Mindy butts heads with the practice's newest hire.
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The Mindy Project - Season 5

The episode opens with an adorable montage of Mindy and Leo (again, what a cute baby). She’s been having such a grand time with him on maternity leave, but it’s almost time to return to work. Danny suggests that she can be a stay-at-home mom, but Mindy’s not buying into the idea. She misses the gang, she loves work, and besides, it doesn’t seem too hard to be a working mom, according to Hollywood posters.

The next day, she and Leo are on their way to the office to say hi when Mindy breastfeeds him on the subway. A man (Garret Dillahunt) starts groaning at her display, and the two get into an altercation, with him likening Mindy’s public breastfeeding to stripping, working at Hooters, and cheerleaders wrestling in barbeque sauce. Well, there’s nothing that’ll get Mindy more furious than a man telling her what to do, especially a sexist jerk in a suit with an old-timey Southern accent.

Her first greeting at work is, predictably, “I have never been so offended in my life!” Everyone is thrilled to see Mindy and Leo — except Morgan, who is still jealous of Leo. He tells Mindy that he can’t wait for her to come back to work full-time, but Mindy starts to second-guess her decision to be a working mom. After all, she’d be working two full-time jobs. Oh, that’s right, she has a fertility clinic. Does anyone even know what’s going on there? They made quite the big deal out of it last season, and now all we know is Morgan works there and sucks at his job.

As if that weren’t bad enough news for Mindy, she learns that the jerk on the subway is actually Dr. Jody Kimball. While Mindy was on maternity leave, Jeremy hired him and his sister, Nurse Colette (Fortune Feimster). Mindy is furious that she’ll be working with him, who’s the antithesis of everything she stands for — “like women’s rights, or whatever.” Danny again brings up staying at home with Leo, but Mindy’s already scheming to get him fired.

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Danny has some planning of his own to do. He wants to get Mindy a push present for popping out Leo, and he enlists the help of Tamra and Beverly. His first idea? A dance routine that has me giggling and Tamra appalled. His second idea? A cable-knit Merino wool cranberry turtleneck, which Mindy mistakes for trash and gives to Morgan. He’s hopeless.

Tamra takes him to the jewelry store instead, where he finds a pair of huge diamond earrings. When Tamra becomes suspicious about his motives, he admits it’s because he’s trying to convince Mindy to stay at home with Leo permanently. Tamra chews him out for being so controlling (with a Beyoncé/Jay Z metaphor, of course). She is really getting a lot of screen time this season, not to mention becoming the voice of reason/moral compass for the clueless bunch.

And now back to Mindy, who visits her former patient Mrs. Morrison to get some potentially devastating scoop on Dr. K. Mrs. Morrison is just as disgustingly smitten with him as everyone else, but Mindy does find out that Jody has some very old-fashioned ideas when it comes to women giving birth, which include not having the husband present during delivery. “Dr. K thought that that way my vagina would remain a beautiful mystery to my husband,” Mrs. Morrison says.

Mindy storms into the office meeting to announce that Jody’s a sexist, an accusation he agrees with. He stands up in front of the crowd and gives a rousing speech about how men are disgusting and Eve is not the source of all sin. “For is not the serpent the man?” he preaches. Even Tamra is applauding him (so much for being the voice of reason). Mindy is the only one immune to his theatrics, and she issues an ultimatum: either he goes, or she does.

However, instead of it ending with Jody’s departure as she’d hoped, Mindy accidentally squirts breast milk in his face. After seeing the staff take his side, Mindy quits. But Colette — who previously bonded with Mindy — reassures her not to let Jody get under her skin. He’s only speechifying because he’s threatened by her. And so again, Mindy starts second-guessing her decision.

That night she tries to tell Danny she’s changed her mind, but he’s too overjoyed at the thought of her staying home to listen. Even as Mindy tries to interject, Danny continues to talk about how blessed Leo will be to grow up with her at home. He expresses his gratitude to her by showing off his push present: a tattoo of “Leo.” And what else can Mindy do but agree she’s happy, too?

After Mindy’s speech last week about how Danny needs to let her be, I expected to see less of his controlling behavior. We’ve certainly seen quite a lot of it in the past seasons (strict Trainer Danny, strict Nutritionist Danny, strict Dad Danny, etc.), and it’s still going strong. What do you think, readers? Is he going overboard, or is it all just part of his charm?

Best lines:

“According to movie posters it’s just like carrying a briefcase and a baby bottle at the same time.” —Mindy, on being a working mom

“No man tells me what to do with my body. Only women’s magazines can do that.” —Mindy

Tamra: “No woman wants a dance as a push present; I don’t care how good you are. I don’t care if you’re Michael.” ­

Danny: “Jackson?”

Tamra: “Flatley, the lord of the dance. You’re racist.”

“All right, Jody, you’re going down. And that’s coming from the queen of going down.” —Mindy trying to get Jody fired

By the numbers:

Outfits: 7 (perhaps I should start a PJs count, too)

Body rolls in Danny’s dance routine: 2.5

Extra rolls of toilet paper Mindy goes through at work: 150

Best Outfit:

A cool print that includes foliage and farm animals, plus Mindy’s new short bob

Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

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