A family reunion is underway, but only after Davina learns Kol's plan, and Klaus commits yet another unthinkable act.

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When we talk about The Originals as a family drama, we’re not just talking about the Mikaelsons. We’re talking about Ansel, Klaus’ birth father, and we’re talking about Marcel, Klaus’ adopted son. Then there’s Josh, Davina, Jackson, Cami, Hayley, and the list goes on. It’s that collective family that keeps this drama on its toes, and for yet another week, The Originals is on top of its game. At this point, I’m starting to think there’s nothing more interesting than a group of really messed up supernatural beings.

Act One: One heck of a nightmare

We start things off inside Elijah’s tortured mind, where a young Elijah is forced to face off with present-day Elijah. Only, it’s not exactly the present-day Elijah we know. Sure, he’s in a suit, but he represents all of the bad things Elijah has kept hidden from his beautiful self for 1,000 years. As he lies to tells his young self, “One day, only a monster shall remain.”

Klaus gets a glimpse of monster Elijah when he tries to enter his brother’s mind, but when that doesn’t work, Hayley notices a mark on Elijah’s neck, and Klaus quickly realizes what he needs to do: The markings are from a plant that Esther once used to put Mikael to sleep. He needs the plant’s root in order to wake his brother up, which means it’s off to the bayou for him.

Meanwhile, Hayley makes a promise not to go after Esther … only to decide on her own that she will instead go after everything Esther loves. Man, she really is a Mikaelson now, huh?

After meeting up with Jackson in the bayou and reminding him that his alpha-ness is needed, Hayley leaves him to grieve Oliver—whose body was burned in a ritual bayou funeral—and heads out to talk Marcel into taking down Finn. And that, of course, will involve Cami and her oh-so flirty ponytail, who easily lands a date with Finn at their next session together.

As for Kol and Davina, who might be my new favorite pair—behind Jaiden—they’re staying at a motel while he learns to button his shirt—which I hope he never does—and she tries to fix the damage done to her de-linking spell. She claims she only stays with Kol for his “freaky witch encyclopedia brain,” a fact we all know is a lie, though I agree with Kol: Her resistance is as impressive as it is baffling (but mostly baffling). But hold that thought—Esther is calling Finn home by carving a word into his arm. You know, parenting and stuff.

Sidenote: Oliver’s funeral was very pretty, but does his burnt body just float away until some poor fisherman finds it? Do alligators eat it? I know nothing of bayous and no longer want to think about it.

Act Two: Who’s got chemia?

In the bayou, Klaus is on the search for Esther’s flower when he runs into daddy dearest who informs him that he used to retrieve said special orchid for Esther back in the day. And yes, he’s willing to help Klaus, if only for the price of some conversation. Of course, that conversation quickly becomes emotional when Ansel talks of how he’s watched Klaus for centuries and how his son has found joy in life’s simple pleasures—painting, teaching Marcel Shakespeare, feeling his unborn daughter kick. Klaus, full of self-hatred, retaliates by recalling all of his worst acts over the millennium. And yet, when they get to the tree they need, which is of course covered in vervaine (because, Esther), Ansel still offers to help. He only hopes Klaus will see that his intentions are good.

Back in town, Kol fills Davina in on a number of secrets. First of all, he was a witch before he was a vampire. In fact, he was a bit of a child prodigy, which is why he spent much of his time as a vampire trying to find a way to get his magic back. And now, after checking in with mother—and making a wicked witch reference!—Kol decides to do things his way: He takes Davina to the tomb you might recognize from last week’s The Originals: The Awakening. Kol asks for Davina’s blood to open it, as it is a Claire tomb, and she obliges. Once inside, Kol introduces Davina to chemia, some weird science-magic combination that allowed him to use magic without doing magic. Just like that, we realize Kol is responsible for the many dark objects in Kieran’s closet. And now? Well, he has a dagger and he wants to be able to use it against Klaus.

So with Davina getting a lesson in chemistry chemia, Josh, Aiden, Hayley, Marcel, and Cami plan their attack on Finn in between adorable Jaiden glances. After Cami supplies some of the dark objects from Kieran’s closet—including handcuffs that prevent a witch from using magic—she heads out on her date with Finn. And when Cami’s attacked by a wolf and then taken, Finn begins a locator spell as he calls Aiden to yell about the disobedient wolf. Only, when Finn finally meets up with Aiden, he doesn’t quite trust him. So it’s a good thing Hayley’s there to tackle him. Okay, it’s a good thing until Finn starts using magic to rip Hayley’s heart from her chest (which I will admit was pretty cool).

But before Finn can say [enter witchy word here], Jackson shows up and puts two arrows in him, which gives Cami time to cuff him. That’s what we in the 21st century call #boom, Finn.

Also, Cami wins the line of the night with telling Hayley, who bit her, “I always thought having a woman’s mouth on my neck would be more erotic.”

NEXT: What daddy knows can kill him

Act Three: Like father, like son

Davina’s introduction to chemia has only just begun when Kol begins telling her how they’re going to change the dagger from silver to gold using the pretty undeniable chemistry between them. And to get them started, the two of them use their magic to turn a rope into a replacement bracelet for the one Kol took from Davina. Of course, the little witch wants to keep going, but Kol assures her there’s much more for them to do. In fact, he says they’re going to change everything.

Now, time for a vote: Is Kol’s “You’re going to like me, Davina Claire,” the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard? Because come on.

Out in the bayou, things are less sexy but 10x more emotional. After Ansel says why he thinks Klaus should take Esther’s offer and become king to an entire species, Ansel let’s it slip that when he’s in wolf form, he feels more acutely. And lately, every time he wakes up from his transformations, he’s further from New Orleans. Basically, the call of his own blood—meaning Hope—is pulling Ansel away. He knows she’s still alive.

After realizing what this all means, Klaus finally admits that Esther’s offer is intriguing, but perhaps not as intriguing as the idea of knowing what his life would’ve been like with Ansel for a father. As Klaus puts it, he would’ve liked to have been Ansel’s son, to know a parent to be a benevolent force, but instead, he spent 1,000 years as Mikael’s son, filled with paranoia. And now, Klaus believes that Ansel wants to help defend Hope, but he knows his mother, and she will use Ansel’s good intentions to get to Klaus’ little girl. “You waited too long before you came to rescue me. I won’t make the same mistake with Hope,” Klaus tells his father as he picks up his father’s machete.

Ansel: “No Klaus, I know you. You are not capable of this.”

Klaus: “That’s the first lie you’ve told me.”

Klaus stabs his father and then holds him as he dies. It was an incredibly powerful scene that I can’t hate in any way, but I was a little bummed that we didn’t get more Ansel. However, how good was Joseph Morgan?

Once back home, Klaus heals Elijah with the root of the plant, all while giving him a beautifully written speech about how, thank to their parents, they are the demons. They are the savage villains in fairy tales told to children, but not for Hope. “In her story, we are the knights in shining armor,” Klaus tells Elijah. “Without you by my side, I don’t think I can survive my own love for my daughter. I need you. I need you, brother. The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you. Only together can we defeat our demons and save our family.”

With that, Elijah wakes up, and because this is such a powerful moment, I’ll refrain from commenting on how sweaty Elijah is, but let’s just say I’m thinking about it.

Moments later, Elijah is back in a suit and getting the rundown from Klaus on his father. Klaus hands Elijah Ansel’s sketchbook, which includes drawings of a young Klaus, and Elijah assures his brother that he killed him to protect Hope. “Whatever innocence remains, we must protect at any cost,” Elijah tells him.

And in the episode’s final moments, Jackson and Hayley seem to have rekindled their connection (and are maybe a better fit than ever?), Esther finds a very dead Ansel before going after Cami, Davina’s lost the White Oak Stake, and Marcel and Hayley hand-deliver two gifts to the compound: Kol and Finn. Let the family reunion begin!

Seriously, watching these strong beings find their fragility and lean on one another will never cease to impact me emotionally, especially not when written like this. And waiting for them to all finally be in one room? Well, that’s one heck of a cliffhanger. Well done, Originals. Well done.

The Originals: The Awakening recap: This week’s episode put us right back into the Claire tomb we just saw, but this time, at the beginning of Kol’s quest to craft the dagger that could be used on Klaus. During this time was when Kol’s witches created a number of dark objects we’ve seen, from Davina’s bracelet to the star that can cause 1,000 cuts with one throw (a.k.a. the one that killed Monique). Only back then, Kol was creating them all to kill Klaus’ witches.

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