Esther's plan for Rebekah is revealed as Hayley makes a life-changing decision.

By Samantha Highfill
April 02, 2015 at 08:18 PM EDT
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This week’s entire episode centered around the idea that we all arrive in this world as innocents, as small children our parents are supposed to nurture and protect. And I couldn’t help but think: Thank goodness that Esther and Mikael’s idea of “nurture and protect” involved so many traumatizing experiences, because how boring would things be if the Originals were even remotely normal? But the good news is that these siblings are anything but normal, and they’re also willing to do whatever it takes to protect Hope’s innocence.

Act One: Brotherly love

With Kol and Finn both at the compound, Klaus and Elijah don’t waste any time before they begin their pitch, listing off the many reasons why the witchy brothers should turn on their mother, which include: Eating all the pastries they want and keeping all of their limbs. It’s a solid argument, but when Finn takes things a bit too far by asking where Rebekah is, a less-than-controlled Eljiah does something we rarely get to see: He pulls out his fangs and bites Finn.

And in an even more rare display, Klaus pulls Elijah aside to talk some restraint into his older brother. But when Rebekah calls saying that she’s back on the run now that Esther’s starlings found her, Klaus sends Elijah off to deal with their sister. Meanwhile, he invites Marcel to help with Kol and Finn.

With that, Marcel takes Kol off for a little torture while Klaus stays with Finn. Not surprisingly, Finn’s loyalty to Esther seems to be harder to crack. It doesn’t take long for Marcel to get to the heart of what’s bothering Kol—he doesn’t think his family cares about him—but Finn isn’t buying Klaus’ “You’re a man now, you don’t have to do what mom says” speech. Instead, Finn lets Klaus in on the Dalia secret of it all. Essentially, if Dalia doesn’t get her hands on Hope, she will come to town and kill them all.

And Klaus thought having a magical mom was annoying.

Act Two: A very hairy proposal

With the Originals neck deep in their own family drama, Hayley keeps her focus on the wolves. Jackson, who spends his days drinking and using volumizing shampoo, calls for a pack meeting to try and get a grip on all of the tension. And it turns out, Ansel had an answer for the pack’s problems. The twist? It involves Hayley forcing herself to stop picturing Elijah naked.

See, there’s something called a unification ceremony in the werewolf history. Back in the day, wolf lines were distinct—different bloodlines had different strengths. And if two alphas from different lines were married, the strengths of both packs were combined, making every pack member stronger. So how does that affect Hayley and Jackson? Well, now that Hayley’s a hybrid, her ability to control her shift could solve the pack’s whole ring/Esther problem.

But here’s the thing: In order for the ritual to work, Hayley and Jackson can’t just get married. They have to uphold their vows in every way … forever. So, like, really no more dreams of Elijah. With that weighing on her mind, Hayley tries to call Elijah, but he finds himself a bit too preoccupied to pick up. And apparently that’s all she needs to know, because by the time the pack meeting rolls around, she can’t wait to tell them all about the unification ceremony. Aiden, for one, is in, though he probably shouldn’t have gotten rid of his moonlight ring so quickly. They’re not married yet, dude.

And from ditching a ring to, well, not getting one, Jackson ends the episode with a sweet proposal to Hayley. He doesn’t have a ring, but maybe he’ll share his hair secrets?

NEXT: What’s up with Cami’s spine?

Act Three: Witchy tricks

As soon as Davina wakes up from last week, she heads to Marcel’s to find out what happened to the White Oak Stake, where he informs her that he gave it to Klaus. And when he tells her to stay with Josh, Davina starts plotting. After getting Josh to invite Aiden over for some Thai food—and our first Jaiden kiss!!—Davina sneaks out and finds her way to Kol’s tomb. Once there, she does some magic, drinks some black goo, and heads over to Klaus’ without a care in the world.

Within seconds, Davina snaps Marcel’s neck and comes face-to-face with Klaus, who might be the easiest person to anger in the entire world. After Davina calls him weak, he bites her, which is exactly what she wanted. The black goo she drank poisons Klaus, and quite frankly, even Kol is impressed. Only, Kol isn’t exactly willing to dump Klaus in the river. Why? When Marcel wakes up, he informs Davina that Kol is firmly on Team Klaus now. Oh, and so is Cami, who just realized she has puncture wounds up and down her spine. In other words, Esther is prepping her to be a vessel.

After Cami slaps Finn, he informs her that Esther has chosen her to be Rebekah’s vessel because she meets all the requirements: She’s healthy, beautiful, smart, and alone. And now, she’s been marked.

Desperate to save Cami, Davina agrees to wake Klaus up so that he can help, but Klaus doesn’t have much time to think when Rebekah calls him worried about Elijah.

Let’s back up: After Elijah left the compound, he went to a diner to meet Rebekah. Only, when a waitress spilled some coffee on him, thereby triggering his need to be “clean,” he lost his mind a little bit. By the time Rebekah first enters the diner, she doesn’t notice anything’s wrong, and it’s completely understandable that she gets lost in watching Elijah handle a baby. I mean, watching that man hold an infant is without a doubt our Elijah Moment of the Week. But when Rebekah sees blood on his sleeve, she realizes why the diner’s so safe for them to meet: He’s killed everyone inside. The lesson: Scruffy Elijah does not appreciate being spilled on.

With that, Rebekah snaps Elijah’s neck and calls Klaus for help. Klaus—who’s having beignets with Kol and assuring his brother that not only did he mourn him, but that he also tried to avenge him—quickly sets his plan in motion. After returning Finn to the casket where he spent 900 years of his life, Klaus grabs Hayley. They’re going to meet their daughter.

So it’s only a matter of time until Dalia shows up, yes? And what is Esther going to do without her beloved Finn? More importantly, how do we fix Elijah (without making him shave)?

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