By Ken Tucker
Updated May 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Good Wife had a fascinating legal case about a rock star who went into a coma after… oh, come on: What we really cared about last night was, who was going to be named to the junior associate position, Julianna Margulies’ Alicia or Matt Czuchry’s Cary? That, and what was Vernon Jordan doing making a cameo appearance?

This superb episode of The Good Wife really paid off on the competition that had been set up at the start of the series.

We saw the three crucial issues that Josh Charles’ Will and Christine Baranski’s Diane had to weigh in making their decision (that would be… money, new clients, and the best person for the job). We saw how faux-gracious Cary was planning to be in victory, and how his true nature revealed itself once the boom was lowered on him. (That glare he gave Alicia as he stalked out was nicely chilling.)

And best of all, we witnessed Alicia’s various stages toward job advancement. Feeling guilty about plotting shamelessly for the job. Being advised by Eli Gold that she must plot shamelessly for the job. (Thank goodness Alan Cumming is going to be a series regular next season.) And how, now that she has the job, she owes Eli a favor for his client Peter, and we’re left to ponder how that squares with her feelings toward her naughty, ambitious husband. Margulies played all these reactions with swift skill.

(Sidebar, your honor: Lawyer, business executive, and civil rights activist Vernon Jordan made a brief, amusing appearance as someone Will and Diane thought might become a third partner in the firm. Whoops — turned out Jordan thought he was there to consider buying out the entire firm. Thanks, here’s your hat, we’ll call ya, Vernon.)

Anyway, I think this outcome is great for Czuchry, too. He hasn’t{C} had a lot to do in recent episodes. But now Cary is free to become a rich, finely detailed adversary (“villain” is too crude a word to use in the context of The Good Wife‘s sophisticated view of the world), seeking revenge not just on Alicia but on the firm itself.

Plus, more great moments for Archie Punjabi’s Kalinda! She toyed with that faintly scuzzy police detective like a cat with a ball of scuzzy yarn. Is there nothing this woman cannot do?

All in all, a first-rate hour, I thought. How about you? Did things turn out the way you thought they would?

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