Mindy and Peter join a bereavement support group.
The Mindy Project - Season 5

It’s week 4 without Danny, and we’re all starting to miss him. (Is Chris Messina busy being a huge Hollywood star? Come back!) He tells Mindy he might not be home until Christmas. That is a long time from now. Even Danny’s feeling the distance: He changed his ringtone to “Fat Bottomed Girls” to feel closer to Mindy. At least Peter is still here to fill the void in our hearts.

This episode, Mindy’s keeping busy by trying to sell her apartment. Where better to hang up her open house flyers than in exclusive places for rich people? At the Mercer Street Club — where we’re treated to another awesome Kevin Smith cameo — Mindy tries to appeal to the haughty receptionist by saying her fiancé would usually take care of this, but he’s “gone now.” A man named James (Steven Weber) overhears and tells Mindy he’s going through the same thing. And by “same thing” he means he’s a widower who runs a bereavement support group, not a man whose wife is in California taking care of her sick dad, which Mindy probably thinks.

Later, he shows up at Mindy’s open house (oh, how I missed her bright, sunny, colorful apartment) and brings along Loretta, a fellow bereaved spouse. As Loretta talks to Peter, Peter realizes that they all think Mindy’s fiancé died. Mindy tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but then Loretta offers 10 percent over the asking price out of sympathy. No way she’s giving up this act now, despite Peter’s disapproval of her exploitation: “This is worse than when you pretended to help in Hurricane Katrina to get on the cover of your alumni magazine.”

At the office, Morgan and Collette discover that Tamra has a music gig, but she tells them that they’re not invited, so naturally, they crash the concert. They show up just in time for Tamra’s set, in which she sings about a broken relationship, a song with lyrics like “tiny beady eyes” and “the gap between your teeth.” That sounds familiar. And so it seems Tamra’s still bitter about her and Morgan’s breakup.

Morgan thinks she’s still madly in love with him, but Tamra says she’s just channeling her inner Taylor Swift and singing about it all to make her music more relatable. Morgan’s hurt by the words, which he takes to mean that he’s not good enough for her. But he doesn’t hear what Tamra has to say the next morning, when she unconvincingly tells Collette that she barely thinks about Morgan all the time.

Things are getting even more complicated with Mindy and Peter. At the bereavement support group, Peter joins in on the farce when he learns that James is hosting a party with the Knicks players. Mindy and Peter both spin ridiculous stories about how their partners died on film sets: Peter’s wife died in a motorcycle stunt crash on The Intern while soundman Danny and his boom mic were flown away by an eagle. It’s fun and games for a while, but Mindy admits that she really does miss Danny a lot.

Her somber mood follows her to the party, even amidst all the free booze and fancy people. It’s a good time to come clean to James, but before she can, he swoops in for a kiss. Okay now is definitely the time to come clean.

She leaves, but Peter doesn’t return until the next night, just in time to see Lauren, his wife (seriously, Peter has a WIFE!), show up after receiving news via Instagram that she died. Peter explains that it was a Mindy and Danny thing. “Of course, well that figures,” Lauren says. Peter clarifies that comment by telling Mindy that her relationship with Danny isn’t exactly ideal: “You let him call all the shots. You’re moving into his apartment, you’re selling your sweet-ass place, you’re raising your son Catholic, and then Danny ditches you and now he’s not telling you when he’s coming back?”

In other words, it’s time for a reality check. It’s time for Mindy to be that independent badass again, for her to finally say something to Danny. So she calls him, but as the phone’s ringing, she hears “Fat-Bottomed Girls” playing in the hallway. “He’s home.”

Finally! Tell me this is not a fake-out and we’ll actually see Danny on the other side of the door next week. And will Mindy still voice her misgivings about their relationship?

Best lines:

“Mindy! Oh my lord, are you a member here, too? You are gonna love it, man. They got chicken fingers with eight kinds of sauce, and the toilet seats are huge for people like us.” –Kevin Smith

“Who would Danny be a stunt double for? Anna Kendrick?” –Peter

“Taylor Swift’s a genius. She’s a rich, white model, and even your poor ass feels bad for her because she sings about getting dumped.” –Tamra

“You don’t need a babysitter. You don’t need to be the Peter of your relationship.” –Peter to Mindy

By the numbers:

Outfits: 4

How old Mindy says she is: 27

Number of chili peppers shirts: 1

Number of camouflage blazers: 1

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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