Rebekah finds a permanent body, and Klaus learns of Tristan and Lucien's plan.

By Samantha Highfill
November 13, 2015 at 04:23 AM EST
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All I took away from this hour is that Aurora, Tristan, and Lucien spent a century playing mini-Mikaelsons, and I want nothing more than to watch an entire spin-off of it. But in all seriousness, that twist points to something this show does so well: Despite the fact that there are always things that you can predict — there will be a threat to the family; the siblings will fight; someone will inevitably get daggered — how this show goes about crafting its stories is never redundant. On the contrary, this feels like one of the freshest and most exciting stories yet…probably because the only thing better than watching the Mikaelsons bicker is watching the Mikaelsons bicker while facing mini-Mikaelsons who are also bickering.

I hope that made sense.

Act One: Aurora Woke Up Like This

We start things off with a naked Aurora in Klaus’ bed and an angry Klaus — but she’s naked — looking for answers. However, we won’t find out what she knows or why she’s naked — though hopefully you can figure that out — until the end of the hour. For now, we’re going back to 24 hours before their horizontal mambo. (Spoiler, sorry.)

When Freya returns from drinks with Newbekah — thanks to some witchy teleportation — she finds the compound in a state of disarray after Klaus and Elijah’s disagreement. And yet it seems that the brothers, like the gentlemen that they are, have called a truce. They both agree that they must expose and destroy Lucien and Tristan. In other words, they’ve directed their fury elsewhere.

And for Klaus, that means spending the day with Aurora trying to discern whose side she’s on in this war. Naturally, he decides to do that with a tour of New Orleans, beginning with lunch. After all, a good gentleman feeds a lady some blood before prying for answers.

Somehow finding an empty bar — which is a miracle at any time of day in New Orleans — Klaus gets a few minor answers out of Aurora. She is not his enemy, nor is she Rebekah’s. However, she isn’t exactly Elijah’s biggest fan. As Elijah tells Freya, the last time he saw their sires, he compelled them to believe that they were Mikaelsons and run from Mikael. So Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora spent a century thinking they were Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah as a decoy to keep Mikael from finding his real children.

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Eventually, the compulsion wore off, but the Mikaelson mindset never did: Tristan, Aurora, and Lucien swore a pact of vengeance, with the only thing getting in their way being Tristan and Lucien’s distrust of each other. (See what I mean by mini-Mikaelsons?)

Continuing their tour around the city, Klaus takes Aurora to the oh-so-romantic cemetery, where she reveals that over the centuries, she’d dream of him. And when she so much as doubts the feelings Klaus had for her, he takes her back to the compound to toss aside some furniture, punch through a brick wall, and reveal a painting he made of her. The wall apparently leads to Klaus’ old art studio, which he now refers to as a “tomb” for his memory of Aurora. But over all these years, Klaus has never been able to free himself of her love.

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I’m really enjoying this epic love story for Klaus. It’s such a different side to him. And of course, because no woman can resist a man punching through a wall, Aurora and Klaus kiss and head to the bedroom. More on that in a bit.

Act Two: When Two Rebekahs Become One

After having drinks with Freya, Rebekah, who’s apparently very close to getting her hands on the spell that will bring back Kol, has a run-in with Aya. And by run-in, I mean that Aya slits her throat, forcing her back into her vampire body. So I guess that settles that.

And when Freya — who’s currently drinking Elijah’s blood to help cure her hangover, and I’ve never loved her more — gets a bad feeling, she realizes that something awful’s happened to Rebekah. By the time Freya teleports herself to Rebekah, our blond-again friend is mid-battle with Aya and her many Strix colleagues. But Freya, continuing to prove that she’s the most useful Mikaelson, snaps all the necks in the room and asks Rebekah to come home.

NEXT: Lucien really loves medallions

The bad news? Rebekah isn’t ready just yet. She wants to get her hands on the spell that can save Kol. So Freya tries asking again, this time by bringing the ever-persuasive Elijah along.

And considering that Elijah just got a phone call from Marcel informing him that some super killer from the Strix was following Hayley and is now tied up in his gym, well, he’s a little preoccupied. Elijah tells Marcel to kill the man immediately before he asks Rebekah to come home. At one mention of Shen Min’s name — spelling? — Rebekah understands that Elijah has to go save Hayley and “that handsome fool” Marcel. She, however, isn’t ready to leave without her spell.

Back at the gym, Marcel and Hayley are dumb enough to take on the man who was once the torture consultant for Genghis Khan. Thankfully, our Elijah Moment of the Week occurs just in time. Just as Shen Min has both Marcel and Hayley’s hearts in his hands, Elijah puts a stake through him and makes a simple request to Marcel: “Next time I ask you to take out the trash, try not to dally.” #anyquestions

With both werewolf venom from Hayley and a stake in him, this guy isn’t long for the world, but Elijah’s able to compel a few answers out of him: He was ordered to remove Hayley from the playing field so that the Trinity can get to Davina. They need her to activate a weapon that they can use against the Original family. Elijah asks for the name of the weapon, but Mr. Crazy over here decides to take off his daylight ring and burn instead (though I’m not sure how he did that while being compelled).

Back in, well, wherever they are, Rebekah finds the spell that they need to bring Kol back — which apparently calls for Kol’s ashes and the blood of at least two Original siblings — when Aya returns with a witch of her own. And when Freya’s magic doesn’t work, she gets sent back to present day just in time for Aya to essentially dagger Rebekah and bring her back to New Orleans. Oh Rebekah, you love toying with our hearts, don’t you?

Act Three: Humans Always Lose

In our human update of the week, Cami doesn’t even make it to the police station before Lucien kidnaps her …and Detective Kinney. Turns out, Lucien needs Cami to search through her plethora of dark objects to find a medallion. As for Kinney, well, he came along for motivational purposes, obviously.

Thanks to a text that Lucien sent Vincent saying Cami was spending the day in her pajamas watching Real Housewives — even though she’s clearly more of a Game of Thrones type — Cami finds herself without any help handling Lucien. And once Lucien compels Kinney to slice open his own ankle, she gets to work.

As Kinney gushes blood into a bucket — you wouldn’t want to stain that beautiful carpet — he proves that he does have a few useful detective skills. It doesn’t take long for Kinney to figure out that something like this happened to Cami’s brother. Technically, this is compulsion and that was a hex, but we’ll let it slide for now, human. Plus, he gets points for calling Lucien “Mr. Transylvania.”

After one last attempt to trick Lucien and make it out alive, Cami is finally forced to give Lucien his beloved medallion. after which he compels Kinney to forget all about today and essentially hate himself while Cami awaits her turn to be compelled. But Lucien does leave her with this final lesson: “Against vampires, humans always lose.”

Okay, so this is the point in the episode where we should find out what exactly that medallion can do. See, when Freya calls Klaus to inform him that Rebekah’s been taken, we’re transported back to where we started the episode: Klaus wants answers from Aurora, and thankfully, Aurora is ready to reveal everything (physically and mythologically).

She explains that Tristan and Lucien have a weapon called a saratura — no way I spelled that right — which can create an unbreakable boundary that they will use to lock away the Mikaelson siblings forever so that no one can harm them (or else they would die, too). But in order to use it, they need all three siblings in one place. And considering that Aurora sent a few of her men to hijack Tristan’s plan and steal Rebekah’s body, it seems they won’t be using that weapon anytime soon.

So either Aurora’s playing a very, very elaborate game, or she isn’t on the same side as Tristan and Lucien (at least for now). All I know is that the idea of the always-and-forever siblings being locked up leads me to ask one question: Does the Trinity think the other Mikaelson siblings won’t care? Suddenly, I’m loving the idea of a few episodes where we watch Freya, Finn, and Kol work to save their siblings. Just me?

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill. And be sure to check out showrunner Julie Plec’s blog for behind-the-scenes insight into the hour.

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