Alicia works a case in Canada while Peter is put in handcuffs...again
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Closing Arguments
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Including tonight’s episode, The Good Wife only has four left until it bids its final farewell. So at this point, you can expect for certain long-running story lines to come back into play. The perfect example? This week not only saw Peter’s arrest, but it also looped back to the ongoing NSA drama.

We start in Canada, where Jeff Dellinger is on the phone with fellow former NSA employee Tyler Hopkins, who’s assuring Jeff that he can get through U.S. Customs without any issues so that he can attend his mother’s funeral in Arizona. Spoiler: Tyler is wrong, and the NSA is listening to this very conversation as they speak. Sensing something’s off, Jeff makes it to his Customs booth only to immediately turn back around and try to return to Canada. But when U.S. officers try to arrest him, Canadian offers step in. Long story short, we have a jurisdiction dispute.

But that’s only one reason why Alicia’s phone is ringing off the hook when she decides it’s time to tell Jason that she’s divorcing Peter. She immediately explains that her decision has nothing to do with Jason — and that she expects nothing — but when her phone won’t stop ringing, she has to pick up. Not only is Dellinger being held at the airport in Toronto, but Eli is on the other line waiting to tell Alicia that Peter is being arrested right now.

Correction: Peter is being arrested tomorrow. They manage to talk Connor Fox into a more “dignified” arrest at noon the next day so that Peter can attend a meeting on homeland security. And thankfully, Alicia will be back by then. (So yeah, I guess she agreed to his one last favor of standing by his side through all of this.)

With that, Alicia and Lucca head to (a very clean) Canada. But when Alicia has an international law question and Cary’s no longer around to answer it, Diane points her in Jason’s direction. By some miracle, he picks up his phone and explains to her that the U.S. Border Protection can only detain Jeff if he made a false or deceptive statement. Regardless, they’re bringing in a justice of the peace to decide the issue, and that won’t happen until tomorrow. So for now, Alicia has to get home.

And by the time she arrives at her apartment, Eli, Peter, and Michael are already planning out Peter’s arrest plan. They decide that the kids won’t attend just as Connor Fox knocks on Alicia’s door. He found out that the homeland security meeting was a lie, so not only is Peter going to be arrested right now, but there are countless news trucks lined up outside. In a moment of panic — and of truly being a “good wife” — Alicia runs to closet to get a tie for Peter and a jacket to cover the cuffs. I have to say, I never thought I’d see Alicia get defensive of Peter, but I believed her when she said, “You will not embarrass my husband.”

The next day, Alicia returns to Canada to join Lucca and Jeff as they deal with the oh-so-polite Canadian hearings. Their justice of the peace is a woman named Nora Valentine who calls America the “land of guns and gangs.” She’s a Canadian elitist alright, and I kind of love her.

The most important part of this hearing is when Jeff notifies Alicia not to use her phone. FINALLY, someone tips Alicia off that the NSA is always listening.

After Lucca and Alicia prove that Jeff never lied to U.S. Customs, the prosecution moves for extradition, claiming that Jeff is wanted for violations of the Espionage Act. He’s accused of stealing and disseminating classified documents while working for the NSA. This, of course, is referring to the time he accidently took a jump drive home in his backpack. And when Alicia claims they have a witness, we get our first taste of the Canadian NSA. In case you weren’t already confused, now there are two countries listening in!

Alicia flies Tyler to Toronto, where he speaks to the fact that the jump drive was an accident. But when the prosecution plays a recording of Tyler and Jeff talking about the murder of Massoud Tahan — the top secret panel Alicia sat on — Dellinger is accused of taking that information and leaking it to WikiLeaks, a.k.a. the thing that Terrence Hicks was fired for.

The real kicker? When Alicia asks Jeff if he did it, he says yes. And yet, when Alicia asks to cross-examine Tyler on the matter, Tyler reveals that the NSA has been using Alicia’s cell as a hot mic. SHE KNOWS! It’s about time. Now, the question is how she and Lucca will deal with defending a man they know to be guilty.

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Well, they actually do it pretty well. After the justice decides there’s sufficient evidence to substantiate the espionage charge and approves the extradition, Alicia requests asylum. Basically, Jeff would live in Canada as opposed to going to jail in the U.S. And when the head of the CSE — the Canadian version of the NSA — is listening in, Alicia and Lucca get an idea.

Basically, they use the CSE’s bugs against them and claim — over the phone, of course – that U.S. doesn’t want Canada to have Dellinger because of his knowledge of how the NSA works. And just like that, Dellinger is granted asylum and Alicia returns home.

Back home, things are even more complicated. Peter has been released, and Alicia is standing by him. And when he tells her that the plea deal is three years in prison, she’s forced to face the fact that he’s correct when he says, “So, we’re right back where we started, huh?” (Translation: “I’m still a horrible husband, huh?” Oh! What if this show were called The Horrible Husband instead of The Good Wife? I’d support it. Wait, unless it meant more Peter.)

And while we’re talking about Alicia’s horrible husband, Michael hires Jason to do a bit of digging on what the prosecution has on Peter. Jason meets with Cary, who reveals that the Locke case ended in a mistrial because the bullets went missing. Some people suspected the lead prosecutor, but Cary suspected the lab was sloppy. Either way, Jason figures they’re going to say Peter ordered someone — likely the lead prosecutor – to get rid of those bullets.

After Cary drops an ominous “people change” line to Jason, Jason asks if Peter has reason to be concerned about Cary’s testimony. His response? “Only if he has reason to be concerned about the truth.” (So yes.)

And that marks the end of Jason helping Peter. Peter requests they find a new investigator right about the time he finally tells Eli about the divorce. Peter says they’re putting it in place now but won’t activate until after the trial.

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Moving from a horrible husband to a good one, Kurt tells Diane that he’s selling his business so that he can move in with her full-time. In other news, these two have been married for three years and haven’t lived together!

Diane agrees to review the contract with his buyer, but when said buyer turns out to be a young blonde who’s paying 30 percent less than the company is worth, Diane literally tells her to “go f— yourself.”

Of course, Kurt isn’t happy with Diane, considering that the buyer was an old student of his and it was a deal he shook on, but eventually, he comes around. He agrees to look for another buyer because he loves his wife. And Kurt? Well, he makes Diane happy. (And I love those two so much.)

Our last bit of relationship drama comes from Alicia and Jason. Jason wants to know why Alicia’s leaving Peter, but she says it’s simply because she wants to, because of “everything.” Jason claims he wants things to be simple. As for Alicia, when Jason presses and again asks what she wants, she simply says, “You.” And can you blame her?

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