Baby Leo makes his soap opera debut -- almost
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The Mindy Project - Season 5

Watch out, DiCaprio: There’s a new Leo in town.

Mindy sees a casting call for babies, and even better, it’s for soap opera Tides of Tomorrow. She immediately starts fantasizing about how her little son could soon be a soap opera star, and even enlists Jeremy to give the future Emmy winner some acting lessons — and also to give Mindy some tips. For example, don’t cause drama on set. As if Mindy’s gonna actually listen to that.

Leo gets picked in the first casting call, and eventually is cast as the hero baby — a.k.a. the baby in all the main shots. Mindy’s soaking it all up, especially because she’s a die-hard Tides of Tomorrow fan. That’s not a good thing, it turns out: When she hears they’re about to do a scene involving a boat crash, she recalls that they recently did something similar, so she goes to the head writer to tell him. She thinks it goes great. Maybe she’ll even have a TV career herself! And then…

After the shoot, Mindy forces her entire office to have a viewing party. And I mean party: streamers, baked Brie (that she later rejects), the works. That’s when she discovers Leo didn’t make the final cut. The back-up baby did. The baby who belongs to the mom who told Mindy to talk to the head writer about the show’s repetition.

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While everyone’s sitting in uncomfortable chairs watching a soap opera in the company of their co-workers, Colette’s fuming after finding out that Jody slept with their other brother’s wife. She goes to fight with him, and that’s when the other brother — named Forbes, because of course that’s his name — comes in to mediate the situation. Jody ends up revealing what he did to Forbes via Bible verse, and right when everything seems like it might be fine, Forbes socks his brother in the face. Brotherly love isn’t that strong, you guys.

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This actually bonds Jody and Colette together, though. Later, she tells him he deserves someone special. But although their relationship is on the mend, Mindy and Drew’s is quickly falling apart. He skips out on her invite to watch Leo on Tides, and she eventually finds out he didn’t even watch Tides alone like he said he would. This proves to Mindy that Drew isn’t as excited about Leo as she wants him to be. Meaning? Mindy and Drew are done.

But guess who did watch Tides of Tomorrow — and even noticed the baby wasn’t Leo? Jody! On his home computer, no less. He tells Mindy the replacement baby didn’t have an ounce of the star power Leo does, and on he goes about how great Leo is, blah blah, until… Mindy kisses him. Finally. Jody and Mindy’s blossoming romance might not last long for multiple reasons — they work together, he’s basically a cartoon character, etc. — but at least he appreciates her kid and the role her kid plays in her life. And most importantly? He’s willing to figure out how to watch a soap opera on his computer just to see his crush’s kid make his television debut. Now that’s romance.

Best lines:

“Okay, so just fade into the background and be ignored. I do that at nightclubs all the time.” —Mindy

“Wow, Leo. So many amazing things have been shot here: Boston Market commercials, reshoots for Sex and the City 2.” —Mindy

“I can act too. ‘I like my job!’ See?” —Beverly

By the numbers:

Outfits: 6

Amount Mindy pays each year for a subscription to Showbiz Digest East: $150

Babies Leo beats out to get the main role: 9

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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