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The Mindy Project - Season 5

Mindy’s never been one to hide her disinterest in sports — but even she, a self-professed hater of all things athletic, can’t resist getting involved in a softball game if winning means upholding her office’s reputation, which has gone down since Danny left. Like, considerably down: Shulman & Associates has lost 15 percent of its patients since Dr. C’s departure.

It takes some time and plenty of coaxing to actually get her to the field, though. She and Drew, the Princeton football coach, have been seeing each other, but she’s been staying quiet about their relationship because she’s scared she’ll tell everyone, she and Drew will end things, and then she’ll be embarrassed. Again. This time, she wants to make sure it’s real before she introduces the idea to everyone at the office (sans Morgan, who already knows).

As a result, she bows out of the office’s softball game by claiming she has to take care of Leo that weekend, when really she’s just planning on having sex with Drew during his first visit to her New York apartment. A small — but also big — problem with that idea arises when, at the last minute, Danny can’t take care of Leo and has to leave him with Mindy. Mindy’s not quite ready to introduce her kid to Drew, which he totally gets. Off he goes to a hotel for the night.

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The next morning, Drew and Mindy — now Leo-free — are supposed to meet up for breakfast. Yet another problem arises when Morgan calls Mindy to beg her to come play. They had enough women on the team until Colette threw a softball in Courtney’s face. Oops?

Colette’s not a fan of Courtney, either, and for kind of the same reasons as Mindy: She feels like Courtney’s taking all of Jody’s attention and changing him. This storyline isn’t that interesting given that something so similar happened in the last episode, too, and also because Colette isn’t the most captivating character. Mindy herself actually explains the show’s conundrum pretty adequetely when, at one point in the episode, she defends her office by saying it has “three great doctors and a handful of colorful characters of varying usefulness.” Varying usefulness, indeed.

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So back to Mindy: She keeps trying to escape the game, and finally does once the opposing dermatology team quits because the sun’s getting to them. But on her way out, she overhears the orthopedic team — the one her own office was supposed to compete against next — talking smack, so she decides to get back in the game and prove to everyone that Shulman & Associates doesn’t need Danny to win.

Meanwhile, Drew’s still waiting to meet up with Mindy. She keeps lying to him by saying she’s tied up in a delivery, so he sweetly goes to the hospital to deliver her a bearclaw. That’s where he finds Jody, who doesn’t know Mindy and Drew are dating and also reveals that Mindy is playing softball. Drew heads to the field, where Mindy confesses that she’s scared to tell people they’re together because he’s the first post-Danny guy she’s really, really liked. And he really likes her! Enough to stay and coach her wacky team to a victory (that they achieve only because the ball lands in Mindy’s open palm after she falls and sprains her ankle). Oh, and there’s another big victory: Later in the hospital, Mindy introduces Drew as her boyfriend to Jody and Colette. It’s a little surprising that her first real post-Danny boyfriend is a sports lover, but then again, Mindy never has been able to resist a guy who’s her complete opposite.

Best lines:

“I did that Japanese de-cluttering thing where you hold something and if it doesn’t bring you joy, you throw it out. I got rid of all my vegetables and my electric bill.” —Mindy

Colette: “Morgan and I have dinner plans.”

Morgan: “No, we don’t. I never plan on having dinner. That way I’m not disappointed when I don’t get it.”

“Mindy, please don’t make us forfeit. I need just one piece of good news for my Christmas letter to Father.” —Jeremy

“You have perfect aim. You are the only woman I’ve ever met who can use a urinal.” —Jody

“My arms are very weak. I’m on a hunger strike against fracking.” —Duncan

By the numbers:

Outfits: 9

Percentage of patients lost since Danny left: 15

Cost of a hamburger at Momofuku restaurant (where Courtney takes Jody and Colette): $16

Age of girls fighting for Drew’s table at Serendipity: 10

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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