The Tucson crew is about to get a little bigger.
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It finally happened: The first baby of the new world is on its way.

Most of the ladies of Malibu aren’t too keen on having children, but not wanting to have children doesn’t mean they won’t have children, as we found out in the final few seconds when Erica reveals the big news. Congratulations would be in order for the new mom-to-be, but she’s not seeming too jazzed about it just yet, so we’ll put those on hold.

Melissa is likely breathing a sigh of relief at this point that she’s not the pregnant one, as she is adamant that she doesn’t want to bring a child into this world they’re living in — even after Carol presents her a drawing of what a child with Todd would look like (basically a human version of the baby dinosaur from Dinosaurs, if you’re wondering). Todd’s bummed about this, Carol’s bummed about this, and their tiny society is suddenly becoming a place where convincing people to have babies is a totally normal thing to do.

For the record, it’s not a normal — or appropriate — thing to do, especially because each side makes sense in its own way. The pro-baby ones want to bring more life into the world in hopes that they’ll build society back up, while the anti-baby ones don’t want to have children in a place where there aren’t doctors, where there isn’t fresh food, where there is, quite honestly, nothing for them. Gail’s solution is to just ignore all of this and to live in the now, an appealing option for the situation they’re in. Except Phil’s not having it.

Phil’s tired of having to be the hero for everyone, and he’s tired of being the only one thinking about the future. The whole baby discussion doesn’t even come up until Phil suggests that Malibu isn’t a sustainable place for them to live and raise children, an opinion that doesn’t go over too well with the Malibu-loving crowd. Also, the Malibu-loving crowd appears to constantly be drinking, so that probably contributes to their desire to stay there forever. Who wouldn’t want to live in a beach house on the water and spend the days sipping margaritas with your buds?

Phil’s frustration peaks when Tandy asks him to help stop a live wire, a request that escalates into an argument about who Carol should be with. Phil doesn’t understand why she’s with Tandy; Tandy says that Phil better just get used to it. And then Phil punches him. Because that is definitely going to make him more attractive to the seemingly pacifist Carol.

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This punch was a long time coming, to be honest — let’s not forget that Phil left Tandy for dead at the end of last season. He didn’t seem to feel guilty about that, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t feel guilty about clocking him: The rest of the crew tries to punish him, but he refuses to give in (this is a very strong justice system they have going here, obviously). Instead, he packs up and says he’s leaving. And he asks Carol to come with him.

Carol stares at him during this proposal, shocked as everyone else — Tandy included — sitting around the car Phil’s about to take off in. But before she can give him an answer, Erica walks up and steals the spotlight with her pregnancy news. Guess Phil’s stuck in Malibu after all.

Last thoughts on The Last Man on Earth

  • Gail goes from a high point to a low, low point in a matter of minutes: One second, she’s excitedly chanting “YOLO,” and the next, she’s cuddling up to a medical dummy dressed as Gordon. If Last Man did a horror episode, that image of the two “snuggling” in bed would be a good place to start.
  • Tandy kicks off the episode by blow-drying his beard, proving that Tandy — of all people — puts more care into his facial hair than most people put into the hair on their head.
  • Carol didn’t immediately say “no” to Phil, so I’m wondering if there was a part of her that was considering going with him. But at this point, he’s lost his dreaminess: He has a short temper, thinks punching people is A-okay, and isn’t the most emotionally caring. Say no, Carol. Say no.

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