Hope finds a new friend. Named Marcel.
High Water and a Devil's Daughter
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When the Saints Go Marching In

You know an episode is good when you find yourself saying, “Whhhhaaaatttt???” and, “Oh no, he didn’t!” on multiple occasions. Klaus and Elijah are in major protection mode now that they know the Hollow’s high priest Dominic is still alive. This means heads are going to roll. Literally.

Sadly, Klaus doesn’t get to gallivant around New Orleans to figure out a way to stop the Mikaelsons from experiencing certain death. That’s Elijah’s job. Klaus, Haley, and Hope must stay in the compound thanks to a barrier protection spell courtesy of Aunt Freya.

Klaus finds Hope in the attic, reciting some pretty creepy nursery rhymes and playing with tiny wooden soldiers. She asks her dad about the little boy who used to live there. Instead of answering, Klaus escorts his daughter out of the attic. The camera pans to a trunk with “Marcellus” carved on the side.

Across town, Elijah pays a visit to his second favorite witch. Vincent is extremely irritated that Elijah keeps waltzing into his church uninvited. Elijah asks Vincent to reestablish the link with the ancestors to help fight off the Hollow. Vincent laughs. There would have to be a Harvest Ritual. That means four young witches sacrificed with the very blade he is currently sharpening in his hand. Not gonna happen. Vincent isn’t really interested in starting a war with the French Quarter coven, thankyouverymuch.

While Elijah figures out a new plan, Freya puts all of her efforts into stopping Dominic. She has a plan of her own, but she needs a vampire to pull it off. Good thing Josh is available and uninterested in being eaten by her brothers later on. If Josh agrees to help, Marcel lives. Josh concedes. With tons of sarcasm. I love this guy.

It’s not going to be easy taking Dominic down. He has those original-family-killing vines at his disposal. He apparently has Sofya at his disposal, too. By using the power of supernatural migraines, Sofya shares that she just received intel that Freya was transporting a shrouded body. Surely it’s Marcel. Dominic thinks Sofya is too close to the situation; her focus has been compromised. It’s nothing a little Tunde blade can’t cure. He shoves it in her chest, you know, for safe keeping. Nighty night, Sofya.

Of course, the body isn’t Marcel’s body. It’s Josh’s. But here’s the super fun twist: Freya puts a spell on Josh to make him look like Marcel. (Charles Michael Davis impersonating Josh was one of the highlights of the night!) Freya instructs Josh, the bait, to lie in a circle made of sticks. Once Dominic steps in, Josh needs to run like hell. Dominic won’t be able to do magic inside the wisteria wreath. Josh agrees and makes Freya promise they will never hang out again.

Back at the compound, Klaus wanders around, complaining that he doesn’t want Hope riffling through old stuff. Haley claims Hope is bored and needs friends. Klaus claims she is superior and should be worshiped. Klaus is agitated. He wants to be outside the compound, helping! He will not be trapped in his own home!

Suddenly, Hayley realizes that Klaus is getting a little bit claustrophobic, thanks to his own stint in the dungeon. Klaus recalls that time, remembering the smell of blood from the tourists above. His mind taunted him. Haley buys another clue and suggests a thought: Could Klaus be worried about Marcel?

Uh, nope. Let him suffer.

Poor Marcel. It’s a good thing Hope wanders down to the dungeon to befriend him. Oh, you read that right. Hope and Marcel are total BFFs. As she tries to puzzle through the fact that her daddy keeps Marcel locked away because Marcel wants to kill her daddy, Marcel looks for a way to convince Hope to give him some of her daddy’s blood.

Hope: “I’m 7, not stupid.”

No, she’s not stupid. But I’m beginning to think Josh is for agreeing to be the bait for such a dumb plan. Dominic rolls into Josh’s apartment, where he thinks Marcel is lying on the floor in the stick circle. He quickly reverses the spell to reveal Josh’s face. Freya marches in and gives Dominic a migraine. Josh fights off a couple of cronies, and Freya drops a second circle of sticks from the ceiling around Dominic. He’s trapped!

Freya is able to remove all of Dominic’s protection spells before giving him a few heart attacks. She wants to know where the Hollow’s other bones are located. There’s the Tunde blade and the jaw bone Haley is using as a paperweight. What about the others? After a few more heart attacks, Dominic tells her that he knows nothing, other than the bones were protected by guardians in ancient times.

Just as Freya is about to kill Dominic, he mentions what he does know. A certain person named is Keelin is about to die. This makes Freya stop in her tracks. Dominic explains that he knows she is important to Freya, but nine of his groupies have probably already killed her. Freya becomes so angry that she uses all of her power on Dominic, which knocks him out of the protective stick boundaries. Dominic takes his chance and kills Freya. HE KILLS HER.

Remember that blade Vincent was sharpening as he told Elijah about the materials needed for a Harvest Ritual? Well, that’s called foreshadowing. Elijah, of course, steals the blade and cuts the throats of four young French Quarter witches. He even does the deed on ceremonial ground in the graveyard. Now all Vincent has to do is his bibbity-bobbity-boo magic and voila! Hello ancestors! Reunited and it feels so good.

This is dark. Even for Elijah. Vincent begins crying (I would too) because there are ceremonies and rules that have to be followed. He’s not even an elder! Elijah reminds him that he is the reason the Hollow is a threat. He needs to do his kind of magic and snap to it because for some reason, they are both crying tears of blood. Before Vincent can run away screaming, the ancestors break Elijah’s neck. This is a no-good-very-bad day for Vince.

He decides to go unconventional by breaking into Davina’s grave and STEALING HER SKULL. (Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares.) Vincent drips a little blood on the old cranium and asks Davina to intervene. Traditionally, I would have peaced out at this moment, but I’m a professional and soldiered on.

Beware: The bloodbath is not over. Now that Freya’s heart has stopped, the protection barrier is no longer a challenge to Dominic and his goons. They bust through the compound, break Hayley’s neck, and go after Klaus with the killing vines. Klaus welcomes the fight. When Dominic threatens to find Hope, the hybrid comes out to play. Klaus decapitates Dominic with one swift blow to the head.

Clearly, Hope and Marcel hear all the commotion. Hope wants to go help. She snatches off her no-magic bracelet, but Marcel makes her stay down below. He tells her that he loves Klaus and that they are family. And what does Hayley say about family? They stick together always and forever. He’s proud of her for being courageous, but right now, she needs to get him out of the protection spell so he can save her.

Klaus rushes to find Hope, finally checking the dungeon. Dead bodies are everywhere, and he finds Hope’s bracelet in a puddle of blood. Uh oh. Daddy’s not happy. He rushes outside and runs into his daughter and his old friend chatting like two grandmas on a park bench. She tells her dad that she is sorry for busting Marcel out of jail, but they are BFFs. Hope asks about the blood on Klaus’ knuckles. He says he’s been painting.

She’s 7, not stupid.

Suddenly, the scene switches to a beat-up Keelin searching for Freya in Josh’s bar. He tells her where Freya is (he didn’t stick around for the torture), and Keelin manages to resuscitate Freya after she’s been dead for what feels like hours. Hooray! But there’s no time for celebration. The boundary spell is broken, and she needs to save her family.

Back in the graveyard, Elijah is awake and kneeling with Vincent in front of Davina’s skull. Lightening strikes, winds blow, and the rain pours down just as the skull begins to rattle. All four girls pop up, screaming, never wondering why they are all covered in blood. We have a link to the ancestors. Mission accomplished. With that said, Vincent is one unhappy camper. He tells Elijah he’s going to pray for Hope’s soul because he knows Elijah doesn’t have one. Ouch.

All the Mikaelsons reconvene at the compound, where Elijah reports that thanks to Vincent, they now have an ally against the Hollow. Freya reports that she found a clue as to where the other bones may be hidden. She’s been tracking the lineage of these guardians. It’s a werewolf bloodline. Unfortunately, the trail runs cold with the death of the latest living pack member — Tyler Lockwood.

Instead of immediately road tripping to Mystic Falls (someone call Damon!), Freya walks the streets lonely and depressed. Keelin finds her, admits that she is totally cool with Freya’s family coming first, but would it kill her to say THANK YOU for saving her life? Freya rewards the good doctor with a kiss in the middle of the street.

Finally, when Klaus hears from Hayley that Marcel told Hope to close her eyes and sing while he killed all the bad men, Klaus is moved. That’s what he used to tell Marcel when he was the one killing all the bad men. He asks Marcel for a truce. If they are going to beat the Hollow, they have to beat it together. He won’t let it harm any of his family, including Marcel. Awwwww!

Let me leave you with one more creepy thing. So there’s Sofya, totally out of it, when something invisible pulls the Tunde blade from her chest. She turns around slowly to see a black smoky figure, which asks, “Do you know who I am?” The cloud girl is annoyed that “the ancestors have returned” and decides that Sofya’s body is the safest place to hide. Cue Sofya’s eyes glowing in that creepy Smurf blue.

Was it me, or did the celestial being have a crescent tattoo like Hayley and Hope? She also looked an awful lot like Davina, right? Thoughts?

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