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By Samantha Highfill
April 30, 2016 at 02:06 AM EDT
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From its inception, The Originals has been about Klaus Mikaelson’s very long, very twisted road to redemption. And a key factor in that journey has been Cami. No matter which couple you might ship, I think we can all agree that Klaus let Cami in. Furthermore, he liked the humanity she brought out in him. And no matter what happens next, Cami’s legacy will always be the changes she has made in Klaus Mikaelson. He’s by no means redeemed, but he’s a whole lot closer than when he first met her on the streets of New Orleans.

With that in mind, let’s say farewell, shall we?

Act One: Saving Cami

The episode picks up right where the previous hour left off, with Lucien having just bitten Cami. Cami wakes up just in time to throw a dark object his way — that fancy star that slices him up — and run to the compound, which is clearly where he wants her to go.

Arriving at the compound, Cami immediately tells Klaus that something’s happened but that Lucien wants him to be angry. In other words, it’s a trap and Klaus needs to not lose his mind. Sensing what’s wrong, Klaus pulls up Cami’s sleeve to reveal Lucien’s bite. As she tells him, “Before you lose it, Klaus look at me, I love you and I won’t let you get yourself killed.” As for Klaus, he’ll tell Cami he loves her tomorrow, because she is “not dying today.”

Freya whips up a healing salve to ease the pain of the bite, but they have no idea how to stop the infection. Elijah then brings Vincent into the mix — after all, this is an all-hands-on-deck situation. Plan A: Lucien’s blood will heal the bite, much in the same way Klaus’ blood heals the bite of a werewolf. With that, Vincent runs to Cami’s apartment to gather the blood left by her fancy throwing star.

Plan B: Maybe Hope can help considering she’s a witch with the wolf gene and magical healing powers? Well, it’s worth a shot, so Hayley and Elijah head off to retrieve her from Mary.

Plan C: Davina, after finding out that Kol can’t leave the city thanks to his curse, decides to head straight to the source and use some sort of magical talisman to make Lucien tell the truth about both Cami and Kol.

So with the troops out trying everything they can, Klaus stays behind at the compound with Cami, who admits she’s still angry at Aurora, but she no longer feels the need for revenge. It simply took Cami some time to realize that she’s the “kind of person who helps people like Aurora.” As she says, “I’m not gonna let her take that away from me.”

Sitting down for a glass of bourbon, Cami remembers her time as a bartender and how much she loved hearing people’s stories. But the story she loved most of all? The life story of Klaus Mikaelson. With that in mind, Cami asks Klaus to serve as her stenographer this time around. She might have made peace with dying, but she doesn’t want to leave without a will.

Cami leaves Davina her closet — but nothing too revealing — and Josh her records. Vincent gets her books and all of Kieran’s files. As for Elijah, he gets the old game of Trivial Pursuit under her bed. Hayley will hold onto her dark objects until Hope — a New Orleans witch — is old enough to have them. But when Cami so much as starts to talk about what she wants to leave Klaus, he stops her. He’s still not ready to face the fact that he could lose her. Not yet.

Act Two: When Love’s at Stake

After Plan A and Plan B both fail — neither Lucien’s blood nor Hope’s can cure the bite — it all falls to Davina’s Plan C. But despite her epic entrance at the bar where Lucien is currently waiting for Klaus’ angry arrival, things don’t exactly go her way.

Not only does Lucien mention that the ancestors have a plan to shut Davina up “for good,” but the ancestors use magic to cancel out Davina’s truth doll. Lucien then explains two things to the young witch: 1) The ancestors are helping him because he promised them he’d exterminate the Original family, and 2) His bite has no cure. Cami is going to die.

Continuing the lesson — how good is Andrew Lees, by the way?! — Lucien informs Davina that Klaus once stole the love of his life, once again bringing us back to the point I made earlier in the season, which is that I love how this show has such larger-than-life characters and yet grounds them in utterly human emotions. And when Lucien decides to let Davina go, he simply tells her that she’s not his to kill. But he doesn’t leave without telling her to ask her boyfriend about it, and just like that, Davina realizes that Kol’s been lying to her. 

The ancestors tempered with the spell she used to bring Kol back, making Kol the very thing that will kill Davina so that the ancestors can finally have their revenge. Kol, knowing that he will eventually give in, asks Davina to dagger him. (As soon as he returned, he stole the dagger from Klaus so that his brother wouldn’t get the jump on him again.) Davina claims she can fix him, but Kol tells her that she can work on it while he sleeps. “You can’t trust me, which means you can’t love me, not as I love you,” he tells her. With that, she daggers him.

NEXT: Klaus is the light

Speaking of couples, Cami is now resting in Klaus’ bed as he holds her hand and enters her mind to create the perfect day: The two of them are on a date at a corner cafe on a sunny day in the French Quarter. The two of them start planning trips to Greece and Italy, to which Cami adorably says, “I wish I had known you were such a romantic; I wouldn’t have played so hard to get.” But Klaus asks her to enjoy the day. After all, they’re simply killing time until they can heal her … right?

Well, that’s the plan, but Vincent and company are running out of ideas. They can’t put Cami’s soul in Dahlia’s pendant as it was made for the Mikaelson family only. And when Freya mentions putting Cami in another person’s body without her permission, Elijah steps forward. The wise brother says, “We cannot deny her the dignity of choice. Camille lived with grace; she will have it now.”

Act Three: Goodbye, My Love

Back on their date, Klaus and Cami are walking through the city holding hands when she tells him that his obsession with power is rooted in fear, just like how he’s afraid of what will happen when she’s gone. When she met Klaus, he was so damaged, but by telling her his story, he proved that he wanted to be understood. “That’s a human impulse,” she tells him. And that means that he’s capable of everything that comes with being human — joy, hope, love. “You are loved,” she tells him. When he asks why, she simply says, “Because love will make you strong, it will make you the man that I know that you want to be.”

She wants him to remember that because she won’t be around to remind him.

At that point, Cami realizes that Klaus has recreated the night they met. He remembers every detail. “Even though we’re so different, I feel like I’ve always known you,” she tells him. Maybe it’s because she’s been inside his mind, or “maybe that’s just how you know you love someone,” she says. But when Klaus says, “I do love you, you know,” Cami realizes her fate is sealed.

In a beautiful, very realistic moment from these writers, Cami starts to panic. “I really don’t have another tomorrow, do I,” she asks. “I wanted to be brave. I wanted to handle this with dignity,” she says just before she admits that she doesn’t want to go. She’s scared.

“When I said I was ready to die, I was full of it. I just wish I had done more than serve a few drinks and fail completely as your therapist,” she says before Klaus informs her that she never failed him. “You stayed my hand, quelled my rage,” he says. “You inspired goodness in me. And unlike all of the souls I’ve encountered and forgotten in the long march of time, I will carry you with me,” As she starts to desiccate, she tells him, “I guess that makes me immortal.”

Recalling the Bible verse on John’s headstone — “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it” — Cami tells Klaus, “I was never naïve enough to think that I was your light, but there is light in you. All of that anger, the cycle of abuse that Mikael began, you can end it. You have to. So you can be the light for your little girl. For Hope.”

With Cami’s head resting on his chest, Klaus tells her it’s okay to go: “Do not be afraid, go now where many have gone before you and where even I will go in time. Just know there will be no more pain. No more heartbreak. You will find peace.”

And then Cami desiccates.

One at a time, everyone gets their chance to say goodbye. Vincent promises to finish what they set out to do while Hayley admits that she hates that Hope will never be the woman who did so much to help her dad. “Sometimes I can’t stand him,” Hayley admits. But she always figured if Klaus could like Cami, he couldn’t be that bad. As she pulls the sheet over Cami’s face, Hayley tells her, “This family owes you. You deserved better.”

In our Elijah Moment of the Week, the good brother knows exactly what Klaus needs, and that’s simply a supportive hand on his shoulder. It’s enough to comfort Klaus (and enough to absolutely destroy me).

As for Freya and Vincent, they have Lucien’s blood, and they’re determined to find a way to unmake him. But they might have a bigger problem on their hands. When the ancestors use their magic to literally create something of a small earthquake, they remove the dagger from Kol’s chest just long enough for Kol to bite and kill Davina. Also dead? My tear ducts. 

This episode had it all: Not only did it bring everyone together, but Cami’s farewell reinforced the central theme of this show, that being Klaus’ redemption. Add in a few breathtaking speeches and a last-minute twist, and you’ve got a very strong episode of television.

For more on the episode, check out what Leah Pipes has to say, and what showrunner Michael Narducci says about Davina’s future.

Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies star as Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson in this Vampire Dairies spin-off about the first family of vampires, their life in New Orleans, and the witches and werewolves who live there.
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