On the run from the bounty hunter guild and the Client, the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda seek refuge in a remote village in need of protection.

After making a very bad mistake in surrendering Baby Yoda to the Client, the Mandalorian realized the error of his ways and the pair are now officially on the run from a lot of people. Mando may have escaped the bounty hunters but Greef Carga is still alive, he’s certainly a persona non grata amongst the guild, and a whole lot of bounty hunters possess the Baby Yoda fob. Plus, the Client, Dr. Pershing, and their Imperial allies are certainly not through with their prized asset.

However, Mando and the kid are nowhere to be found during the opening minutes of episode 4. Instead it opens on a small village on an Earth-like planet. As villagers mill about, fishing in a series of small ponds, they’re attacked, seemingly not for the first time, by Klatoonians. A mother (Julia Jones) runs to her young daughter and they hide in the river, covered by a basket as they watch their attackers ransack their home.

On the Razer Crest, Mando is learning how difficult toddlers can be as Baby Yoda — who definitely has toddler tendencies — presses every button in sight on the dash, to the bounty hunter’s chagrin. Aware of the certain danger they’re in, Mando plots their next move. Seeking to lay low for a little while, he ops for the remote Sorgan, the planet from the cold open. Upon arrival, Mando attempts a solo investigation of their surroundings but the word “stay” means nothing to Baby Yoda, and the two soon enter a tavern.

While getting his young charge situated, Mando spots Cara Dune (Gina Carano, at last), who disappears soon after. Mando briefly abandons the child to follow her in yet another questionable parenting decision. Two quickly trade several blows before being interrupted by Baby Yoda, who still hasn’t grasped “stay,” hilariously slurping on soup. Back at the tavern, she reveals she was a former Shock Trooper and mercenary during the war who assumed Mando had a fob on her. Both looking to keep a low profile, they leave things cordial but as Sorgan isn’t big enough for two deadly loners — and Cara was there first — Mando (and the kid) need to find another planet seek refuge in.

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However, before Mando can depart for a new haven, two villagers from the cold open (comedian Asif Ali and Eugene Cordero a.k.a. Pillboi from The Good Place) approach, asking for help defending their village from Klatoonians and offering all the money they have. Mando has no interest in hearing them out until he learns of their very remote locale — which just so happens to be what he and new surrogate son are looking for.

Taking their money, Mando recruits Cara for the mission. Upon arrival at the small village, a group of children immediately fawn over Baby Yoda and… same. The woman from the cold open, Omera, who seems to be a village leader, helps Mando get settled in the barn while her daughter, Winta, and Baby Yoda immediately hit it off.

Omera, clearly taken with the mysterious bounty hunter, inquires about his helmet. Somewhat unusual for the guarded bounty hunter, Mando casually opens up, telling her he hasn’t taken his helmet off in front of another person since he was a kid. It also appears he isn’t a native Mandalorian as he shares he was taken in by Mandalorians after his parents were killed.

While doing recon in the nearby forest, Mando and Cara spot the infamous track of an AT-ST, the deadly walker historically used by Imperial forces. This isn’t good for the villagers and Mando tells them as much, announcing the “bad news” that they have to relocate. However, the villagers are insistent on wanting to fight the Klatoonians for their home alongside Mando and Cara. Relenting, the pair train the villagers how to fight and create protections around their home. Naturally, Omera reveals herself to be a remarkable shot. Having thoroughly trained and prepared the village for battle, Mando and Cara ambush the Klatoonians at their camp, attacking them and blowing up their supply tent, activating the AT-ST. They lead the deadly walker back to the village, where the villagers wait at the ready. The children (including Baby Yoda) are safely tucked away from the battleground.

The plan hinges on the AT-ST falling into the moat they’ve dug. However the AT-ST doesn’t fall for their plan and the fight ensues, the villagers and their hired guns against the Klatoonians and their AT-ST. At the bank of the moat, the AT-ST is showing no signs of succumbing to their plan, prompting Cara use herself as bait and lure it into the moat. After an intense one on one with the deadly machinery, Cara is able to shoot the AT-ST into the water, where Mando blows it up. Their powerful weapon eliminated, the Klatoonians hastily retreat.

In the aftermath of the battle, the villagers and their guests have settled nicely. Baby Yoda learns that frogs are friends, not food — courtesy of the village children. While Omera remarks at how well Baby Yoda is fitting in in the village, it seems the fresh air is also doing Mando quite well. Now that he has quasi-friends, the bounty hunter is opening up even more about his helmet situation. When Cara inquires what would happen if Mando removed his helmet, the bounty hunter reveals that once he takes his helmet off, he can’t ever put it back on.

While his simple explanation clearly contains a storied, emotional history for the bounty hunter, Cara completely misses it. She responds, “That’s it? So you can slip off the helmet and settle down with that beautiful young widow and raise your kid sitting here sipping spotchka?”

You can’t see his exact expression because, you know, the helmet, but Mando shoots his new BFF a very sour look before hastily changing the subject. He remarks that word of the battle will surely spread meaning it’s time for him to move on — alone. Mando intimates that Baby Yoda is better off in the village, cared for by the loving community, than in a life on the road with a bounty hunter. Plus, he’s safe now.

Except that is not the case at all, as a cloaked figure with a beeping fob walks through the forest of Sorgan, inching towards the remote village.

While Mando prepares to break Omera’s heart, she reveals that the community (and her) want him to stay, and intimately goes to remove his helmet. However, Mando tells her that while Baby Yoda belongs in the village, he doesn’t. Their lamentable non-breakup is interrupted by a commotion on the edge of the forest, where Cara killed the cloaked bounty hunter during their attempt to assassinate Baby Yoda.

Mando picks up the hunter’s fob and realizes the bounty hunters now know where Baby Yoda is. The adorable little guy is no longer safe in the village. As Winta and Baby Yoda share a tearful goodbye, Mando and Omera bid a brief, stoic farewell, silently mourning what could have been. Having enjoyed their dalliance with a quiet, normal life — and just a touch of danger — Mando and Baby Yoda are officially back on the road.

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