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Oh, the tangled webs we weave! Especially when we’re using the Internet for illegal activities. That’s the central point of this episode, “The Deep Web,” which finds Alicia having a chance encounter with a handsome businessman at jury duty. I recently had jury duty, but it certainly did not feature a meet-cute with a successful dude. Maybe next time? Anyway, Alicia was quickly dismissed, courtesy of her profession and connection with Governor Peter Florrick. But not before she met Daniel Irwin (Nestor Carbonell). They hit it off immediately — but let’s hit pause on that for a second.

After Alicia was excused from jury duty, she tried to go back to work. But Cary insisted that she take the day off. (He’s a sweetie, that one.) But as it turns out Alicia doesn’t really know how to take a day off. She tried to watch TV, but couldn’t get it to play even after Zach coached her over the phone. (We’ve all been there with our parents, Zach.) Eventually, she gave up and tried to go to work for her scarf and laptop. Cary wouldn’t let her past the elevator, though, since he knew she’d try to work if she had her computer. At a loss for things to do, Alicia broke down and agreed to go to lunch with her mom: “Wow. You really are bored,” she said to herself.

So off she went to see Veronica (Stockard Channing). That was the first time Alicia had seen her mother since Will’s death, and Veronica offered her condolences. Everything just sort of spiraled from there. Alicia’s spinning, and she doesn’t know what to do with her life. She said she’s not sure she even wants to be a lawyer anymore. But the mother/daughter heart-to-heart was cut short when Veronica’s newest boy toy, Logan (Murray Bartlett), showed up to join them for lunch.

Alicia went back to court in an effort to find her mystery jury duty man. And before she could talk herself out of what she was doing, she bumped into Daniel. She lied, and said she thought she left her wallet behind, but then agreed to get lunch with him. (Double lunches — but she didn’t actually eat with her mom.)

It went well. The two have obvious chemistry, but Alicia was still freaking out. She even exited mid-lunch to have a mini-meltdown in the bathroom. Things got more awkward for Alicia when Daniel tried to pay for the meal, and she insisted that she cover the tab. She was caught in her own lie about losing her wallet. But Daniel didn’t care. He asked her to come back to the restaurant later that night to have a drink. “I like you. I think you’re funny. I’d want a drink with you if you were a man or chimpanzee.” (Flattering, right?) Anyway, they left it at that. He’d be at the restaurant at 7 p.m., and he hoped she’d join him.

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In the meantime, Alicia went back home to watch some terrible TV. (The same fake show they’ve been playing throughout the season.) Veronica joined her at the apartment to apologize for Logan’s interruption. This led to a pretty sweet moment. It’s become clear over the series that Alicia and her mother rarely see eye to eye. But sometimes, no matter how old you are, you just need your mom to hold you while you cry. So Alicia did just that while she reiterated her insecurities.

On that note, she left to meet Daniel for a drink. But before pulling the trigger and going inside, Alicia had an interesting conversation with herself. Yes, Alicia did a lot of talking to herself this episode: “It’s one drink. Why is that a problem? Who am I being faithful to?” In the end, she decided to leave. And that’s how the episode ended.

The closest thing we got to a case of the week was a situation at Lockhart/Gardner. Finn Polmar brought in Robbie Pollard (Christopher Imbrosciano), the grandson of one of Diane’s biggest clients, Lyle Pollard (Robert Klein). At first, it appeared that Robbie was just involved in selling pot — but really, Finn wanted to question him about his involvement in Silk Road, the black market for criminals. They’d traced approximately $39,000 from Silk Road to Robbie’s computer, indicating he was employed by the website. Finn & Co. were threatening Robbie with four to 15 years in prison for a class 1 felony.

But they didn’t immediately arrest Robbie because they wanted his cooperation in identifying the top dog at Silk Road, and were hoping he’d take a plea deal. Robbie has cerebral palsy, so Diane took that opportunity to play up Louis Canning’s disease: “You don’t want to be seen strong-arming a kid with cerebral palsy. Especially one who has an attorney like Louis Canning.” (I think that’s the only time Diane has not rolled her eyes as Canning described his disorder.) But Finn didn’t let that rattle him. He reminded Diane that if Robbie worked on Silk Road in his grandfather’s basement, they could freeze Lyle Pollard’s assets, which would be detrimental for one of the firm’s top clients.

Robbie eventually owned up to writing reviews on the site to get sales moving. Polmar said they had a witness, so Robbie really had no choice but to come clean. He swore that he didn’t sell or sample the product and that all of his reviews were fake. Still, Robbie abetted in the sale of $1.2 billion is drug sales, which effectively made him an accessory. Now about that witness: enter Corsica (Laura Campbell). Robbie said he offered to write her a review if she ever sold anything on Silk Road. So Kalinda went to check out Corsica’s story and figure out what she told the police.

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Corsica did tell the police that Robbie was involved in Silk Road, but she didn’t tell them all she knew: that he invented the website. And the plot thickens. Robbie said he told Corsica that just to impress her, but it was a classic case of he said/she said. So Kalinda began her investigation to find someone higher up in the anonymous world of Silk Road.

Kalinda caught a break when she matched the signature of the presumed Silk Road boss to one on an Amazon review. That lead them to Jeremy Barba. And with a conviction, Finn agreed to let Robbie off with one year of probation and no jail time. But when they went to arrest Barba, he was found murdered in his apartment. (It was a murder for hire, purchased from Silk Road.) Corsica’s pot label was found at the scene of the crime, which led them back to her. She also had photos of the crime scene in her cloud. Either Robbie was running the show, or she was trying to set him up.

Back to the he said/she said battle we went. Kalinda did some more digging and found a common denominator in several of the emails: The word “purchase” was misspelled in several instances, consistent with a mistake made by the same voice recognition software that Robbie used. Uh oh. So he was the guilty party after all. Diane felt like she had no choice but to withdraw as Robbie’s lawyer. And that was a red flag to Finn. He called Alicia to see if this was out of character for Diane, and Alicia confirmed his suspicions: Diane would never suborn perjury. And that’s where the case ended in the episode. So I imagine that’s not the last we’ve seen of that.

When Diane wasn’t dealing with the high-profile Pollard case, she was worried that David Lee and Louis Canning were still in cahoots. And she wasn’t wrong to be worried. In the wake of Will’s death, Diane’s assistant had been passing off her clients to David and Canning. Diane promptly fired her assistant, and asked Kalinda to help her figure out if any moves were being made against her before she took any action.

David assured Diane he wasn’t trying to horn in on her business, but just trying to help. If we’ve learned anything over the course of this series, though, it’s that David Lee can’t be trusted. In an effort to get to the bottom of their scheming, Diane confronted David Lee and Louis Canning. They claimed they weren’t icing her out, but simply estate planning. That’s right: Louis Canning was given 12 months to live, and David Lee was helping him get his affairs in order. Diane believed this claim until she heard Canning say he didn’t want any pity. What are they planning? Well, we still don’t know. But Diane and Kalinda did have a pretty telling conversation:

Diane: “So is he dying, or is he trying to screw me?”

Kalinda: “He is dying. And he’s trying to screw you.”

NEXT: Eli preps Finn for his campaign, and the episode’s best moments and lines

Meanwhile, Eli was trying to prepare Finn for his state’s attorney campaign. With Peter’s endorsement, Eli obviously took a special interest in making Finn the best possible candidate. They began with interview prep, and finished with a TV interview on a local station. Finn knocked the interview out of the park. He painted Will as the true hero from the Jeffrey Grant shooting, and even dodged a question about his sister’s drug-related suicide with class. That’s one way to get Eli Gold on your side!

Memorable lines and moments from “The Deep Web”:

++ Eli: “Where are you? You’re not at work.”

Alicia: “Nice to talk to you too, Eli. I’m at jury duty. What’s up?”

Eli: “They put you on a jury?”

++ Louis Canning talking to Robbie about rebelling in college with girls!

++ Kalinda: “You seem different, Diane.”

Diane: “Different? I do? Different good or different bad?

Kalinda: “Different good.”

Diane: “Kalinda, I feel like I’m channeling Will’s ghost.”

Kalinda: “Well, then take care of him.”

++ “It’s unreal. Like he’s still there, you know? Or that he was never there at all.” –Alicia, to Veronica about Will

++ “Okay. It’s the last nice thing I do.” –David Lee, who’s not known for doing nice things

++ Finn: “Kalinda, why do people let you into crime scenes?”

Kalinda: “Oh, you know. Cops like me.”

++ “I am establishing your value through the shooting. If society valued kindness and a good haircut, I’d establish that.” –Eli, to Finn

++ “Estate planning? What, are you two getting married?” –Diane, to David Lee and Louis Canning

++ Eli: “You did well.”

Finn: “No, I didn’t. I should have told her to go to hell.”

Eli: “That’s when you know you’re a true politician. When you don’t.”

++ Alicia: “Did Eli get ahold of you?”

Finn: “Yeah, he wants to turn me into a hero.”

Alicia: “Yes, Eli is good at that.”

Finn: “That’s right. He already turned you into a saint.”

What did you think of “The Deep Web”? Do you think Alicia will make a life change? Is she going to quit her job? How is she going to deal with Daniel Irwin? Do you like them together? There’s been lots of talk about Finn becoming Alicia’s love interest, and the previews for next week’s episode make it seem like they’ll address their relationship. What do you think David Lee and Louis Canning are planning? And does anyone else have this song stuck in their head?

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