Cami adjusts to life as a vampire as Klaus discovers the weapon that could kill them all
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When the Saints Go Marching In
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Between vampire Cami, the return of Kol, and the fact that a children’s toy could be the thing to kill the Originals, there’s a whole lot to love about this episode. And I haven’t even talked about the part where Elijah unbuttoned his shirt and hopped in a pool. Let’s recap!

Act One: A New Mission

We start at a Strix dinner — surely this can’t be all their members, right? — where Aya pays tribute to Tristan before calling in her witch, Ariane, to reveal whether everyone around the table can be trusted. Apparently, Ariane and her fellow witches looked at the heart of each individual to see if their motives were pure, and somehow, Marcel passed the test. With that, Aya informs them all that they must stick around through the end of the prophecy, because a threat to their sire is a threat to them.

It’s a notion that Elijah shares when Aya call him. He knows that there’s a weapon out there that can kill an Original, and Elijah’s top priority is finding it. Klaus, however, has a different top priority: inding Cami, who’s finished up a few blood bags and hit the town. Yeah, giving her a daylight ring probably wasn’t Klaus’ best decision (though it definitely wasn’t his worst, either).

Just then, Hayley shows up at the compound with the news that Cami left early this morning. She then asks if she and Hope can move back in. As Klaus puts it, the upside to being a part of the Mikaelson clan is “you will always have a home here.” (The downside is that you’ll probably die.)

Elsewhere, Cami’s enjoying herself at Rousseau’s, where she compels some local jerk to empty his bank account and use it all to tip the bartender. And also to wear his baseball cap like an “adult,” which is amazing. But of course, it takes Klaus about two minutes to find Cami and convince her that if she needs to learn about being a vampire, she might as well learn from the best. (Define “best” though.)

So while Klaus coaches Cami, Josh tries to help Davina, who’s being ignored by all the local witches. (That’s essentially the definition of being shunned, to be fair.) But when Aya pulls up and takes Davina away, she has a proposition. Apparently, the Strix has its own coven called The Sisters. And it just so happens that they’re the only coven capable of casting the spell to raise the dead. If Davina promises to join the Sisters, they’ll bring Kol back.

Act Two: To Purgatory and Back

With the spell in hand, Davina decides she needs some advice from the only witch she trusts, which is Kol. So her plan is simple: Take some poison that stops her heart, head to purgatory, ask him if the spell is real, and then return to the land of the living using her connection with Josh. Josh obviously hates this plan but is left with no choice when Davina takes the poison without asking.

Just like that, Davina wakes up in purgatory — which is really just an empty New Orleans, which would suck, to be honest — where she runs into Kol. Only, this time, he looks a little different. See, she fell in love with Kol as a witch — a.k.a. with Daniel Sharman’s face — and now, Kol is a vampire, which means he has Nathaniel Buzolic’s face. Thankfully, he still has an accent and the good old Kol charm to prove himself. Now, they have to get to a place where the ancestors won’t find them.

Fun fact: Ancestors hate pubs! And luckily, there are a ton of those in NOLA, so that’s where Kol takes Davina. But their reunited kiss is less than satisfactory. Kol’s worried she preferred the other look, but she claims she’s just adjusting. As she later tells him, “And for the record, I like this face just fine.” I mean, have you seen it?!

But when Davina shows him the spell, he claims it’s a fake. He’s obviously lying, but only to protect her. He recognizes that the spell must’ve come from the Strix coven and warns Davina that she should find another way. “Nothing is worth what they’ll make you do.” And that’s when the ancestors find them…

NEXT: “A lone figure, a pale horse, a flame that will burn you all”

Back in the land of the living, Aya takes Elijah to the witch Ariane. By taking him into a pool and using the water as a conductor, she’ll be able to know everything he’s learned in his 1,000 years, which will hopefully lead her to see the weapon that can kill an Original.

In one contender for our Elijah Moment of the Week, Elijah unbuttons his shirt and gets all kinds of wet so that Ariane can perform the spell. (Suddenly, Ariane is my favorite character on this show.) As she informs him, “All you’ve endured and yet the worst is yet to come. An unending darkness lies before you. A lone figure, a pale horse, a flame that will burn you all.”

So that’s uplifting.

Cathing up with Cami, Klaus is trying to teach her restraint while she feeds, but she’s quick to call him out on the hundreds of people he’s killed. (That’s cute. It’s more like hundreds of thousands, but whatever.) Klaus knows what he’s done, and it’s the very reason he has no hope of absolution. That’s not a fate he wants for Cami.

Cami then decides that all her time spent trying to change Klaus was wasted. He’s perfect just the way he is, and now she’s more like him. Proof? She snaps his neck and runs away to compel Will to get her family’s dark objects back from Lucien’s penthouse. (Seriously, where is Lucien?)

Act Three: A Friendly Betrayal

By the time Klaus shows up and steals away Cami’s dark objects, he realizes Cami has officially spun out of control. And Cami has realized Aurora’s plan: In turning Cami, she robbed her of the one advantage that she had over Aurora — her humanity. Now she’s out of control and Klaus hates it.

But before the fight can go any further, Hayley and Elijah interrupt. Pulling his brother upstairs, Elijah informs Klaus that they’re looking for a pale horse — perhaps it’s biblical or a constellation? Pegasus? Equuleus? As Klaus says, “Neither of those sounds like a weapon unless they plan to bore us to death.”

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Realizing that his brother is too focused on Cami to pay attention, Elijah chimes in on the situation, claiming that distance from Cami would be a good thing right about now. “I need you,” Elijah tells his brother. “A storm is coming.”

Downstairs, Hayley is trying to convince Cami that things will get better when Cami decides to call Hayley out on what she claims is relief at Jackson’s death. According to Cami, it’s obvious that Hayley’s in love with Elijah and now that Jackson’s gone, she’s free.

Yeah, it takes Cami about two seconds to realize what she’s just said and apologize. “I think maybe I should go home,” she says through her tears. And Hayley’s not one to stop her.

NEXT: It’s been fun, Ariane

Back in purgatory, it’s Ariane who shows up to save Davina … though she also just slit Josh’s throat in the real world, thereby severing Davina’s connection to the living, so I’m confused. Regardless, Ariane pulls Davina back after she vows to come back for Kol. And before Ariane leaves, she tells Davina that she once made the deal she’s considering and yes, it was worth it. Although, was it? Because when Elijah later shows up to kill Ariane — she knows too much — her final words are “I am released.” That doesn’t exactly sound like Ariane was loving her life, does it?

Now, getting back around to the weapon that can kill an Original, it’s Klaus who finally realizes what it is. When Hayley mentions Klaus’ desire to keep people safe, he remembers something he once did to make Rebekah feel safe. When they were kids, he made Rebekah a trinket carved out of kindling – a.k.a. the toy horse he later gave Hope — to help her sleep at night. The branches he carved it from were made of White Oak.

But by the time they get to Hayley’s apartment, the toy is gone. And the only other person who knew about it was Cami. Turns out her “I should go home” act earlier was all so that she could steal away the thing Klaus wants so that he’ll have to return her dark objects to her. (They really should have some human own their homes so that vamps can’t get in.)

So does this make Cami the “friend” from the prophecy? And when did she get a Porsche?

Elsewhere, once Josh wakes up, he tells Davina she should do whatever it takes if it means she has a chance to be with the guy she loves, because he’d do anything to be with Aiden again. (Bye, I’m crying now.)

Josh then heads to Marcel’s to update him on the fact that Davina just became a witch for the Strix.

And in the episode’s final moments, we get the second contender for our Elijah Moment of the Week. As Hayley packs up her apartment, she comes across one of Jackson’s flannel shirts. Clutching it to her chest, she finally lets herself feel as she sits on the floor of their kitchen and cries. In that moment, Elijah shows up and Hayley admits that she’s spent the last day being so angry at everyone. But now she realizes that she’s not angry. She’s guilty.

Elijah heads over and sits with her as she realizes that she was looking for someone to blame when, “The truth is that my husband died because he loved me. And loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?”

If that last line doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will. It’s such a powerful, devastating, truthful statement, and I think you see all of that resonate with Elijah when Hayley says it. Bravo to Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin for this scene. And bravo to the writers, because that’s one of the best lines this show’s ever written.

What did you all think of the episode? And which Elijah Moment of the Week contender gets your vote? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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