Stefan Salvatore arrives in New Orleans just in time for one sire line to be broken

By Samantha Highfill
February 27, 2016 at 04:35 AM EST
Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Let me start by saying that I hoped you watched both hours of this crossover, not only because they both contained useful information, but also because they tied together in a really wonderful way, and if you missed the first half, you likely diminished the impact. That being said, even outside of the crossover business, we have yet another very strong hour of The Originals on our hands.

Before we get started, I will relay one bit of information in case you didn’t watch the first hour of the crossover: When Caroline traveled to New Orleans three years in the future, she was informed that nobody had heard from or seen Klaus in, well, three years. So could this prophecy be the end of Klaus Mikaelson? It’s not looking great.

Act One: A Magical Timeout

Working out the kinks in their newly formed partnership, Aya is trying to convince Aurora to give her the Original-killing gun. As much as Aurora wants to kill Elijah to put her brother out of his misery, Aya isn’t exactly a fan of dying. She tells Aurora about the Strix’s plan to sever the sire lines, and in exchange for Aurora’s help, Aya gets one of her witches to send Aurora’s mind to some sort of magical realm.

With Tristan’s body drowning repeatedly, Aya had the witches build a sanctuary of sorts for Tristan’s mind. And the two of them won’t be alone here for long.

At the compound, Elijah finally tells his siblings about Rebekah’s sacrifice, which means they just need to find the friend and the foe who will betray them: Enter Klaus’ “old friend” Stefan Salvatore! And P.S. Freya, he needs your help.

Unbuttoning Stefan’s shirt — she gets right to it! — Freya gives the Originals audience a quick catch-up on what’s happening with Stefan (for those of you who don’t watch TVD). Basically, he’s been marked by a mystical vampire hunter who’s impossible to kill because she regenerates. And she uses her victims’ scars to track them. Freya’s solution? Create a paste to cover the scar and block its signal.

Once that’s taken care of — which seemed oddly simple — Freya then catches Stefan up on what’s been happening in New Orleans, what with sire lines and prophecies and all that good stuff. And at this point, Klaus and Elijah agree: Aurora dies first.

Just then, Hayley calls claiming that the wolves have found Aurora’s location … and then she goes to check things out ALONE. Even Klaus and Elijah are working as a team right now, Hayley. Get with it.

Heading to the old dilapidated trailer we saw earlier in the episode, all Hayley finds is a desiccated Lucien, who’s able to get out one sentence: “Get Klaus out of here.”

But it’s already too late. Klaus and Elijah, having met up with Aya to try and retrieve Aurora’s body, are dropped by a Strix witch who sends their minds to Tristan’s magical safe place. The plan, as Tristan describes is: Klaus and Elijah’s minds will remain here while the Sisters work on the spell to sever the sire lines. With their bodies lying useless in a pool of water in the real world, the spell will be completed in time for Aya to kill them both.

My favorite response to Tristan’s speech?

Elijah: “Our second-rate Napoleon, desperately trying to leave his mark on the world with those filthy little claws.”

Klaus: “Even if in the end he’s left with nothing but the scars of his failures.”

Oh how quickly — and poetically — those two can knock a man down a few pegs.

Now stuck in this room, Klaus and Elijah are searching for what represents them. We’ve seen representational magic on this show before: If they find the thing that represents them in the room, they can escape.

NEXT: Stefan meets Lucien

So while Klaus checks out the swords, Aurora decides to play a few mind games. They might not be able to physically hurt each other in this magical place, but Aurora proves they can still hurt each other in other ways when she asks about Cami. As for Elijah, he sits at the chessboard with Tristan, who informs him that Aya designed the room, if that helps his search. When Tristan starts in on the “we are your children” bit about how they begged him for help, Elijah cuts him off with a sentence I never thought I’d hear Elijah Mikaelson say: “Would you mind terribly if you spared me the deadbeat dad lecture?”

Instead, Tristan takes a page out of his sister’s book and tries to hurt Elijah with words, claiming that the years he spent believing he was Elijah taught him exactly how NOT to be Elijah in real life. “Where you betray, I prove loyal. Where you abandon, I remain.” And you know how much Elijah honors loyalty.

Act Two: A Helpful Salvatore

At the compound, Marcel, Hayley, and Lucien are trying to come up with a plan bickering, when Lucien brings up the really bad news: Once Davina completes the spell, Aya’s going to want to test it. So whether or not it works, Aya is going to put a White Oak bullet in Klaus’ heart. And if Davina isn’t strong enough to complete the spell, Marcel and Lucien are both dead along with Klaus. And you know who else would be dead? Stefan Salvatore, a.k.a. that guy Hayley sort of remembers from Mystic Falls.

In one of my favorite moments of the episode, Lucien is unimpressed with Stefan’s ability to help. After Stefan suggests using access tunnels to find their way in, Lucien simply asks, “Is this really the best help we can get?” Apparently, there are Strix members flying in from all over the world to make sure this spell goes off without a hitch. The good news? Freya has a plan to get her brothers out of the magical prison world/sanctuary/thing. But she needs to channel something powerful. And because Finn is the worst and wants to see his brothers perish, Lucien is the next best thing.

After Freya impresses Stefan by snapping Lucien’s neck — yeah, the witches are cooler in New Orleans — he comes up with the second half of the plan. We’re not entirely sure what it is, but we know it leads to a wonderful scene in which Stefan and Hayley are stuck in the trunk of Marcel’s car.

In the trunk, Stefan sees that Hayley’s phone background is her daughter, and when he asks if Hope is her reason for risking her life for Klaus, Hayley admits that she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up without a father. But as Stefan sees it, that depends on the father. As he admits, he probably wouldn’t have survived his if it weren’t for his brother. Piecing together Stefan’s entire life, Hayley realizes that Damon stood up for Stefan when they were kids, so now, Stefan risks his life for Damon.

In another parallel between Stefan and Damon and Elijah and Klaus — a theme that began in the first hour of the crossover — Hayley admits that she never understood the brotherly bond until she met the Mikaelsons. They hurt each other more than anyone, but they’re vicious when it comes to protecting each other. Stefan’s response: “And the ones they care about?”

It’s such a pointed and heartbreaking question, especially considering that the crossover’s first hour ended with Klaus telling Stefan to let Caroline go “or spend an eternity sacrificing everything good you have with her for your brother.” Clearly, that’s an idea Stefan’s wrestling with, and more than likely, one he doesn’t want to believe.

And speaking of Caroline, yes, she’s the background on Stefan’s phone.

Back in the magical world, Aurora once again brings up Cami, to which Klaus abruptly informs her that if she mentions Cami’s name again, she’ll regret it. Trying to figure out what represents Klaus in the room, Aurora talks about how he always claims to be the king, the “greatest and weakest piece on the board.” She then reminds him that everyone who fights for Klaus does it because they have to, not out of love. “You’re their eternal burden,” she says, trying desperately to get inside his head.

And from there, the mind games only escalate. Aurora recalls how Elijah and Klaus have ruined each other’s love lives “all in the name of always and forever,” and how that’s the thing that ensures they’ll both spend their immortality alone. And of course, that strikes a nerve with Klaus, who’s greatest fear is being alone.

But Elijah’s not about to let that slide. He fires right back at Aurora, mentioning Tristan’s tendency to abandon his sister. “You are a deranged and ridiculous child who cannot be left unsupervised,” Elijah informs Aurora. And as far as Elijah’s concerned, the greatest mercy he paid his brother was compelling Klaus to leave Aurora. Ten centuries later, Klaus sees the light. And now everyone seems to have struck a nerve.

Back in the real world, Marcel goes to inform Davina about Aya’s plan to kill Klaus and Elijah, but for her, it changes nothing. Klaus has had his turn, and if Marcel can put his faith in her, she knows that she can do this. And with a hand on her shoulder, she moves forward.

NEXT: One sire line is broken

Act Three: Sire Line, Interrupted

With Marcel inside and the spell beginning, it’s go time. Stefan begins to remove the paste from his scar, which quickly draws Rayna to the location.

As Freya channels Lucien — who is seriously winning this episode with his snark — she’s able to enter the magical world just in time for the witches to slit the throats of both Elijah and Klaus. Freya is running out of time and she needs to know what represents her brothers. Elijah thinks it’s the knights on the chessboard. Klaus thinks it’s the kings. But when Aurora can’t help but run her mouth about how Klaus will never learn from the sins of the past, he realizes: It’s the queens. They represent Aya and Aurora, the women they’ve betrayed.

With Rayna keeping the Strix vamires occupied, Freya destroys the black queen, which wakes Elijah up long enough for him to attack and kill two of the Sisters. Hayley takes out another and Marcel helps. But when Freya destroys the white queen, waking up Klaus, Davina stalls Klaus in midair. Claiming that Klaus has had his time, she throws him back into the pool and finishes her spell. As Elijah runs to Klaus afterward, Klaus tells him, “I felt them leave. My sire line is broken.” (Poll: Was this the coolest scene this show’s ever done? Yes or yes?)

With the excitement over, Elijah goes to kill Aya for her betrayal (even though she’s been marked by Rayna and is therefore as good as dead). After all that, Aya is still connected to Elijah, and as he tells her, he can’t let her hurt his family. As for her, he says, “you can’t hurt me more than you already have.” Aya is quick to defend herself. She stood by Elijah! He betrayed them!

And in our Elijah Moment of the Week, an emotional Elijah admits that he will never forgive himself for failing her. But he also can’t forgive what she just did. Putting the gun up to Aya’s heart, Elijah can’t pull the trigger. But Hayley’s there to stake Aya from behind, on behalf of Jackson.

With the magical realm collapsing, Aurora says goodbye to her brother as he once again starts to drown. Waking up in the real world, Aurora is greeted by Klaus, who’s currently encasing her in bricks. Thanks to a spell from his sister, she’s trapped, and soon enough, she will live behind a brick wall, just like his painting of her. In an incredibly Klaus — and also just incredible — moment, Klaus reminds her that while the fishes eat Tristan and the worms eat her, he wants her to remember “it was I who took everything from you.” Talk about revenge.

From there, Klaus heads out to say goodbye to his “old friend” Stefan Salvatore. Stefan wants to know if he’s being too optimistic by thinking they’ll never see each other again, but Klaus says it depends … on whether Stefan is going to do the right thing “by her.” Yep, he’s talking about Caroline. Stefan promises, “I love her. I know that you did once too. I promise I will only do right by her.” Klaus thanks him, but that leaves us with the question of: What is the definition of doing right by Caroline? Based on Klaus and Stefan’s car conversation in The Vampire Diaries, it’s Stefan letting her go.

But before he leaves, Stefan gives Klaus a bit of his own advice: Hayley risked her life today to save him, and Klaus should make sure to do right by her. (Again, what does that mean in this case?)

And with that, Stefan and Klaus shake hands as Klaus tells him, “You take care of yourself, old friend,” and I start crying at the idea that this could be the last scene we see between these two (though I hope that’s not the case).

When Klaus nearly collapses moments later, Freya explains that he hemorrhaged an enormous amount mystical energy today. It will all be healed after a good night’s sleep, but the bigger question is where the energy went.

And cue Davina, who’s furious at Marcel for siding against her, taking some leftover Mikaelson blood and combining it with Kol’s ashes to reach her goal: She brings Kol back from the dead! (And is he naked?! If so, well played, Davina.)

I spoke a lot about the brother parallels in my Vampire Diaries recap, so I won’t say too much here. But I so enjoy watching the story of Klaus and Elijah and what they’re willing to sacrifice for each other, no matter how dysfunctional it makes them. And the question is whether Damon and Stefan will follow along the same path after realizing what it means — or perhaps more importantly, whether they should follows along the same path.

What did you think of the hour? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill. Also, Paul Wesley took over Julie Plec’s blog this week, and you DO NOT want to miss it. Check it out here!

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