A grouchy neighbor forces Alicia and Lucca to consider a business offer
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Closing Arguments
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This week, The Good Wife is all about the power of neighbors, particularly the really angry ones. And for Alicia, we’re talking about the woman who lives in 603. After Alicia’s building reworks the elevator map, apparently it becomes very easy for people to think Alicia lives in apartment 603, as opposed to apartment 903. And that leads to a handful of clients being yelled at for their mistake and, as a result, contemplating returning to Lockhart, Agos & Lee. But that’s only one issue.

The other issue this week comes from Rowby, an old friend of Alicia. Rowby brings Cary and Alicia together to help him on a music case. It seems that Rowby has a very popular children’s song — it has more than 1 million hits on YouTube — that his former record label claims belongs to them.

Once again going up against Andrea Stevens, Lucca, Alicia, and Cary reject the label’s cease and desist, but sadly for them, that only results in the record company suing Rowby for breach of contract, seeking $3.1 million in damages. So yes, Rowby might have found the next great love of his life in Lucca, but he has bigger issues to worry about at the moment.

Meanwhile, it’s Monica who’s currently first in the running for employee of the month at Lockart, Agos & Lee. Out to lunch with Bea Wilson — their former client who now belongs to Alicia — Monica senses Bea’s unhappiness with the fact that Alicia works out of her apartment (and has miserable neighbors). Seeing an opportunity, Diane and David invite Bea to come back to their firm. And Bea isn’t the only client they attempt to steal back.

Of course, Alicia’s unaware of all of this, because when she isn’t handling Rowby’s case, she’s busy avoiding Eli at all costs. Once again Peter’s Chief of Staff, Eli says his goodbyes to Ruth, who’s off to handle congressional races. But she does leave Eli with a warning: Returning to governor after running for president leaves a target on Peter’s back. Eli needs to be careful.

With that in mind, Eli attempts to talk to Alicia about “potential political problems,” but she simply shuts the door in his face. However, she won’t shut the door in Marissa’s face, and knowing that, Eli tells his daughter that she should ask Alicia for a job.

However, it takes one mention of Eli’s name for Alicia to essentially throw Marissa out of her apartment, sending Marissa right back to her father looking for answers.

When Eli mentions that he erased a voicemail from a man who loved Alicia, Marissa immediately knows he’s talking about Will. How? “I have eyes,” she says. So Marissa’s not blind, but she’s also not one to stand by and watch her father in pain. More on that later.

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Back in court, once we make it through the “what is pop music” debate, the record company tries to prove that Rowby wrote his hit song while still under contract. But thanks to a little help from the time zones, the judge dismisses the case, and we finally learn what kind of man Lucca’s into. Turns out, she loves herself an artist … though she loses interest quickly. That’s why she takes Rowby back to her place immediately following their victory.

Elsewhere, Grace attends a Homeowner’s Association meeting after the woman in 603 tries to have Alicia evicted for running a business out of her home. Thanks to some wise words from Marissa, Grace does some digging and begins revealing everyone’s secrets: The other neighbor who runs a business out of his apartment, the fact that 603 technically sublets her apartment, and finally, the guy who loves hosting call girls. So yeah, the eviction’s not happening. #GoGraceGo

Sadly, Rowby isn’t quite as successful as Grace. With the first case dismissed, the record company brings up a new charge, suing Rowby for copyright infringement and asking for $2.8 million in damages. They claim that Rowby’s hit song is very similar to another children’s song, which therefore means he stole it. And this time, the judge goes against Rowby … as does Lucca, who returns to “real life” after her brief rendezvous with the singer.

With the case now behind them, Lucca and Alicia have to focus on the fact that their clients could be leaving them, something they finally discover when Lucca sees one of their clients leaving Lockhart, Agos & Lee. But the solution could be simple: Cary shows up on Alicia’s doorstep with an offer. The clients seem to want Alicia and Lucca as lawyers but with the infrastructure of a big firm. Cary’s idea? Alicia and Lucca join Lockhart, Agos. (What, no Lee?)

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Alicia, not surprisingly, is against the idea, but Lucca would like to discuss it. That discussion, however, will have to wait until Marissa gets a moment with Alicia. Now knowing what her father did, Marissa asks Alicia to forgive her father. But as Alicia explains, “It hurt me,” so Eli can’t expect anything more from her at this point. Marissa still asks that Alicia simply call Eli and say he’s forgiven, but the answer is no. Alicia’s not budging on this one.

Just like that, the week comes to an end, just like Grace’s time working for her mother.

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