Two members of the crew go missing and Lewis takes up a new hobby
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Now that Gail is officially Carol’s mom, she’s officially treating her like one — which means she’s trying to make poor, uninterested Gail take a family photo, complete with matching outfits. Oh, and those matching outfits involve white overalls and turtleneck sweaters. Who wouldn’t want to participate?

At first, Gail outright rejects the idea, saying she’d do it if she could wear her own clothes. So Tandy and Carol, always looking for the loophole, put on some clothes to match Gail’s outfit, and sneak up on her with a camera and a selfie stick. This doesn’t work out so well, either: Gail catches on quickly and refuses to open her eyes for the multiple takes. Usually it’s the mom who’s making her kids take the awkward Sears-style holiday photos, but Carol and Tandy are basically the entire crew’s annoying parents, so this dynamic feels natural.

Later, Gail escapes to the windy roof with a glass of wine to get some alone time. Carol finds her and the two have a mild blowout that ends with Gail grounding Carol. Carol quickly goes from playing the role of overbearing parent to angsty teenager, holing up in her room and pasting (open!) googly eyes on Gail’s face in all the “family” photos. Leave it to Carol to make her holiday-card dreams come true even during what’s supposed to be punishment.

Meanwhile, Melissa’s trying to make her much bigger dreams come true: She breaks up with Todd since he doesn’t want to have a kid with her, and then asks — well, demands — the other guys to impregnate her. This does not work out well, especially with Tandy, who sweetly pledges his allegiance to his wife. The fact Melissa totes around a baby doll she calls Aldon in a baby bjorn doesn’t exactly make the case for having extramarital sex with her.

And then there’s Lewis, who found a flight simulator and is trying it out in hopes he’ll get good enough one day to fly an actual plane to Tokyo and search for Mark. In last week’s episode, he kept shooting down Tandy’s suggestions that Mark could still be alive, but here he is, having enough faith to take on a totally crazy hobby on the off chance it ends in him finding his partner. Also, there’s nothing else to do. But still! Romance is real.

At this point, Carol’s starting to enjoy her timeout. So when Tandy interrupts it, she gets mad, scolding him for not understanding the importance of alone time — meaning she’s learned her lesson! Gail would be so proud. Too bad Gail is stuck in an elevator.


Carol does notice her new mom is missing, but everyone is soon distracted by something else. Todd finds Melissa outside pulling the doll out of the water, and gives her a rom-com-appropriate speech about how she can keep pushing him away but he’s going to keep coming back because he loves her. The line doesn’t work on Melissa and she walks away, unimpressed. Soon after, they all find the baby doll alone on her bed with a note that says “Goodbye.”

This is worrisome for a few reasons, the biggest one being Melissa is clearly not okay. She spends the entire episode treating this doll like a real human and doesn’t respond to these people she loves trying to help her. It’s pretty scary, and even scarier once you remember her affinity for weapons. But, hey: At least Aldon is safe!

Episode grade: B

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