Mindy tries to save her practice and to not pass out from exhaustion.
The Mindy Project - Season 5

After last week’s episode, it seemed like things would calm down a bit for Mindy. With Annette on board to help take care of Leo, things should be more manageable now, even with Danny gone, right? Wrong. It seems Mindy can’t even buy groceries without some disaster occurring. What’s worse is that she’s uncharacteristically keeping everything bottled up inside her, not wanting to upset Danny, who’s already stressed by taking care of his dad. As far as he knows, it’s all smiley-face-with-sunglasses emojis back at home and at the practice.

Even though Annette’s helping with Leo, Mindy’s baby-caring duties aren’t alleviated too much when she opens her apartment door to see Peter Prentice on the other side. PETER’S BACK! We missed you, Adam Pally. Peter’s in town for the week and decides to stay with Mindy and party like it’s 1999.

To avoid dealing with Peter’s antics, Mindy dumps him off to Jeremy, but then along comes another more serious problem. At her fertility practice, she and Morgan learn that they’ve been losing money due to all they spent on the “Later, Baby” campaign to encourage young women to freeze their eggs. At least they didn’t spent it all on emojis. If they don’t get more patients soon, the practice will go under.

Mindy is beyond frustrated, huffing into the kitchen and getting into another argument with Jody. But more importantly, what is she wearing? You know it’s bad when Mindy Lahiri wears an oversized army-green jacket and gym shoes. Jody definitely notices, too, and offers to help Mindy get more patients. His solution is to give presentations to young women at colleges, but he wants a 50-percent stake in her business, which Mindy refuses since he’s a creep and a loser. But it’s not beneath her to steal his idea.

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While Mindy’s trying to save her practice, Peter and Jeremy are trying to settle some beef between Colette and Tamra. Colette keeps pranking Tamra, who does not find it amusing at all. Peter invites them to dinner with him and Jeremy, where he tells them the story about how he and Jeremy became friends. What was supposed to be a heartwarming and encouraging message ends up angering Jeremy. When he visited Peter in Texas last month, Peter did everything from ignoring him at dinner to ditching him at a Dixie Chicks concert. “You, sir, should not be giving friendship advice ‘cause you’re a horrible friend,” Jeremy says. The good news is that yelling at Peter for being a jerk brings Colette and Tamra closer.

Peter tries to make up for his behavior by being an extra-good guest at Mindy’s. Unfortunately, being nice and letting her sleep in backfires because it means she’ll miss her presentation at NYU. She rushes over to the school, PJs and all, but Jody’s stepped up to the podium and is killing it. Does no one else see the problem of having a middle-aged Southern white man telling young women at NYU what to do with their eggs? Well something does go wrong, but it’s not that. “Why were you having sex with me when you were having sex with three other girls in my dorm?” a student calls out.

Now that Jody’s ruined her presentation with his weird, pervy problems, Mindy has to fix the situation. She goes out and addresses the young women herself, telling them that about the hardships of being in a relationship and being an adult. And it actually works.

Peter again tries to do some fixing. In a romantic gesture, he shows up at Jeremy’s door to serenade him with the Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away” and to apologize for being a terrible friend during Jeremy’s time in Austin: “I wasn’t blowing you off. I was embarrassed,” Peter says. Life as a married man means he’s now a “whipped-ass dad” instead of the cool dude he used to be. He’s now “less cool than [his] least-cool friend.” Typical Jeremy views this as a compliment rather than an insult, happy that Peter says they’re friends.

In other friendship news, Mindy and Jody are getting along again. She asks him to be her OB-GYN and her business partner. And she confesses that she’s been struggling ever since Danny’s been gone. Jody comforts her and says that it’s okay to admit that she needs help. Turns out he’s pretty nice after all.

So when Danny texts her later that night to see how she’s doing, Mindy tells him the truth. No smiley-face-with-sunglasses emoji this time.

Best lines:

“When I said that I was obviously being sarcastic, like whenever I compliment a woman.” —Mindy

“I’m going to be doing this presentation by myself. It’s going to be as compelling as a TED Talk and as funny as Ted 2.” —Mindy

“You don’t leave a delicate British man alone in Texas. He carries a parasol in the sun.” —Tamra, on Jeremy

Jody: “I made love with these girls because I’m in love with a woman I can never have again.”

Mindy: “Who?”

Jody: “Anne-Marie. The wife of my brother. Why didn’t you gasp?”

Mindy: “Honestly, that seems on brand for you.”

By the numbers:

Outfits: 10

Hours it takes for Mindy to change a diaper: 2

How much Morgan spent on a fertility practice sign: $1,000

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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