Jason meets Alicia's family...and Peter might have a secret love child?
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Closing Arguments
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This might be one of my favorite Good Wife openings ever. Sure, it helps that it involves a shirtless Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but another part of it is how very happy Alicia is. Not too many episodes ago, we were watching her question everything about her life as she drank her misery away, one glass of tequila at a time. But now, she’s replaced tequila with sex, and you know what? That sounds like the ideal rehab if you ask me.

We start with a nice little montage of Alicia and Jason’s “lost weekend,” where they walk around half-naked, enjoy some shower sex, eat pizza half-naked, and generally get to know each other. At this point, Alicia not only understands the “non-verbal Jason signs,” but they’re finally talking about Peter. As Alicia puts it, “We have an arrangement.” So yeah, they only stay together for their careers.

Just as Alicia and Jason are getting back to their sexytime underneath the sheets, Alicia’s mother rings the doorbell. As far as Veronica’s concerned, 3 p.m. on a Sunday is the perfect time to head over to your daughter’s apartment and inform her that you’ve fallen victim to yet another money scheme.

Of course, Veronica immediately gets distracted when she meets Jason Crouse (in all his tattooed glory). And from there, things only get worse for Alicia. First, Owen shows up with bagels. Then, Veronica informs her children that she lost $100,000. THEN, Owen and Veronica won’t let Jason leave. That’s followed by the arrival of Eli, Mike, and Tom — the “service dog” — who ask Alicia to appear at the grand jury hearing tomorrow to show support — and finally, the arrival of Alicia’s subpoena, not to mention the teenage messenger whom Veronica invites inside to join the party.

And let’s not forget this gem that Veronica said to Jason about three minutes after meeting him, “It’s all about the orgasm.” #thanksmom

The next day, we meet Connor Fox, the prosecutor who’s going after Peter. For what? Well, that’s what Mike and Eli want to know. And right now, all they’ve got to go off of is the fact that Ruth is the first witness called. According to Tom, she made a deal.

While Alicia helps Eli and Mike figure out what the grand jury hearing is about, Jason’s called in to help with Veronica’s situation. Although, from what he can tell, it seems she simply made a bad investment in some riverboat casinos. At least until Veronica mentions that her Social Security number was stolen last year. Fun fact: There’s something called a “suckers list,” and con men actually trade them.

With that, Jason gets Owen and Veronica to pay another visit to Gino, the man who made her last “investment.” At Gino’s, they mention another $90,000 that they’re looking to invest. And when he bites, well, let’s just say Jason seems confident he’s going to get Veronica’s money back.

But that’s not Jason’s only concern this episode. After Alicia discovers that you can hear what’s happening in the grand jury room from the courthouse’s handicap bathroom, she tips Eli off — it’s illegal for her to listen but not him. By the end of Ruth’s testimony, Eli realizes they’re targeting something with Lloyd Garber in 2012, which means they have to be going after corrupt fundraising practices.

Mike then uses that knowledge to get Roland Hlavin to mention “the payoff.” And that’s where Jason comes in.

NEXT: A secret love child?

But wait! There’s more. Eli hears mention of what sounds like “the lock” or “v lock,” so Jason quickly starts looking into whether there’s a case of the People v. Lock. And he finds something.

Eli, rushing to talk to Cary, asks Cary about the People v. Richard Lock, a case in which Cary was one of the prosecutors. It was a murder trial where Richard Lock was accused of murdering his girlfriend’s ex. It ended in a mistrial, but the unusual thing was that Lock — or Locke? — had an amazing defense team. Apparently, the rumor was that Lock’s father was

“someone who mattered.” SO DOES PETER HAVE A POTENTIALLY MURDEROUS LOVE CHILD? I’d believe it.

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The other bit of news this week: It looks like David and Cary’s paranoia is not misplaced. When Diane takes Alicia out to lunch, she informs her that she’s no longer trying to take over the firm with female partners…at least not intentionally. In a moment that instantly made me cry because I cannot hear his name, Diane tells Alicia that Cary “is no Will Gardner.” Not surprisingly, Alicia’s more fit to fill Will’s shoes than anyone.

As Diane sees it, Cary is holding them back, and she’s proposing that she and Alicia work together to buy Cary out. (But what about David Lee?)

Alicia takes the proposal to Lucca as she looks for advice. Alicia agrees that the firm needs a bit more of an identity, but how should she handle this? Lucca’s advice: Tell Cary. (After all, he’s your friend.)

After Alicia turns down a drink — a sentence I never thought I’d write — she heads home to watch more of Roar with Jason…at least until her mother rings the doorbell wanting to thank Jason for his help. (FYI Veronica, your daughter’s already doing a good job of that.)

Wait, can we also talk about the moment Alicia accidentally said “Jason” instead of “Will”? What does it all mean? Is Jason the new Will in her life? Will I ever stop crying?

What did you all think of the hour? What did you think of that last slip-up? Hit the comments with your thoughts, or cry with me on Twitter @samhighfill.

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