Maia goes to trial, and Diane gets to know Liz, the firm's new partner

By Chancellor Agard
March 11, 2018 at 01:04 PM EDT
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After its boozy and fun season 2 premiere, The Good Fight settles back into its normal rhythm in the second episode of the season, “Day 415.” Not only that, but it dives head first into its least engaging storyline: Maia and her family’s legal problems.

Surprise, The Good Fight’s world is still crazy seven days after the wacky funeral. Another lawyer has been murdered, which affects Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart more than anyone else because she has no idea how to respond to it. At one point, she goes out for a drink with Liz, who just joined the firm as the new named partner, and she opens up about her exhaustion. “I just don’t know what’s going in the world right now. I read the news, I watch the news, and it just doesn’t make any sense,” says Diane to Liz in a pretty vulnerable moment.

Liz argues that every generation has its version of this, but Diane insists that this is different — and so does the show. This episode opens with Boseman flipping through channels and briefly pausing on a new report about the White House clarifying a tweet Donald Trump sent out about mermaids, which sounds very much like something that would happen. Anyway, Diane finds this new world very unsettling and is wondering if it’s not time to bow out of the law; she talks of her “dark night of the soul.” For now, Diane will have to settle with helping Maia’s case to keep her mind off how uneasy she feels.

Maia’s case finally goes to trial, pitting Lucca against her ex. Diane is very worried about Maia, so she crosses some ethical and legal lines and asks Liz for any insight she might have into the case, since she used to work for the government. Liz is still pissed she got fired for firing off a tweet, so she has no problem helping Diane out. First, Liz suggests Diane tell Lucca and Maia to argue against Colin’s motion for a continuance since he just got the case and might not be as ready. She also lets slip that the prosecution has a surprise witness.

Judge Abernathy denies Colin’s motion for a continuance, so the trial moves forward. However, even with this inside help, Maia and Lucca still encounter some surprises — namely when Amy, Maia’s girlfriend, takes the stand and gives a damning testimony. Amy tells the court that Maia hinted something was wrong with her parents’ fund when she wouldn’t let Amy’s father invest his money. Maia says that’s a lie, but Amy believes it happened. Needless to say, this creates a lot of tension between the lovers. If only I cared! The show hasn’t spent too much time fleshing out their relationship, so all this just feels fine.

Maia and Lucca assume that Amy was supposed to be the surprise witness, but Liz tells Diane that she’s the surprise witness. This bit of information actually does give Lucca and Maia a bit of an upperhand because it allows them to prepare Diane’s testimony. When Diane takes the stand to answer questions about an addendum she drew up for the Rindell Fund, Lucca is ready with a way to undercut Colin’s questions. It’s pretty clever stuff, but nothing we wouldn’t expect from these lawyers. (Next: Marissa does some P.I. work ).

Fearing the trial not going her way, Maia enlists Marissa to track down Rosalie. We get a chance to see more of Marissa as a private investigator as she approaches Rosalie’s sister at a children’s party  and asks her to pass on a  message to Rosalie. It’s the bright spot in a perfectly fine episode. Sarah Steele remains The Good Fight’s secret weapon. She brings a weird, offbeat energy to every scene she’s in because she delivers her lines unlike anyone else on the show and just looks to be excited doing whatever is asked of her.

Rosalie’s sister does her job, and Rosalie calls Maia on a burner cell. Maia tells Rosalie that she has information that will help Henry stay ahead of the FBI and will give it to him if he gives her whatever evidence will clear her name. Rosalie is very cautious about what she says, and Maia tells her to to tell Henry to call her the next day if he wants the info.

Meanwhile, Colin hits Lucca and Maia with another surprise witness: Lenore Rindell, Maia’s mother. Hearing that her mother is testifying against her reminds Maia of a conversation about the fund she had with her mother way back when. Lenore told Maia that her father had a system in place to offset losses. It’s definitely fair to assume that’s what Lenore is going to talk about in trial. However, Diane pays her a visit in jail late one night and when Lenore eventually takes the stand, she perjures herself and tells Colin this never happened. The fact that her mother finally stepped up to save her fills Maia with gratitude.

The crossing of ethical lines and perjury in this episode drive home something about The Good Fight’s world: It’s hard to earn a clean win. In order for Maia, someone who is seemingly innocent, to win, her godmother had to violate ethics by asking a former federal prosecutor to divulge privileged information, and then her mother had to lie on the stand. That’s a pretty depressing realization when you think of it.

While Lenore came to her daughter’s aid, the same can’t be said of her father. Henry ends up calling Maia at the arranged time, but he clearly has no intention on helping her out of this jam. This shatters any remaining illusions Maia may have had about her father. But that’s fine because Maia was prepared for this. She told the feds about the phone call and they listened in and had the Italian police arrest Henry while Maia’s on the line. Good riddance to bad rubbish!


  • I’m still not sure what to make of Liz. After getting drinks with Diane, she tells Adrian that Diane is thinking about retiring, so the firm may want to start looking for a new partner.
  • “George Orwell wouldn’t know where to start today.”
  • Apparently, Maia proposed to Amy after the indictments came down, which leads both the court and everyone to think she only did it to prevent Amy from testifying.
  • “Who are you?” “Marissa.”

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