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When the Saints Go Marching In

I’d like to salute The Originals writers for weaving in a couple of monologues that truly helped me understand the complicated storyline between the Mikaelsons and the indestructible Hollow. Intricate spells, family sacrifices, old bones, glowing blue eyes, angry covens, bloody blades. Who can keep up? Here’s what we know: Elijah is dying and the rest of the crew needs to band together in order to stop the Hollow. How are they going to do that?

Like I said, it’s complicated.

The Hollow, walking around in Sofya’s body, has stabbed Elijah with the killing stake and has taken him to a cabin in the woods. Sofya figures the Mikaelsons will come looking for Elijah and offer her an exchange: One jaw bone for their brother. Unfortunately, Elijah is still going to have to die because she needs a sacrifice in order to be reborn. The sacrifice of an Original is even better.

Over at the compound, I’m pretty sure Klaus is taking credit for the arrival of the beignet in New Orleans as he eats breakfast with Hope. This would have been a light and breezy exchange if Hayley hadn’t shown up dampening the mood. Elijah never came home after going over to Marcel’s the night before. Original down.

Typically, the family would turn to Vincent for help, but he’s up against his own problem. It appears the church has been desecrated as a warning to the covens. The Hollow wants them to align with her. How do we know that? Sofya walks in and tells Vincent. Her eyes glow that Smurf blue. She means business.

Sofya all but flirts with Vincent, taunting him with tidbits of their history together. Vincent taunts right back, claiming she’s hiding inside a vampire because she isn’t as strong as she would like Vincent to think. Come on, Vincent! Everyone knows what happens when the Hollow’s host body’s eyes turn blue. NOT GOOD THINGS. She flies him around the room like a rag doll, dumps him into some pews, and then makes him an offer.

Vincent strolls into the Mikaelson compound with news. The Hollow has Elijah and she wants the jaw bone. PS: There’s not going to be an exchange. She needs Elijah to die in order to channel the energy from his sacrifice. He’s as good as dead, anyway, since he’s slowly being poisoned by Marcel’s venom in the rose thorns woven around that stake. (Thank you, monologue No. 1.) If she doesn’t get it by sundown, she’s going to take it and burn the city to the ground.

Just as I shout, “Let Hope have a crack at it!” the Mikaelsons whisk the young girl away so they can have a family meeting. Vincent’s goal is to vanquish the Hollow’s spirit. Marcel’s goal is to save Sofya’s body. Klaus’ goal is to kill everyone. Freya and Hayley just want to find Elijah. My goal is to not develop a headache from all the details I’m trying to keep straight.

Vincent suggests they use the element of surprise. Marcel will hand over the bone and then stab the Hollow with a blade dripping in Hayley’s blood, the only thing that can kill the Hallow. Then Vincent will cast a spell that buries her. Through Elijah’s sacrifice (or his death by rose thorn) they will be able to shove her spirit back into the grave. Elijah’s death will mean something! Everybody ready? Annnndddd BREAK!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Several of us have a problem with ELIJAH being sacrificed. I vowed a long time ago that I would boycott this show if Daniel Gillies was ever killed off. There has to be another way. Freya agrees with me. She and Vincent are going to study old grimoires and find a loophole if it kills her. Figuratively speaking.

Back at the cabin, the Hollow is toying with Elijah’s emotions. She speaks of brotherly love, family bonds, and how sins pass from one generation to another. When the Hollow mentions Hope, and how the girl holds the key (blood) to killing her, Elijah nearly loses it. Then he passes out. Gillies is working on his Emmy reel with this performance. So much angst.

Freya is feeling angsty too. Especially when Vincent keeps reminding her Elijah has lived a thousand years. He’s been there, done that. What she may not know is that eventually, everything dies! Freya remembers Finn’s death. She also remembers how she trapped Finn in her bejeweled necklace that one time. Why can’t she do that with another brother?

NEXT: The ultimate sacrifice

Get ready for monologue No. 2, courtesy of Freya. She’s going to try to place Elijah’s soul in the pendant after the Hollow is stabbed. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take all of her magic. In other bad news, he’s been poisoned for so long he may not survive the process.

Klaus steps in and offers to be the sacrifice. If someone kills him, Freya can channel his death, magically place him in the pendant, give Elijah the antidote concocted way back when, and imprison the Hollow before everyone involved dies. Everybody ready? Annnndddd BREAK!

No one is on board with this plan, but all agree since time is running out. Klaus watches as Keelin plays with Hope. He doesn’t say goodbye, but Hope feels something is off. Freya finds out where Elijah is hidden using Marcel’s venom thanks to a tracking spell on the stake that is poisoning Elijah. All parties have their marching orders. It’s showtime.

Vincent has been given the ceremonial task of executing Klaus with the death thorns. Instead of skipping for joy, Vincent tells Klaus he is finally living up to the potential Cami always saw in him. Joseph Morgan’s almost-tears were EPIC. He’s so good at that. He puts on the pendant and lays down on a concrete slab surrounded by every candle in Louisiana.

Over in the woods, Marcel wanders up to a bored-looking Sofya leaning against a tree next to a tiny bonfire. He makes her a deal: Sofya’s body for the jaw bone he stole from the Mikaelsons. The Hollow agrees. She puts all of her bones together and stuffs them into that tree. Marcel stabs her in the back and waits for, fingers crossed, Sofya to wake up.

Remember, this is the moment Vincent is supposed to be killing Klaus. Regrettably, a coven of rogue witches show up, threatening to cut Maxine’s (Vincent’s friend with the kid) throat. Vincent tries to talk them down, while Klaus rolls his eyes. He hybrids out, bites any witch around, and then stops short when he sees one of them burning the rose thorns that will kill him. That sacrifice can not be complete.

Why there isn’t a phone chain to explain this hiccup in the plan is beyond me. Hayley wolfs out and kills the bad people in the cabin watching over Elijah, while Freya tries to break the protection spell around her brother. She needs time. Which is exactly what they just ran out of.

Outside, Marcel turns to find a huge blue orb lingering. The Hollow knocks him down and promises to build her kingdom on top of the fallen king’s ashes. Gross. Then the Hollow runs (floats?) to the cabin to stop Freya from messing up her sacrifice. Klaus arrives just in time to give Freya the pendant so she can stuff Elijah in it! The plan does not work.

Why? There’s a blue dementor currently sucking the life out of Elijah.

Suddenly, the Hollow explodes and is gone. Elijah starts to desiccate. Freya can’t put him in the pendant because it is broken into pieces in her bloody hands.

Worst show ever.

Klaus puts Elijah’s body in a coffin in the front room (sure) of the compound. He’s mad. He begins shouting at his sister to DO SOMETHING. Freya can’t “feel” or “hear” Elijah in the pendant. Her tears are upsetting. Klaus’ tears are tragic. Hayley’s lone tear is heartbreaking.

Finally, Hope walks in, places her hand on Freya’s shoulder, and both see and hear a vision. Elijah is alive! He’s screaming, but he’s alive. I’ll take it. Like I said before, give Hope a shot at the Hollow. I bet she can take her down.

With that said, how is the Hollow “out there” and Elijah alive? Is he sort of alive? Mostly dead? Was Elijah fully sacrificed? Or halfway? Does that make the Hollow weaker? Did I miss something?

I know she is a definite threat because Vincent tells the witches to leave. Then he takes a trip to Marcel’s. Remember the journal that gave Vincent all that power from the Hollow once upon a time? The one he gave to Marcel with the instructions to “kill me” if I ever ask for this again? Yeah. Marcel gives it to him. And promises Vincent’s death will be quick if things get out of hand.

Let me tell you. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET OUT OF HAND. Because out of that random tree, the Hollow punches her way through with embryonic fluid all over her body. Great. A literal rebirth. She feels the soil on her toes, takes a few deep breaths, and the earth begins to shake.

Watch out, Mikaelsons. She’s cooommmmmiiiinnnnnggggg.

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