Finn and Elijah head to Mystic Falls where they come face-to-face with the thing that could kill them
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When the Saints Go Marching In

Ever since the Originals showed up on the second season of The Vampire Diaries, we’ve been living under this notion that they are the biggest, baddest beings out there. Aside from White Oak, nothing can kill them. They are the first vampires, and therefore, the most powerful. Well, all of that might’ve just changed.

Act One: Lucien’s Plan

Marching Freya and Vincent into the woods of Mystic Falls at the very location where Esther once turned her children into vampires, Lucien reveals that he has to plan. And no, it’s not become an Original à la Alaric in TVD season 3. He claims he has a spell that will make him a bit of an upgrade, an Original 2.0, if you will.

Back in New Orleans, Davina senses something is off when Vincent stands her up at Saint James Infirmary. Once there, she finds his phone, on which he’s recorded a video updating her on everything. He also tells her that their best chance of finding them is for her to use the link between Finn and Vincent to track Vincent.

At the compound, Kol is busy hating everyone while Davina offers to take Finn’s blood and do the spell. Finn and Elijah will then head off to see if they can track down Lucien. So while Finn and Elijah climb into Elijah’s oh-so-sleek Porsche, which OF COURSE he drives — Davina tracks Vincent to Northern Virginia. But when she can’t get more specific than that, Kol realizes exactly where Lucien is taking Freya. And yet, because they still need to amplify the connection between Finn and Vincent, Kol and Davina head off to retrieve one of Kol’s dark objects from Cami.

In the woods of Mystic Falls, Lucien bites Freya in order to use (an awful lot of) her blood for the spell. After adding one final unknown ingredient, Lucien then hands Vincent Esther’s original spell … literally. And although Vincent tries to resist, the ancestors force him to start work on the spell.

While Vincent works, Lucien — and his fantastic hair — fills Freya in on his motives. It seems he hasn’t exactly gotten over the 100 or so years he spent compelled to believe he was Klaus Mikaelson, not to mention losing Aurora. As he puts it, he “decided to become in flesh what I have always been — their better.” He’s spent all these years figuring out exactly how to meet that goal. And when he discovered the prophecy, he knew it was true, because “I was its living embodiment. It is my rise that shall be their downfall.”

Is it awful that I’ve never been more attracted to Lucien than in this moment? I’m fine with it.

Act Two: Matt’s Mystic Falls

In a great moment of humor for the show, Elijah and Finn speed their way into Mystic Falls only to be stopped at the train tracks. And when Finn can’t seem to wait for a train to pass, Elijah points out the irony that Finn is the impatient one. As he puts it, “900 years in a box and zero patience.”

In that moment, Finn decides to educate his little brother on the difference between being daggered for decades and being daggered for centuries. It turns out, Finn didn’t spend 900 years sleeping. As time went on, he started to be able to feel his paralyzation and the utter loneliness that made time seem endless.

Once they park the car, Elijah tries to explain to Finn why they daggered him. “You were a danger. You despised us. You despised yourself.” Elijah claims that Finn’s fear of what they’d become was the very thing that threatened their survival, and that’s why he’s continued to be a threat to them every time he’s made it out of the box. But Finn does some explaining of his own: That box made him that way. Every time he closes his eyes, he goes back “to that black horizon,” the place where he was abandoned by his family. “So yeah, I came out mad and I remain so.” Well, it’s hard to argue with that.

NEXT: Hey, Matt Donovan!

Heading down the very alley where Matt Donovan killed Finn in TVD‘s third season, Elijah and Finn are reunited with the now deputy who informs them that he just ran every vampire out of town so “visiting hours are, well, never.” Good one, Matt! (Also, for TVD watchers, this is a glimpse into how Matt spent those three years — reopening the Mystic Grill and threatening Originals!)

Back in New Orleans, Kol and Davina pay Cami a visit where Cami suggests that Kol is cursed, but the real action is in Tennessee, where Klaus and Hayley are checking out all of the office locations of Kingmaker Land Development. This time around, Klaus has decided to let his brothers handle things while he works with Hayley. (And apparently, her carpool karaoke skills are quite impressive.)

Inside the Kingmaker offices, Klaus and Hayley take out an entire swat team before discovering Lucien’s lab, full of werewolves and one dead vampire. As far as they can tell, he was using the werewolves for their venom and testing his cure on the vampire. But if that’s the case, why is the vampire dead? We’ll get back to that.

For now, we have to focus on our Elijah Moment of the Week, which is quite simply Elijah’s greeting to Matt: “Matthew Donovan, how adorably inconvenient. Unfortunately we don’t have time to play right now. I’ll pass your regards along to Rebekah.” I love that man.

But because Matt is wayyy too cocky for a human and has clearly forgotten how to respect his elders, he decides to bring up the last time he killed Finn. (Really Matt, that was a team effort. Stop taking the credit.)

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Elijah explains the situation to Matt: They’re here to rescue their sister Freya. “Yes, we have another.” So Matt can either go about his business or suffer “violent disembowelment.” But as Matt sees it, what happens in his town is his business. And when Davina’s spell works and Finn sees where Vincent is, they’re all three off.

Lucien is already in possession of the serum by the time the guys show up. He then uses Freya’s body as a shield to buy himself enough time to drink it before Finn uses Matt’s gun — and wooden bullets — to shoot through Freya’s body and into Lucien’s heart. So as far as they’re concerned, Lucien’s dead.

Act Three: The New Big Bad

Except, as Freya informs Elijah once she’s healed, Lucien wanted them to kill him. That was the final step in him becoming a Super Original. Just as they turn around, Lucien — and his red eyes! — are ready for a fight. Three fun facts about Super Originals: Bullets don’t hurt them. Elijah’s punches don’t hurt them. They have a nasty bite.

Lucien bites Finn before fleeing the scene, so Freya and Elijah call their brothers to update them while they work on bringing Finn back to New Orleans to drink Klaus’ blood. (It heals werewolf bites and they believe Lucien to be a hybrid of some sort.)

Once Hayley finds out what’s going on, she tells Klaus to go home and help his brother. It’s worth it to have Finn as an ally. She will burn down Lucien’s lab on her own. (They already saved all the wolves.) But what Hayley discovers when Klaus leaves is that Lucien had a wolf from all seven packs in his possession. He tested the venom on the vampire until finally, with the last dose, there was no curing her.


But surely the venom won’t work the same on an Original, right? RIGHT?! Returning Finn to the compound, all the siblings surround him as Klaus offers up his blood. Finn thanks his siblings, even Kol, because “today I saw a glimpse of your coveted always and forever.” Just then, Finn starts coughing up blood.

Freya, Klaus, Kol, and Elijah quickly try to come up with a plan B involving spells, pendants, and the like, but Finn stops them. After all, he’s never wanted this life. He asks that his siblings don’t leave him. So with each of them putting a hand on him, they make sure he knows he’s not alone as he slowly desiccates.

And if that didn’t make you cry hard enough, the next scene is the four siblings spreading his ashes as they each say one final thing to their brother.

Elijah: “You fought against what time and circumstance made you. You’re free now, Finn.”

Kol: “I loathed you for centuries, even now it remains unabated. But I know torment brother, so I hope you somehow find peace in the abyss.”

Freya: “When you were born, you gave me a gift. You were my first friend. Today you gifted me my life and my brothers united, even if for a moment. I love you. Always and forever, brother. Till forever ends.”

Klaus: “Just know that you will be avenged.”

What, did you think Klaus would suddenly stop being Klaus? To be fair, he was also crying.

Back at Saint James Infirmary, Davina asks for Vincent’s help. It seems she tested Kol’s blood and discovered that the ancestors are manipulating him. His blood is infused with their magic. Vincent agrees that they need to be stopped. So the two of them are starting the Suck It, Ancestors Club and are going to take those old witches down.

At the compound, Klaus and Elijah can’t figure out what they’re up against when Hayley enters. Klaus is descended from one of the original seven packs. Hayley’s from another. And if Lucien had wolves from all seven packs, he could’ve used them to create a more lethal strain of venom. Not only that, but Lucien took two vials of the serum from the spell and only drank one.

Just like that, Klaus and Elijah rush to find Aurora, but she’s been freed. Suddenly, we’ve gone from the only threat being one White Oak Bullet to the threat being two crazy Super Originals.

Also, major props to the music supervisor for the final words of this episode being “I adore life,” just as the threat of death looms so heavily.

What did you all think of the episode? Are the original seven packs like the werewolf version of the Original family? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill. And don’t miss Julie Plec’s blog, which takes you behind the scenes of Joseph Morgan’s directorial debut!

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When the Saints Go Marching In
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