Cami's betrayal takes a deadly turn while Marcel finds himself in a position of power

By Samantha Highfill
February 13, 2016 at 03:00 AM EST
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Well, if this week is a race to see which vampire’s the most cunning, Elijah and Marcel are currently sitting in the top spot while Cami, on the other hand, is coming in dead last. Look, I get that she’s overwhelmed by her heightened vampire emotions, but she can’t be THIS stupid, right? It’s infuriating. And she better be thankful that Klaus loves her, or else she’d definitely be dead (again) right now.

Act One: Plans on Plans on Plans

After stealing the one thing that can kill the Mikaelsons – Hope’s toy horse made of White Oak — Cami heads to Vincent to help keep her safe. By creating a boundary spell around them, he secures them from Klaus’ rage. And with that, Cami potentially breaks the touch screen of her phone when she hits send on a text to Klaus with such force. (Someone should really tell her that the best way to make a threat isn’t to send a text. Clearly, Elijah needs to give her some “cool” lessons.)

By the time Klaus shows up, he brings a briefcase full of about one-third of her dark objects. But she doesn’t budge: If Klaus wants his “ancient mystical weapon of doom” back, she wants all of her dark objects. As she puts it, Aurora needs to pay for what she’s done to Cami, but if Cami is to take on a vampire 1,000 years — give or take – older than she is, she needs her dark objects to level the playing field.

Klaus argues that he took the objects to save her from growing arrogant under the false belief that the dark objects will give her power — which is exactly what she’s going to do — and ending up dead. But Cami wants them anyway. So Klaus is off to do a bit of packing.

Elsewhere, Davina discovers Ariane’s body as Aya instructs her to join the other Sisters in channeling Ariane to discover what she saw (read: the weapon that can kill an Original). Outside, Marcel isn’t happy that Aya wants to use Davina as part of her plan, but don’t worry: Elijah has a plan to keep Aya distracted.

Grabbing something at the compound, Elijah explains his plan to Hayley. It seems he and Aya used to be a thing back when he made her into a vampire. She was pivotal in the creation of the Strix … at least until Mikael showed up and chased Elijah and his siblings away. And when Elijah ran, thereby leaving behind the members of the Strix, Aya never forgave him. Furthermore, when Tristan showed up and rescued her, she joined him in turning the Strix into what they are today. As for how Elijah plans to keep her distracted, he says, “With a little salt and an old wound.”

Elsewhere, when the Sisters fail to channel Ariane, Davina waits until they leave the room to get inside her head. Apparently, Davina on her own is more powerful than the Sisters are together, because it takes Davina no time to figure out what they’re looking for. And even more than that, she performs a spell that puts her inside the compound – but makes her invisible, a trick witches really should use more often — where she hears Klaus explain to Hayley that Cami has the weapon at the cemetery.

Too bad one of the Strix witches shows up and steals the information out of Davina’s head before knocking her out. Not cool, sister friend.

Act Two: Who’s Ready for a Duel?

Waltzing his way into a Strix meeting, Elijah presents the Strix Charter, which states that a leader has to be chosen by the founding father, who’s Elijah. So today, Elijah is ready to take back leadership of the Strix. But Aya’s not having it. She invokes some weird right that basically says if leadership is in doubt, there will be a contest of strength and cunning to determine the line of succession.

With that, she challenges Elijah to a duel. Whichever of them holds the charter in their hands at the stroke of midnight will be the new leader of the Strix. And it’s off to the cage we go!

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This time around, our Elijah Moment of the Week is one line (paired with that delicious grin) as Elijah tells Aya to “come get it.” That man does love a good challenge. (P.S. His “are you challenging me” to Rebekah will forever be one of my favorite Elijah moments.)

In the cage, as the members of the Strix watch, Aya and Elijah hash out their 1,000-year-old issues. She accuses him of running like a coward when his father showed up, but he says he didn’t have a choice. Aya believes that Tristan saved them, but Elijah sees him as a vulture, an “usurper who stole our very dream.” But Aya knows that, no matter what, Elijah will put his family above everyone else. “That is why you’re as cursed as them.”

Just as she thinks she has him pinned, calling him a traitor to their cause, she says she’d rather die than accept him as a leader. Luckily for her — but not really — Elijah is happy to accept her ultimatum … but it’s Marcel who saves Aya when he interrupts the fight, steals the charter and claims that come midnight, if no one catches him, he’ll be the new leader of the Strix.

Ummm personally, I think a 1,000-year-old organization’s rules trump “this is my city,” but whatever. Marcel’s bold, you gotta give him that.

Winding down from the fight, Aya finds Elijah at a bar, where she asks why he hesitated before killing her. But don’t expect stubborn Elijah to give in just yet. He simply tells her it won’t happen again before he’s off to find Marcel.

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Standing outside the residence where Marcel’s found refuge, Elijah tells him he has three minutes to hand over the charter … but when midnight rolls around, it’s Marcel who comes out the victor. Giving us a speech reminiscent of his “I’m the king” from the show’s pilot, Marcel explains that the Strix charter has aspiring leaders face off in a contest of cunning, because in terms of leadership, brains are more important than brawn. And considering that the prophecy is happening in New Orleans, who better to lead them than the man who owns the city?

Elijah nearly rips Marcel’s heart out, but he stops just in time for Marcel to finish his epic speech about rebuilding the city in his image. “This is my city because I took it. That is what a leader does.” And now, Marcel’s the leader of the Strix.

The best part of all of this? The fact that it was all part of Marcel and Elijah’s plan. And in the moment that officially makes them my favorite bromance right now, Marcel gives Elijah a hard time for his decision to put his hand inside Marcel’s chest, but as Elijah explains, he was simply “in character.” And now, not only have they distracted the Strix from finding the weapon, but they have an army behind them. Well played, guys.

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Act Three: A Deadly Toy Story

After the Strix witch gets the information out of Davina’s head, she enters the cemetery, where she mutes Klaus before throwing him through the air and snapping his neck. Yep, she just treated Klaus Mikaelson like a rag doll. That’s gonna hurt his ego.

By the time Vincent senses that something’s off, it’s too late. The Strix coven has arrived. He tells Cami to run, but apparently she decides getting her dark objects is more important than living (or protecting the one thing that can kill an Original.) Running to get her objects, the head Strix witch finds her and starts breaking bones, doing some classic witch torture, etc.

Cami’s able to use a dark object — when did she learn what all of these do? — to hinder her, but the witch is still able to get the weapon and disappear. GOOD JOB, CAMI.

Rightfully so, Klaus blames Cami, and all she can seem to say is “sorry.” But when Davina calls Cami, she explains that when the Strix witch saw inside her head, Davina saw inside hers. And she’s not working for the Strix. Nope, she’s working for Aurora, who just took the weapon, killed her witch, and had a guy in the woods turn Hope’s favorite toy — sorry, Hope! — into seven wooden bullets. I repeat: GOOD JOB, CAMI.

Returning to the compound, Cami says she’s determined never to live in fear of anyone ever again, all the while still not fully realizing what she’s just done. Seriously Cami, this isn’t about you! As Klaus tells her before he storms out, “You could’ve trusted me.”

Downstairs, Elijah and Klaus grab a couple of drinks while Freya tries and fails to locate the witch who stole the weapon. And let’s just say they’re not putting bets on which of them Aurora will try to kill first. After all, “you broke her heart; I broke her mind,” Elijah says. Klaus, on the other hand, is trying to adapt to the feeling that people close to them pose a threat to them instead of the other way around. “I always did loathe irony,” he says.

Then there’s Davina, who consecrates Ariane out of respect, which earns her an afterlife visit from Ariane, who says she’s with the ancestors. And more importantly, she’s with Kol, and as she tells Davina, things are not going well for him. Davina is the only one who can save him by using the power of the Sisters. It’s Davina’s only choice unless she wants to “lose him to a fate far worse than death.”

And finally, Marcel and Aya share a drink where she fills him in on a contingency plan. The reason she recruited Davina is because they have a spell that they think can break the link to their sire and free them all of the Mikaelsons. Translation: If Elijah dies, none of his line will follow. And with Marcel’s relationship to Davina, Aya asks, “Will you lead the Strix to freedom?”

So now I ask: Is Marcel the friend who will betray the family?? So many options. What did you all think of the episode? Are you as mad at Cami as I am? Hit the comments or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

And don’t forget to read Julie Plec’s blog for insight into the episode (and which guest star they had to cut).

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