The old Diane Lockhart returns in 'Day 471'
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What an episode!

“Day 471,” which I loved, begins like a typical episode of The Good Fight, with a stylish opening that establishes a tone which will quickly be disrupted. As Rossini’s lovely overture to La Scala di Seta unfolds, bestowing an artificial order on the setting, we watch Solomon Walzer (Alan Alda) arrive at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, where he ends up running into The Good Wife’s favorite (former) drug kingpin, Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter). Then Liz shows up to work and is shocked to not only see Lemond in the reception area, but also Adrian having a meeting with wife killer Colin Sweeney, who is arguing with his latest wife, Naftalia (Katrina Lenk), bout a prenup. As a former U.S. attorney, she’s not too pleased with these shady clients.

Eventually, Diane, Adrian, and Liz find themselves in a meeting with Solomon, who has a proposal: He wants them to consider a merger because (a) joining forces with a predominantly black firm would help his firm’s image, and (b) they beat him in court a few weeks back. This offer obviously causes quite a stir among the partners. Liz uses this as an opportunity to bring up her problems with their client list, and Diane defends her two clients. Sure, they’re yelling, but this is nothing new for The Good Fight; everything’s still in order. However, Adrian has to cut the bickering short because he has to rush off to meet up with Colin and his wife’s new lawyer to discuss this prenup.

And that’s when things take a turn.

Adrian heads to the elevator. The doors open, but he doesn’t step in because someone shoots him in the chest with a silenced gun — and no one notices. It takes the receptionist a moment to understand what Adrian’s saying when he tells her he’s shot. It’s like this world refuses to let the false sense of order be disturbed. It’s the opposite of what you would expect a scene of a shooting scene to look like. There’s no panic, at least at first. Delroy Lindo plays the entire scene beautifully too; he can barely believe what happened and can’t muster the energy to let everyone know the severity of the situation. It’s not until Marissa arrives in reception and sees the hole in Adrian’s chest that the scene gains any sense of urgency. Marissa immediately jumps into action, calls the police herself, and tells them that this incredibly serious.

The Good Fight continues to subvert expectations throughout the entire episode. Instead of focusing on who was responsible for the shooting, the episode concerns itself with how this shooting sparks an inter-firm war.

In the wake of the shooting, Liz’s husband, Lawrence, asks once again to see the firm’s client list. Shaken by what happened, Liz ignores attorney-client privilege and Diane’s advice and gives her husband the list. Naturally, Lawrence uses this as an opportunity to pursue his own agenda and questions both Lemond Bishop and Colin Sweeney about the murders, even though neither of them had any kind of motive. Unfortunately, this shakes both clients’ confidence in the firm, and both of them end up firing Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, which is the definition of “Not great, Bob!”

Next: Diane gets her groove back

The fact that Bishop and Sweeney were able to find new representation so quickly tips Diane off to the fact that someone is taking advantage of the shooting to poach clients. The culprit is pretty obvious: It’s Solomon. With Maia’s help, Diane is able to confirm that Solomon is working with Bishop’s personal lawyer, Charles Lester. Realizing she needs to have her wits about if she wants to regain control of the firm, Diane flushes the rest of her microdosing liquid down the drain and immediately goes into commando mode, whipping her soldiers into shape (I loved her telling an associate to straighten his tie). Newly reinvigorated, Diane heads into Lucca’s balloon-filled office and uses her broach to help Lucca pop them all. Clearly, Diane isn’t screwing around anymore, and this shift feels earned because if there was anything to shake Diane out of the complacent stupor she’s been in most of the season, it would be this. The old Diane Lockhart is truly back and ready to fight the good fight!

The subsequent scene between Diane and Solomon drives confirms that Diane has found her groove again. While Lucca talks to Colin about helping them steal the DNC away from Solomon, Diane meets with Solomon under the pretense of discussing their merger. And by that I mean, she gives him the finger. Referencing their conversation from earlier in the episode when they discussed how crazy the world had become, Diane forcefully declares that she’s done being a spectator to the world’s insanity. “I realized it’s all right that the world is crazy, as long as I make my little corner of the world sane. Now get the hell out of my office,” she says as she vows to take Solomon’s clients. Later on, she also apologizes to Liz, who realizes she messed up with the client list and admits that she hasn’t been herself lately.

Meanwhile, Marissa and Jay, who returns to the fold once he hears about the shooting, start looking for the shooter. After asking a barely conscious and responsive Adrian what he remembers about the assailant, Jay and Marissa are able to narrow down their suspect list to the firm’s white clients, specifically either cyber-disruptor Dylan Stack or alt-right knucklehead Felix Staples. However, the episode doesn’t give us a firm answer as to who is responsible before it ends.

Even though it feels like a bit too soon to reverse Jay’s decision to leave the firm, I liked how it fleshed out his relationship with Adrian. In episode 8, we learned how close these two were because Jay felt comfortable confronting Adrian, the firm’s managing partner, about his behavior; however, Jay’s reaction to the shooting revealed a softer side of their relationship, as the episode ends with Jay seated at Adrian’s bedside, sketching a portrait of his bedridden friend.


  • Both Lemond Bishop and Colin Sweeney end up changing their minds and staying with Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart by the end of the episode. In fact, Lester even apologizes to Liz for what he did to her when she was prosecuting Lemond on The Good Wife.
  • Maia earns her first client! Colin’s wife hires Maia to help with her corrupt foreign practices case.
  • In election news: Colin receives the DNC’s endorsement to run for the congressional seat. But that’s get lost in the shuffle because Colin is more concerned with Lucca’s safety after the shooting.
  • I loved this shot of Lucca surrounded by balloons. The Good Fight has so much fun with its visuals:
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