Alicia faces two worthy adversaries: the FBI ... and her mother
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Closing Arguments
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If The Good Wife has taught me anything, it’s that I’m never moving to Chicago and getting involved in politics, because these people know how to stab one another in the back. (To be fair, that’s not Chicago specific.) At this point, we’re smack in the middle of a tangled web of lies and deceit … so it’s a good thing that it makes for good drama.

We kick things off with Howard arriving at Alicia’s apartment looking for a lawyer. Thankfully, Alicia knows better than to side with Howard against Lockhart Agos, so she sends him on his way with a bit of free advice: If he wants to file an ageism suit, he needs to do two things.

1. He has to start actually working (read: wearing pants) so they can’t fire him.

2. He needs to keep a journal of every instance of ageism.

But Howard leaves Alicia’s with more than just a game plan. He also leaves with a crush on Jackie, which by episode’s end will turn into a first date and then a full-blown relationship that helps him bring in a new client to the firm. And when someone brings in $33 million in annual billing, it’s pretty much impossible to fire them. Well played, Howard.

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Meanwhile, Eli is off trying to deal with Ruth, who has decided that she wants Alicia and Veronica to go on Mama’s Homespun Cooking, a show in which Veronica will teach Alicia one of her best recipes. You know, woman stuff.

Eli, knowing exactly what Ruth is going to get, convinces both women to do the show, which results in Veronica bringing up Alicia’s marital struggles on live TV, and giving Ruth a taste of what it’s like to deal with this family. Sorry, Ruth, but everyone knows you cannot control Veronica.

NEXT: Alicia vs. FBI

At bond court, Alicia and Lucca are handed a pair of men charged with creating GHB. Lucca has the dealer and Alicia has Roland, the guy who actually made the substance. And when the state offers for one of the men to take a one-year deal, Alicia and Lucca are off to the races to convince their client to throw the other under the bus. However, when Alicia discovers that they didn’t actually make GHB but something with a different chemical make-up, she convinces Lucca to plead not guilty. And here’s where things get really interesting.

Long story short, Alicia eventually discovers that her client is an undercover FBI agent who is working a two-year case to catch the judge for corruption. The plan is to offer the judge a deal to dismiss the trial. Only, when Alicia moves for dismissal, the judge denies her. So now the question is: Who tipped off the judge? Well, in Chicago, it could really be anybody, but this time, it’s none other than Eli Gold, who gave the judge a heads up in exchange for help with Frank Landau.

Lastly, we have the issue of Diane vs. Alicia. After Diane convinces the equity partners to give Alicia some of their case overload, David overhears Howard calling Alicia about his ageism suit. Of course, Howard was telling Alicia that he wasn’t intending on pursuing, but David only hears the first part of the call, which results in Diane heading to Alicia’s apartment and once again ruining their friendship. (I miss the days of Diane and Alicia enjoying each other’s company at the bar. Come on, guys. Do it for Will!)

But at least Alicia still has Lucca. By the end of the hour, Alicia is the one getting handed more cases in bond court, but she does the right thing and makes sure Lucca gets a few of hers. See? Sharing is caring, Chicago.

All I’m left wondering is: Where is Jason?!

What did you all think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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Closing Arguments
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