but one sign of a bigger prophecy, and the way things are going, that prophecy ends with the deaths of every supernatural firstborn in New Orleans. In terms of the characters we know and love, that puts, at the very least, Freya and Hope on the chopping block. Yeah, it’s not great.

But that’s an issue for another day. For now, we have a goodbye to get to.

The hour begins with Freya breaking the news to Hope, who has to head home for her mother’s funeral. Speaking of home, Klaus is currently in New Orleans — he plans to leave before Hope arrives — when he gets a letter from Caroline. She had to return to her daughters but reminds him that she’s just a phone call away if he needs a friend. She signs the letter, “with all my sorrow and with love for you and your family.” It’s no “however long it takes,” but we’ll take it for now.

Also in New Orleans? Elijah and Antoinette, who pay Lucien’s old penthouse a visit, seeing as how that’s where Greta’s army is convening. It seems Greta has more followers that Antoinette realized, and they’ve gathered to pay their respects. But when Klaus realizes Elijah is still in the city, he acts quickly, snapping Elijah’s neck and biting Antoinette before having them put in some sort of old jail outside the city. (Talk about some efficient problem solving!)

When Elijah wakes up and realizes Antoinette has been bitten, he calls Klaus. In exchange for his blood, Elijah offers Klaus the very thing he’s been wanting for all these years: his brother back. Elijah offers to let Marcel and Vincent return his memories to him, but Klaus rejects his offer. As Klaus tells Marcel, Elijah let Hayley die. Klaus was there. He saw the look in Hayley’s eyes when she thought Elijah was there to save her. But he wasn’t. And now she’s dead. And as far as Klaus is concerned, Elijah is dead too.

But Elijah’s not giving up so easily. His next call — because apparently they let him keep the phone, even in jail? — is to Marcel. Although Antoinette hates the idea of Elijah getting his memories back — after all, seven years is no match to the 1,000 years he spent loving his family — Elijah refuses to let Antoinette die. And as Marcel tells Vincent, it’s a good idea: Even if Elijah gets his memories back, he still won’t be allowed to stay because of the Hollow’s magic. That means he’ll return to France and take Greta’s vamps with him. The way Marcel sees it, it’s going to be a while before Klaus and Elijah find their way back to each other. And so, Vincent agrees.

While Vincent and Marcel head to meet up with Elijah, it’s time for Hayley’s funeral procession/parade. (This is New Orleans, after all.) But when Ivy’s magic is slow to work, Klaus is late, and by the time he gets there, Greta’s followers have shown up threatening everyone if they don’t get Elijah and Antoinette back.

An angry Hope takes matters into her own hands, blowing up one van of vampires before nearly taking out a second. Josh stops her and Greta’s followers disappear, at which point Ivy tells Klaus all about the prophecy of the firstborns. Realizing he can’t physically be with his daughter, he asks Ivy to use magic to put him in the same room.

Klaus finds Hope at the compound, but she’s angry he deserted her at the procession. Klaus tries to explain that Hope could die if they’re in the same room, but she’s done living like this. She tells Klaus to go, and then uses her magic to make sure he does. (Next: A goodbye to Hayley)

Klaus, at a loss for what to do next, heads to the bayou, where he carves Hayley’s name into the same tree as Jackson and Mary. He knows he should’ve been there for her and Hope, but he was scared “of this very moment,” he says. “We’re a curse to each other and to our home,” Klaus says of his family. He knows his daughter needs him, but as he puts it, “loving her brings her closer to death.” And he wants her to live and grow to be “as strong and as beautiful a woman as her mother.” Klaus then ends his farewell to Hayley by saying, “I don’t know what to do, and I really wish that you were here to tell me… little wolf.” AND NOW I’M CRYING. I held it together all the way until “little wolf,” and you can’t blame me for losing it at that!

Back to Marcel and Vincent, they’re working on Elijah’s memories. Vincent does the spell to open his mind, and Marcel compels him to remember the bond of always and forever, the love he had for his family, for Hayley. But instead, Elijah fights it, refusing to open the red door. Eventually, he collapses to the ground.

No one’s sure what happened, but Vincent thinks there’s dark magic involved. He says it’s as if Elijah’s mind isn’t in there. For now, Marcel and Vincent leave Antoinette to figure it out. And for her sake, she better hope Elijah wakes up before Klaus’ bite kills her.

When Freya tells Klaus about Marcel and Vincent’s plan, we find out the real reason Klaus refused the very same offer: If Elijah remembers everything and finds out what’s happened, it will destroy him. “Either way we’ve lost him,” Klaus explains. “I was trying to save him from himself.” And now it’s too late.

At the bayou, it’s time for Hayley’s funeral, where Hope asks for Freya’s help in finding a way to reunite her family. Freya agrees, at which point Keelin shows up and restores my faith in love.

With Marcel, Josh, and Vincent all in attendance, Freya gives a speech about honoring Hayley by loving each other the way she would’ve wanted them to. Then they burn her body and push it out into the water, at which point Klaus takes his daughter’s hand.

He knows he can only be there for a moment — there’s already a storm brewing — but in this instant, he needs to be with his daughter. “This is the last time we can do this,” he says as he hugs her, though he promises he’ll find other ways to be there for her. As fire spreads across the water, she promises she will fix things. With one final “I love you,” Klaus leaves.

But he doesn’t get far. Before he makes it to his car, some magic snaps his neck. He wakes up in the compound, where he’s trapped inside… with Elijah (who obviously doesn’t have his memories back yet). Someone’s forcing these two back together, which can only further the prophecy. But why?

That’s a question for next week. As for this week, I’m glad we got to say goodbye to Hayley, and that we finally have an answer about this prophecy. Now if only Elijah would hurry up and get his memories back…

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When the Saints Go Marching In
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