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May 16, 2018 at 11:43 PM EDT

The Originals

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We gave it a B+

It’s been a while since The Originals writers made me both cheer and gasp during the length of an episode. I think they owe it to us for keeping all the Mikaelson siblings scattered, unable to be together without snakes crawling out of orifices or flowers dying on the vine. The idea of introducing yet another bad guy into the mix did feel exhausting, but the storyline definitely paid off in the end.

As you remember from last week, Klaus received a “message” in the form of a coin. Apparently, the coin is somehow related to werewolves, so Klaus goes hunting. He kills a bunch of wolves using various tactics, but it’s Greta who confesses that she sent the coin. She wants to talk to Klaus. He wants to drain her of all her blood. Same thing.

Greta sits in the catacombs, her hands pierced with spikes, as Klaus waits for the vervain to be exposed from her body. He reminds Greta that she is moments away from death. Greta looks at him and says, “Your lack of vision will be your downfall. That’s what he said about you.”

He? Who is he?

I’m glad you asked. He is the new villain: August Muller. Klaus searches his mind for any details and the scene dissolves into 1933 Germany. Klaus is in a parlor debating art with a painter, listening as the piano fills the room, and generally annoying everyone in sight. But there is someone who challenges him and his pompous ways.

Elijah. We’re talking OG Elijah, compete with dapper suit, jaunty suspenders, perfectly coiffed hair, and a general tone that screams, “I dare you to mess with me or my brother.” I cheered at the television screen and may have clapped.

It’s been 13 years since Elijah last saw Klaus. When they lean in for a long embrace, Elijah whispers that there has been a major wolf massacre within 20 miles of the parlor. He’s warning Klaus because by the sound of it, this could be the workings of their dearly beloved father. Unless, of course, Klaus has been ignoring Elijah’s suggestion to keep a low profile.

Klaus promises Elijah that it wasn’t him. So who could it be? (Hint: the new bad guy.)

Elijah calmly puts August in a choke hold and simultaneously convinces Klaus not to kill the guy. He compels August not to mess with the Mikaelsons. August obeys and calls for his daughter to leave with him. The girl at the piano stands up. It’s Antoinette.

That’s right! Current day Elijah’s Antoinette! Someone has been stalking them and taking pictures, so she naturally kills the dude with the camera. She quickly figures that she and Elijah must leave right now because “they” will send a replacement.

They? Who are they?

You guessed it. August’s cronies. That means Antoinette knew Elijah a century ago and has been keeping it a secret from him since they’ve been together. Elijah is not happy and suggests Antoinette move on without him.

Back in the present day, Greta presses all of Klaus’ buttons and manages to stay alive doing it. She threatens Klaus. Clearly Hope is dangerous. The young girl can create hybrids at will. The pure vampires, who have his precious Hayley, will give her back on one condition.

Hope must submit to the same spell Klaus’ mother put on him. She must bind her werewolf side. Klaus challenges with a sharp, “And if I don’t?” Greta explains that it’s his daughter’s wolf nature or her mother’s life.

Klaus confides his dilemma in Marcel. Naturally he wants to fight fire with fire. He doesn’t want to give into their demands. Marcel thinks Hope should get a say and Klaus all but laughs at him. He would never put that shame on his daughter. He would never forgive himself. Of course if Hayley dies, he wouldn’t forgive himself for that either. Decisions, decisions.

Hope is back at school and is, for some reason, executing some pretty hard core parkour while Freya watches. When she returns to her dorm, her hunky crush Roman is sitting there waiting on her bed. Hope wants to know why Roman is interested in her life. Well, she’s a Mikaelson, the daughter of an Original, her dad is a vampire, her mom is a werewolf, and there is a long line of witches in her lineage. She’s interesting. Duh.

Hope doesn’t think it’s fair that she doesn’t know anything about Roman. He concedes and tells her that this one time, he pissed a lot of people off and ended up desiccated in a cave for a very long time. He’s an ancient bad boy with a damaged soul. That must be Hope’s sweet spot. (Recap continues on next page)

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