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In case you all didn’t know, this season, we’re dealing with “New Alicia.” Here’s what we know about her: 

• She reports only to herself.

• She has swapped wine for tequila.

• She’s much calmer than Old Alicia.

• She has no problem using Peter for sex.

• She’s clearly a little turned on by danger (especially when it looks like Jason).

And you know what? I like her. As Lucca can attest, it’s hard to imagine that Alicia used to be even more tightly wound than she is now, but it’s about time. After seven seasons, there’s only so much Alicia can do to handle the circus that constantly surrounds her life, so why not drink tequila and go with the flow? Now all we need is for Eli to join her. 

This week, the central case brings together Louis Canning, Diane and Cary, and Alicia. Canning is representing the victim of a car accident who’s now paralyzed as a result of the crash. Diane and Cary are representing the CEO of the car company that created some super-fancy self-driving car that was involved in the crash. And then there’s Alicia, brought into the fold by Canning, who’s representing Tim, the man behind the wheel of the self-driving car at the time of the accident. Now, it’s time to play the blame game in depositions.

But not until after Alicia sits in for the first time on the Chicago Election Board. Remember when Frank Landau told her that her first vote would have to be a no? Well, this is what he was referencing. And turns out, the vote is about election machines. Craig Hallman wants to replace the current contractor — KLT — for election machines with a new one. Frank, of course, wants to keep KLT. Alicia does as she was asked and votes no…but that’s only the beginning of this madness.

More on that later. First, Alicia has to deal with two things: 

1. Jason, whom she invites over for a drink. 

2. A new article that’s (correctly) reporting that she and Peter haven’t shared a bed in three years. 

First up, Jason comes over and joins Alicia for some tequila, where she asks him to sign a release for liability. You know, in case he hurts himself. (Read: Beats someone up.) Of course, Jason sees right through it, but he signs it anyway. And once that’s out of the way, Alicia invites him to stay for dinner — frozen tacos, to be exact. (Any man who can make “frozen tacos” sound sexy should definitely stay for dinner.)

But because Peter is the worst, he shows up just in time to ruin the evening. Yeah, Alicia might want to check her messages, because if she did, she’d know that Peter’s going to be staying with her through Friday. As for Jason, we get this oh-so-sexy exchange: 

Alicia: “We’ll talk, right?”

Jason: “Always.”

NEXT: Jackie has an announcement to make

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Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, and Chris Noth star in the legal/family drama.
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