By Ken Tucker
Updated April 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Good Wife came roaring back last night with another plot-packed hour. The courtroom case involved a settlement for the death of a newspaper editor who died in an explosion supposedly set by a militant group protesting the paper’s publication of a cartoon depicting{C} the Prophet Muhammad. Obviously this episode was filmed well before the recent, controversial South Park episodes. The Good Wife dealt with the subject in a way that was both imaginative (the cartoonist proved to be a 15-year-old boy named Tariq, from a Middle Eastern family, who wanted, he said, to provoke “the fundies” — i.e., the fundamentalists) and realistic (one side presented into evidence a picture of artist Andres Serrano’s notorious 1987 work Piss Christ as an example of religious imagery that might offend another religion).

But wait, there’s more:

There was finally something for Matt Czuchry’s Cary to do: He and Michael Boatman became prime prizes to be poached by the rival law firm created by Kevin Conway’s Jonas Stern. And Conway himself, returning to the show to defend the widow of the dead editor, was in fine form as an aging lion in the early stages of dementia even as he tries to crush his opponents.

At home, Julianna Margulies’ Alicia had to{C} sidestep Peter’s legal team in her kitchen as they plotted his defense. (Really, it’s all a working gal can do to make an omelet without having to wriggle past Chris Noth, Alan Cumming, and Joe Morton murmuring and glowering.) There was a great little scene in which Cumming’s supercilious Eli met his match in his first meeting with Jackie, Alicia’s no-nonsense mother-in-law.

The Good Wife even found time to go to church. In the scenes with Peter’s new spiritual advisor, it was Alicia who really shone. She made it quite clear to the kindly pastor that it was Peter, not her, who required the moral guidance, thank you and the Lord very much. The church was also the delightfully unlikely site of a showdown between Peter and a new weasel, played to perfection by Terry Kinney.

By the end, sick of Peter’s ceaseless shenanigans and egocentricity, Alicia was overheard making a dinner date with — uh-oh — Josh Charles’ Will. When Peter told her he was jealous, she said, “It’s over. Us. Me caring.” She left, and the house-arrested, ankle-braceleted Peter set off the alarm chasing her out of their apartment as the hour ended. We were left, exhausted from all the Good Wife action, wrung out but in a good way.

“The first of five new episodes,” CBS keeps trumpeting. Hooray.

Are you glad The Good Wife is back? Did you watch last night?

What do you think is going to happen between Alicia and Peter?

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