The Mikaelsons are determined to rescue Klaus.

By Lincee Ray
March 24, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
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Thanks to Hayley’s relentless efforts to procure all of the ingredients she needs to wake up the Mikaelsons, the whole gang is vertical, ready, and willing to save the one brother who has sacrificed the most. Klaus has been suffering long enough. And we all know that a Tunde-daggered Klaus is a boring Klaus.

In the immortal words of Elijah, “Let’s go get him.”

Rescue Mission #1
Before anyone can run off and save the day, certain vampires in this particular rescue team have to replenish their fluids. Now more than ever, the siblings need their strength. Luckily, there’s a prison transport unit that serves as a handy buffet. Come and get it!

Freya complains that the death rattles (read: Kol’s dinner is screaming his head off) are too distracting for her to sense where Klaus is located, although she knows he’s somewhere in New Orleans. A sophisticated Elijah wipes his bloody mouth with his handkerchief and barks for Kol to take care of his victim once and for all. We hear a neck break and then silence.

Kol wanders up to the group, irritated that they are actually considering entering a city that is crawling with vampires who hate them. He wants to buy some time so Hayley can mix up more antidotes for Marcel’s vampire bite. Until then, they are all in permanent danger.

Elijah: “We free Niklaus today even if we have to burn the city to the ground.”

While the Mikaelsons book it from Texas to New Orleans, Marcel’s right-hand woman, Sofya, reports that some of her lackeys who were tailing Hayley followed her to Austin, where Keelin happens to live. Sofya’s done a little digging and she discovered that Keelin is the last in her pack. It looks like Hayley has found a cure for Marcel’s werewolf bite. We barely know who Sofya is, but she has proven to be very useful in season 4.

You know who else is useful? Josh. It’s no surprise that Rebekah and Elijah totally interrupt his date to use Josh’s resources to find out what Marcel is up to. You see, Rebekah has a plan. She’s going to be the distraction her siblings need so they have time to break Klaus out of his personal hell. She is confident Marcel won’t kill her. Romantic history trumps family hatred, right?

Let’s do a quick Mikaelson roll call: Rebekah is going after Marcel. Elijah promises to not eat Josh, thereby persuading him to let the rescue team commandeer Rousseau’s underground entrance so Elijah, Freya, and Hayley can search the tunnels for Klaus, whom Freya found using a bloody locator spell. Kol stays above ground to drink bourbon and babysit Josh in case he has the audacity to try and call one of his vampire buddies.

And then there’s poor Klaus. Camille shows up as a figment of his imagination to help him through the pain the Tunde blade conjures. Since Klaus is practically horizontal, as if on a therapist’s couch, Figment Cami takes this time to lecture Klaus about his fears and bad choices. She also encourages him to “feel” his family. Can’t he tell they’ve woken up? The link is broken! Help is on the way! Let’s get out of this joint!

But Klaus doesn’t move. Even Figment Cami isn’t a dummy. Klaus is scared. Cami prattles on about how his daughter is waiting for him and he’s afraid that she will see him as a monster. Down here, he can’t hurt her. He’s just a great man who made a great sacrifice.

Joseph Morgan slowly turns toward Figment Cami and gives her a look that would break your heart. “She will run into my arms. She will look at me and know that I love her and would do anything for her.”

I love emotional Klaus. Of course, he also says he will kill anyone who will harms her, but that’s understandable when you’re an Original. Cami presses a little more, and Klaus finally admits out loud that maybe he’s better off as a myth.

Back in the graveyard, Rebekah has a little chat with Marcel. He’s annoyed that Rebekah thought she could sweet talk her way into his life again. He likes being in charge. He wants Klaus’ blood in case of an emergency. P.S.: Klaus deserves to suffer for what he’s done.

Rebekah reminds Marcel that this is war and blood is sometimes shed. Mistakes are made. The man she knows wouldn’t hold Klaus hostage. Marcel explodes. He’s not the man she once knew. At that revelation, Rebekah pulls out the same blade with the hex on it that infected her own arm. Marcel clues in. The only way Rebekah would pull out that blade is if she’s supposed to detain him. The Mikalesons must be on the move.

Rebekah is ready for a fight. Naturally, Sofya is there to save the day with a few arrows to Rebekah’s back. Is it me, or is Sofya always lurking? How did she know Marcel was there? Did he tell her before he left to be on standby? Or do we not trust her? I’m going with the latter.

While Marcel runs off to kill Originals, Elijah finds Klaus. Freya begins to undo the protection spell around him. She uses Hayley to channel enough power to break through. Figment Cami shouts for Klaus to fight to pull the blade from his chest. The women on this show are total badasses.

Upstairs, Kol and Josh have a bro moment about losing loves of their lives. Josh encourages Kol by telling him that even though Davina is gone, he will feel normal again one day. Kol is suspicious. Why is Josh being so nice? Answer: Because Davina would have wanted him to be.

Enter buzz kill. Josh’s phone vibrates, and Kol reads a message from Marcel: TEUTOBURG. Come again? Josh says that it code for, “The bad guys caught the good guys off guard.” Kol snaps Josh’s neck and runs off to save his sister, arriving just in time to pull out the heart of one of Sofya’s hit men. She speeds off. Kol wants to speed off too, but Rebekah makes him stay. They have to wait for the others to join them.

That might be a problem. Marcel heads to the old Mikaelson estate and finds Elijah there to greet him. They get into an epic fight. I worry about Marcel biting Elijah again, as well as blood getting on Elijah’s fabulous green tie. Just as I fear the worst, Hayley jumps between them and pulls the Hope card. Does Marcel want to be responsible for her daughter being an orphan?

Marcel makes the biggest mistake in this particular moment: He begins to monologue. He all of the transgressions that have been done to him by both Klaus and the Mikaelson clan. When he declares that justice must be done, the Tunde knife is shoved into his chest.

Hello, Klaus!

Elijah, Freya, Hayley, and Klaus scurry out of the courtyard through the drainage pipes and reunite on the other side with Kol and Rebekah. Oh, and Marcel is there too. Whoopsie. I guess we didn’t shove that dagger in all the way. Let’s tighten up on the details next time, okay guys?

Klaus steps up and offers Marcel a chance at peace. However, if Marcel attempts to kill them, it will be a big mistake. Moreover, if he kills Klaus, Hope will come after him. And her daughter after that. It’s the circle of the Original life. Does he want to take that on?

Marcel makes sure the family knows that he beat them without turning into the violent people they are. The only reason they exist is because he is showing them mercy. Klaus nods and the Mikaelsons pile into the luxury SUV.

They arrive at the house at nightfall. I wanted Klaus to shower before seeing his daughter — after five years of being tortured in prison, I thought he might want to clean up. Perhaps change his bloody shirt? No. Instead, he peeks in at his sleeping daughter with the affection of a thousand fathers. Once again, Joseph Morgan conveys so much without a single word. That gaze was everything. I am looking forward to seeing Klaus and Hope’s relationship unfold.

Rescue Mission #2
Remember Maxine? The woman Vincent is crushing on? Her son Adam is missing, and Vincent is determined to find him. He heard about some funny stuff going on in an abandoned part of town, so he’s going to check it out. Maxine gives him Adam’s protection charm since Vincent insists she NOT join him.

Vincent creeps into the creepy house they use in every horror movie. The wind blows, a door closes, and Vincent is tossed up onto the wall as a floating orb comes closer and closer. But he pulls out the charm, and it saves him. A normal person would hightail it out of there.

Apparently Vincent is not normal. He wonders aloud what he’s fighting, and then the serpent sigil forms on the wall, and the next thing we know, Vincent is cleansing himself from some bad juju. He knows this is dark magic. How does he know? Because he’s seen it before, in a journal he stores in a safe under some boards in the church.

It’s clear that New Orleans isn’t safe. Something wicked this way comes. And I bet Marcel, Vincent, and the Mikaelsons will have to band together to fight it.

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