Annette helps take care of Leo, but Mindy would rather have a nanny.
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The Mindy Project - Season 5

With Danny gone visiting his dad in California, Mindy has regressed back into her slob lifestyle. Or she would, if Mama Castellano (Rhea Perlman) weren’t around, vacuuming the crumbs off Mindy’s body. For the past few weeks, Annette’s been helping out around the house and taking care of Leo while Mindy works. And while she’s been feeding them, she also has no respect for personal space or privacy.

Eventually, Ma’s Italian lifestyle gets too much for Mindy, and she and Morgan decide to interview potential nannies. There’s a montage of crazies (Candidate: “I love the way babies smell.” Morgan: “I just got an Amber Alert on my phone.”) before they meet Clara (Maya Kazan). Sweet Clara seems perfect: young, pretty, uses organic products, makes baby clothes, and loves to bake. For a second, I thought she was going to be the founder of the “Modern Mominista” blog. Of course she’s too good to be true, but we’ll see what her fatal flaw is later.

Speaking of crazy, Jeremy’s girlfriend Whitney (Cristin Milioti) shows up during his all-important meeting — about gauze — and persuades him to leave in the middle of his presentation. Jody’s suspicions are raised by her manipulative behavior, and then even more so when he sees that Tamra knows some secret about her. Tamra eventually spills the beans about Whitney’s cocaine use back in episode 403, and Jody feels obligated to tell Jeremy, who is in the middle of composing Whitney a cheesy, half-pathetic, half-cute, song on the banjo.

Back at Mindy and Danny’s apartment, Annette is also being given some bad news. Mindy tells her that she’s found a nanny and, to soften the blow, gives Annette two tickets to a 10-day cruise in Bermuda. Annette is uncharacteristically civil, meaning she’s obviously offended/hurt/scheming. Sure enough, the next day at work, Mindy gets served; Annette’s suing her for slave labor. They have it out at the attorney’s office (Don Castellano, esquire) where nothing gets resolved.

Mindy’s day gets worse when she sees that her angel-faced nanny put Leo in a onesie that says “No vaccine zone.” Mindy rushes home to fire Clara, who is appalled to learn that Leo has already been vaccinated. (Any Why Not Me? readers reminded by Mindy Kaling’s chapter about an anti-vaccination celeb?) But Clara leaves before Mindy’s off of work, leaving her in a rut.

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She has no choice but to sneak Leo back with her, setting him up in an all-in-one printer box in the supply closet, like a less-romantic version of a doorstep baby. Unfortunately, they’re caught by Jody, who walks in to talk to Mindy about his own problems. When it was obvious Jeremy was never going to break up with Whitney or get her to stop snorting coke, Jody took matters into his own hands. Um…literally. Poor Jeremy. I’m sure one of these days he’ll get a romantic interest who doesn’t end up with one of his friends.

Leo’s presence actually turns out not to be a problem and actually helps Jody, who uses Leo as a human shield when he tells Jeremy that he slept with Whitney. He somehow manages to minimize the backlash, telling Jeremy that his actions actually helped because now he knows that Whitney’s not good enough for him. At least Jeremy manages one punch before they hug it out.

After her eventful day, Mindy comes home tired and slightly discouraged but finds leftover rigatoni in the fridge along with a note from Annette. She realizes that she needs Annette’s help, both in her life and in Leo’s. We get another wonderful Mindy/Annette moment when Mindy goes over to apologize and seals it with an unwanted hug. Will this help with the ongoing stay-at-home vs. working mom issue between Mindy and Danny? I wouldn’t mind some more Mindy/Annette interactions.

Best lines:

“Oh, she’s great. Loves the baby, costs next to nothing, she’s ethnic…It’s yoouu!” —Jody’s suggestion for Mindy’s new nanny

“My little Mudblood son is the only reason she wakes up in the morning.” —Mindy, about Annette

“You want to pay me to break up with him? What are you, the dad in a Nicholas Sparks movie?” —Whitney to Jody

“Maybe I should find a woman I deserve. Quiet, a plain, simple girl. Maybe someone who’s gone mute since she witnessed a crime.” —Jeremy

By the numbers:

Outfits: 3

Salary of a top nanny: $240,000

Servings of rigatoni Mindy can eat in one sitting: 8

Best outfit:

Credit: John Fleenor/NBC

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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