Mindy's new guy moves fast — really fast
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The Mindy Project - Season 5

Now that Mindy and Danny are officially over, they’re free to date whomever they want: Tinder hook-ups, co-workers, and, for Mindy, someone her Postmates delivery guy set her up with. Shouldn’t all food delivery services double as dating apps?

At first, it seems like the answer to that question is a big fat no. Mindy’s date is Bryant, a guy who’s too busy yelling at the multiple screens in the bar they’re meeting in to pay any attention to her. “Guess I better switch back to Seamless!” Mindy’s probably thinking at that point. When she gets up to leave though, Bryant — whom, by the way, Mindy calls “Bryan” for most of the episode because she didn’t notice the extra t tacked on to the end — convinces her to stay. He’ll teach her about sports, and she can eat all the wings while he’s busy talking, he says. This doesn’t sound much better than how the date was initially going, but the promise of wings is enough to keep Mindy around.

And that’s good because they end up having a great time and ending their adventure with a kiss. Then Mindy enters her apartment and remembers: She’s a mom, something she didn’t tell Bryant. Her life is over! Just kidding. She tells Bryant at their next dinner, and he’s totally cool about it — like, suspiciously cool. Turns out that he was engaged once and it didn’t work out, so he’s got a bit of a past, too. This is the part where they bond about their almost-marriages and where this James McAvoy lookalike starts to make Mindy (and me) swoon.

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Because nothing good can last, Bryant proceeds to ask Mindy if she wants to go to a wedding with him. Sure, she says, despite everyone — well, Jody mostly — insisting it’s a bad idea. They get there, and Mindy soon discovers that it’s not just a wedding; it’s Bryant’s brother’s wedding. This is a full-on family affair. In other words, this is not the place you take someone you’ve only been on a couple dates with.

After this, Mindy sets off on a mission to find out more about Bryant by meeting his ex-fiancée. She and Tamra disguise themselves and head to the ex’s office, where they fail to convince her that they’re actually there to pitch their business idea for nude underwear — but they do get some insight into Bryant: It appears that he’s with Mindy just to make his ex jealous because he’s still not over her. So that’s why he’s been moving so fast.

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Meanwhile, Colette is slowly moving out of her apartment with Jody to live with Morgan. Jody’s not happy about this at first and expresses his disappointment by firing Morgan (this decision doesn’t last, fortunately — or maybe unfortunately depending on how you feel about Morgan’s medical expertise). Eventually, Colette has to give him a stern talking-to — during her housewarming party, no less — about their need to live apart now that they’re older, and that seems to put Jody in his place.

As Colette’s yelling at Jody about being independent, Mindy’s breaking it off with Bryant in a room full of dogs. She points out that he’s probably still in love with his ex, which he denies at first. “I’m totally over her!” he says. “I just follow her on social media to see what sort of loser she’s turned into.” Finally, though, he admits to being scared. With that, Mindy’s successfully dated and broken up with her first post-Danny guy.

She’s had a tough night, and so has Jody, so he takes her out for ice cream and a walk. Certain moments have fatherly vibes while others are blatantly romantic, like when Jody asks if she wants to spend the night in one of his eight (eight!) guest rooms. She declines, which is probably best for both of them: Mindy and Jody are going to have to learn how to be alone sooner or later, and a sleepover — even a platonic one — isn’t going to help that process.

Best lines:

“I did not know they held sporting events at Madison Square Garden. I thought that’s just where Billy Joel lived.” —Mindy

“That’s too fast. He’ll see how you dance. Or how you eat shrimp. Oh God, this thing’s over.” —Jody to Mindy after he finds out she’s going to a wedding with her new boyfriend

“I had fallen asleep during Spotlight. I hope those nosy journalists got what they deserved.” —Mindy

“We shouldn’t be living together at our age! You know that Grey Gardens runs in our family!” —Colette to Jody

By the numbers:

Outfits: 8

Number of dates Mindy and Bryant went on: 3

Months since Bryant’s ex-fiancée broke off their engagement: 2

Dogs at Morgan and Colette’s housewarming party: 12

Guest rooms in Jody’s apartment: 8

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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